All’s Extreme Energies August 2017

  1. Chakra Balancing – balancing all charkas, energies within the body, meridians, female and male energies. Balance Chakras & Body Energies – Total Harmony & Balance. That’s all about stuff related to subtle energies, chakras, meridians, aura, etc, female, male energy fields, release energy blockages, etc, something that lays as foundation to good health and overall feeling & functioning good.

  1. Dark Armada – 10 powerful energy beings that will create wall of protection on all levels, cast out any demons, negative entities, even the low ones. Superb Protection, All areas, mental, spiritual, bulb of protection, present, past, future. Release negative beliefs. Clearning. Contains protective beings, that will give to the target person – especially feeling of calm, being/feeling safe, partly releasing/or help them releasing negative beliefs, feeling, thoughts, phobias, etc etc. Provide target full superb protection on all possible spheres like, mental, physical [avoid enemies in time and space], spiritual, bulb of white protective light, in present, future, past. Traget will be invisible to dark entities, enemies, like for example against remote viewing. It will keep safely against “choas energy” – which is the real thing, its the real energy field, that has been created by people epsecially in last maybe 15 or more years, – this Spell will keep target person safly from all such sources/fields of negative energies.

  1. 700ct Wealth Diamond – this is the emiter of energy of powerful wealth and money attraction, the virtual 700 ct gem. extreme Financial success in all ways.

  1. Extreme Attraction – this has similar power output to 700ct but it’s for attraction, the extreme attraction, and main goal is: sex. It can be something insane, (of course set for attracting/manifesting women for love/sex relationships).

  1. Soaring Motivation – this is for boost motivation levels, in all area of life including work and taking care of ownself. Superb skyrocktet motivation in all areas, like work, life, diet, self-care, etc etc (but especially work).

  1. Sales Boost – this is for boost physical sales and internet sales, good for those who own business and would like to boost it multiply times. Boost massivelly sales on all your website & local stores like mad millionaire (both digital and physical)

  1. Stop Smoking – this one is for stop smoking effortlessly, without any tension, just stop and that’s all, nothing behind. This one after use making person dont need to smoke therefore this person just stop smoking naturally and effortlessly. There is slight boost of will-power. Just the desire for smoking dissolve from mind, and body, and there is boost of will-power to just dont smoke, and all these without any withdraw symptoms.

  1. Immortality – this one works in sync with target’s soul, for make life longer maximally, and anti-aging and for perfect health. Immortality with Anti Aging and Perfect Health (safe if used). This Spell is for reverse aging processes, anti-aging, regeneration, (indeed many people dream of immortality), perfect health (all meanings, like physical, spiritual, psychical, energetic, astral etc etc – just perfect health), with this that Target it will intuitivelly find the right diet, food, exercies, activities that will bring her/him desired output in form of anti aging, perfect health, and parts of dreamed immortality. It is infused with healing energy; so the cells, and body will be repaired itself.

  1. Inner Health & Radiance – this is for mental clarity with boost and strenghten of psychical mental health. Intelligence and Health Restoration. This one has two purposes, firstly to creating or supporting brain health, keep the healthy thinking processes and second one to creating field of clarity of thoughts, like slight meditation/contemplation, that create mental clarity, organizes thoughts, provide stress-free envirovment to feel good. Partly it can include mood ehnacer part, for example for seasonal depression. Also for creating some kind of self-trust to own mental/mind spheres, to understanding own self, mind, needs, etc. So, there is mind health, clarity, and mood improvement in nutshell.

  1. Negative Money Beflies Demolisher – this one is for remove negative money beliefes on all levels, mostly in mind, mind-sets. Release Negative Money-Beliefs and Energies (that prevents Target from making more money). This spell, is to release negative money beliefs, energies, and different thouths, habits, other stuff that making difficult to making money. Additionally it install positive money attraction beliefs, wealth & success ones. It’s like money energy clearing, healing. It also clear from subconscious mind (spirit) some memories, bad contacts with people, experiences and put you on the right track. Generally its for getting rid of all these things from life that are not supporting creating wealth, money success. Eventually it trasmutes low vibrations and allow you creating wealth , financial success, being more presperous.

  1. Orgasmic Healing – for healing sexual organs from all possible infection energetic and physical, for super sex health, with orgasmic energy. Orgasmic Healing Energy (Release deep negative emotions, attachments, related to sex and illness) Ultimate Bliss – this one is for Sexual Healing thru orgasmic energy, for release many different negative things related to sexuality, sex, relationships, – and it can be also part of feeling bliss, connection to Source. Also type of healing of sexual organs, and releasing them from all negativity, attachments, other {!!!} people energies & consciousnes parts, and finally for releasing negative sex-related things from target’s mind.

  1. Rabid Will-Power – the will-power of real alpha male, ability to control unwanted habits (smoking, sex, drinking, etc), dominant energy. With these elements [not limited to]: – strong dominant alpha male, – strong enough to break some bad habbits, like for example these unfortunate sex cam additions, or any other addiction such as, alcohol, etc etc, – just these things which happen when the will-power is strong, – [its also related to motivation].

  1. Stress Dissolution – erase all stress, on all levels with some slight healing, relaxing. Release Stress & Tension & Regeneration. Total stress release, tension, muscle tension, and body regeneration, feeling of physical tranqulity, peace, calm, with addition of feeling happy and blissful, with stress and tension release, and of course relaxation.

  1. Transmutation – transmute all negative beliefs, thoughts, energies into positive. Transmute/Turn Negative into Positive. Thats about different negative energies, negative beliefs, and negative thinking processes, negative energetic connections, etc etc, just turn them all into positive. By positive can be understand things like abundance, positive thinking, all things that are life supporting, parts of happines, great synchronizations, nice people, etc attractivness, things go your way, and everything going pretty well. Also negative things related to health (illness codes) turn into positive (health). Also “turn darkness into light”. So the aura will brighten as well.

  1. Healing Disgestive System – healing of digestive system, putting it into perfect harmony and strenght, killing parasites, bacteria, yeasts, etc – keeping the right balance and the ability to choose, instinctivelly find the right food, supplements to have optimally healthy digestive system. This is for healing digestive system, also partly other health system related to the digestive, but main goal is to healing digestive system, and it’s all organs, like stomatch, pancreas, duodenum, gall bladder, etc etc. Also, there is important part, to keep the right pH acidity, so generally to heal you from acidosis [which is horrible thing and root cause of many affilications], the second important thing are: “microorganisms” indeed in intenstines there are good ones, and bad ones, and their different proportions, there is horrible yeast such as candida [and other ugly ones], if it re-grows to much its harmful and cause many afflication begging from insomnia, depression, mood swings, etc. There are also other harmful parasites, which we dont want to have, but there are also good ones, that without we can’t live. Anyway, along with strong and healthy functioning digestive system and its organs, it is also about creating right and healthy flora of digestive organs, to remove some yeasts, molds, mytocse, release toxins, heavy metals, etc, and keep the good ones, like some healthy bacteria which are just needed to right and proper functioning of digestive system. It also slgihthly change mind of target which just start eating good food, [intuitivelly find and choose the right food], or/and choose right supplements which keep healthy his digestive system. There is also regeneration and youngfullnes to body organs, to help them regenerate, and keep healthy, strong. Good absorbtion of food and microelements which this spell will be achieved as well. Liver is important as well. Optionally it can be helpful with releasing stones in the gallbladder, liver, stomatch. The spell is 100% safe, digestive system is very important.

  1. True Acceptance – all about true self-confidence, self-trust, heart focused, the real true self-acceptance. Finding the true self-esteem, self-trust, self-acceptance throught finding the true own-self connection to own heart. Like becoming child again. Also with open-mind and endless joy like childrens have. Without any hesitation. Its also the one which is related to mental health. The childern have connections to their heart area, the 4th chakra, if adult wants to become trully self-confident, trully trust himself, he have to again back to his heart, I noticed it many times, when I was so connected to my heart I was even very cocky & funny, and have pretty amazing humor, and telling jokes spontanically, so this one, is to create the powerful person, which follows own heart; it include heart area clearning, etc, the most important is the connection to own heart, and believe in myself thru the power of heart, where is the center of each human in physcial body. The additional things of this Spell, the minor ones: “I listen only voice/s of my heart” and “I don’t listen (activelly/passivelly) other voices” – it can be helpful with Spiritual World communication. So, the goals are back to confident, self-belief, self-trust by the connection with own heart, and therefore gaining unconditional self-trsut, self-acceptance.

  1. True Empower – the true empower for men, release all negative beliefs related to sex, relationships, seduction, etc etc and become real men. This one is inspired by “The Orgasmic”. Here idea is to clear all negative self-limiting belifes, with this Orgasmic Energy, which are related to: women, sex, and becoming the men which is desired by women. Its about transformation, also about connection to heart, the men which trust-himself, don’t lie to himself, which is confident, know himself, with the sexual attraction/fullfilment powerful orgasmic energy. Generally to heal these negative belifes in mind. When mind changes, everything changes. When man improves himself; when he has a women at his side; there is tendency [within this Spell] to have a woman at your side, to be a better man. There is one healing part with tremendous orgasmic attraction energy. A woman (which is at your side) can also get benefit from your man transfromation. Generally to create multi-orgamic new age man, which know how to treat women. It has seduction twist. At the same time the powerful orgasmic energy that will fullfill and add super sex charm to Target. It treat very deep traumas, and such stuff, to finally become someone who is more near the ideal man in the new 4th Dimensionsional world, as Enki said, we just enter into 4th Diemension not the 5th one, 4th. Indeed, Enki, knows how men should be. He said once that men can’t follow by his “root chakra” he must thinking with his head, and when he do, he will equally with women (otherwise if you think by his “root charka” he much weaker by any woman). So that’s also the idea about this Spell. There is also special connection to knowledge about how to be real powerful man in todays world and the Son of God; EA, known as Enki.

  1. Grounding, Release Energetic Tension – actually it does not add too much energy to the target but just making the target grounded. Especially helpful in chi-sickness, chi-overload, for people that works a lots with different energies. Also with this that target will build mind-set to not overload himself with too much power, and also will be able to accumulate more power and energy then he can be able right now, at this moment. Idea is to release unneceasry energies to earth, etc. Target can develop way to do it. It is mixed with general health mind-set and energy accumulation too. Also to release tensions and creating balance.

  1. Women Approach Me – The idea is to making women appraoch the target. Mostly for relationships or sex related things, as it is the dream of most men, anyway it include addon of developing inner game. Creating “perfect situations” which is the type of great sex synchronizations, when circumstances allow target and girl to meet and do something with it. It is also loaded with sexual attraction energy.

  1. Super Manifestation Powers – This one is to add super manifestation powers of all positive hidden dreams, goals, desires, to move things ahead with addon of great synchronizations. To overwritten evil and bad synchronizations from past, generally for success and abundance, but it is applicable to other topics too. This spell will erase it fully (any bad synchronization, even like those related to “CM” and give real and ture great synchronizations.

  1. Detox. This one is healing one – Its for detox body from negative chemicals, with support of removing parasites, yeasts, bacteria. It partly works that way that target will find ways on your own of choosing right food, etc supplements, to get rid of these, even choosing these supplements that are not too expensive, there are losts of herbs for it, and are inexpensive. The detox additionally detox negative emotions, even those from early childhood, to feel relief. Plus with detox, tensions, from the enegetic point of view, of interal organs, which as I know also can be clean from the different energeticinfections.

  1. Ejaculation Mastery – Cure Impotence, control own ejaculation ferquency for most healthy periods, control own sexual desires, strenghten libido, and control own orgasms, control own mind and sexual spheres of the mind, but most of all, cure impotence.

  1. Heal fibromyalgia and kill pains related to this afflication.

  1. Sleeping Pill or Water Cup – Generates: feel sleepy and fall asleep, the sleep will be restful, healthy, regenerative. Restore SMR brainwaves, which are responsible for deep sleep, and falling asleep. Pill/SleepingWaterCup Sigil will make target sleep, relaxed, very relaxed, with elements of healing, and wake up refreshed, Affect subtle unvisible areas, healing sleep problems from past, affecting healing mind, thoughts, all wide energy fields, so. Is not not intrusive, and will be fully healthy, safe and will provide easy way to heal sleeping problems, and make one fall asleep, restful, and wake up refreshed. Energy can travel into future, or past, or another dimensions and healing sleeping disorders for not making too much pressure, the function can be different.

  1. Overcome hesitation, overcome indecision, master making decisions, like: “you have to do something but you can’t decide for it, you can’t or be unable to make an decision for making something”. The reason is unknown, it would be as well too much stress, really unknown. The goal is to making decision fast without hesitation, and overcome hesitation itself, fear of making decision, etc. (more specification: feeling of throwing up myself, jactitation between making something or making different thing, etc etc).

  1. Superb enthusiasm and mood improvement – with elements of digital totally safe CBD. (even for those who use anti-depresant medicaments) (erase fatigue as well). In the nutshell digital drug, medicament for feeling high, enthusiasm, mood improvement, anti-depresant – which is at the same time SAFE especially for those who use anti-depresant medicaments. The small add-on is the healing part, which provide mental, psychic and physical healing which are making person feel good, and yes, If use this energy for a ceration time it could step by step decrease dosage of chemical medicaments because of overall improvement of psychic condition). And yes it is safe. Regarding Enthusiasm: Feelings like desperations, or depression, lack of feeling for doing anything, are quite probably related to don’t feeling high about making something, etc. Just a thoughts. However this Superb Enthusiasm, mood improvementas an effect give boost in motivation in different areas from business, work, exercises, going somewhere, or doing somewhere – with a new sense of goal. Clearly seeing the goal is the key, which allow someone to take the action, feeling good, (Also with this clearly seening the goal)

  1. Penis Enlargment – generally title indicate it, my addition could be to this, something as sexual health, and general health, and of course penis enlargment, genitals healing, strong libido, and overall sexual happiness.

  1. Asian Love – Attract Asian Women for Sex and/or Love Relationships – as title indicate.

  1. Ascension Universal – for achieveing ascension, linked to Ascension Cores in the Univerese.

  1. Akashic records with learning abilities from Akashic Records (it may appear as thoughts projections, mind’s projections, but it is all safe for a user).

  1. Psi Abilities with Super Faith (possibility to develop these: Triggering new abilities such as pyrokinesis aerokinesis, electrokinesis, levitation, psychokinesis, astral projection, magick, knowledge, akashic records etc. )

  1. Healing with hands (pro-healer, focus on Highest Energy [God], the source of successful healing)

  1. Manifest any video (by watching video, and listen to an mp3 made upon this energy, or use audio talisman made upon this sigil, and wear pen-drive with these audio talismans while watching video which want to manifest) [video can be different, can contains motion, people, etc, it will be mostly for men, it manifesting only women from videos, not men, [it works also with porn-videos, so it is important that it manifesting only women/woman, no men).(also works with slideshows).

  1. Chi Kung – Master own Energies like pro-TaiChiMaster

  1. Remove Fear (Remove phobias, Irrational fears, fear, excessive suspiciousness etc etc).

  1. Re-programm mind, or remove something from mind (especially for creating mp3s/at’s-with purpose of re-programming mind or remove negative beliefs/synchronizations, etc etc).

  1. Remote Viewing

  1. Heart to Heart Telepathy (with avoid mind’s voices, only via heart)

  1. Being ultra Dominant and Confident. Very strong-will power.

  1. Real Sex Project 777: – sexual fulfilment, – when user watch video/pictures/live broadcast (there would be also men, but it will focus on women) with women, he will likely participate and experience these women on videos/pics/broadcasts like in real life, and will receive „free xxx sex”. The idea in this is to in help of this sigil get almost real life experience – so there will be no much difference between watching girls on PC/Tablet/Phone and in real life. Like the virtual sex, or so. But also giving like „free sex time (for which people pay hard money on sex cams websites) and also giving „free sex”. – last add-on is: that each mp3/AT made with it, if used in public places/or before go out to public places, will also giving more chances for getting laid, or get a girlfriend. So it also creating kind of sexual fulfilment like by watching videos/pics a end user participate in like-a-real sex – also other people would see the user as he really got sex with so many women, and it would additionally make some women even more horny and curious about end user of the Mp3s/Ats/creations made with this Sigil. It also is for creating like „energetic sexual experience on distance” – and as result it will be mostly these two things: – sexual fulfilment (in wide conext), – speed up sexual attraction, which can end as getting laid, getting new girlfriend, occasional sex, etc etc., – kind of energetic sex at distance, – slight protection, so user will not overload with negative energies from targets (targets: girls from vids/jpgs/braodcasts) – or eventually get only the positive things, energies for better sexual fulfilment in mind conext and in real physical life. So it giving: – sense of sexual fulfilment, – sense like I got sex with many women (so other women also find me very attractive), – sense of peace of mind, sexual release of tension, makes man feels well and happy, – also it gives a lots of free sex time (yes, again 😉 (the time for which other guys pay on sex cams). It also supports making money as well (that’s importnat I think). Like’a super money grandsynchronicities and sex energies. There is second layer for money grand synchronicities.

  1. Break Time Line and Get Conrol over Space (Time-Space Relation) - The idea of this energy is to: – remove from user mind bad time-space synchronizations, – bad time lines, – get control over the time and space, – grand snychronization (with Enki blessing, it would be safe to have be guided by him, or if Enki is busy, then by another Archangels), – make more in less time, – time (exists in mind, it’s sense of time), – also adapt to 4th Dimension understanding of time, – it have the second layer for being guided by higher-self (which is guardian angel) Generally I think when someone could get control over time and space (of course in near distance, where his body is) he would achieve some great stuff, don’t know how to describe it, for sure it would make life more easy. So for example it would get sort things out, giving better understanding of own body, mind, etc etc.

  1. Approach Women and Talk to them easily – Liquid Self Confidence with Women – releasing all blocks related for example to fear of rejection, etc etc and give kind of motivation mind-set to freely approach women and freely talk to them. With elements of flirting. Also giving kind of attitude that man do not seek for instant sex, and just keep positive, open-minded, flirting, joking, not serious, loose, fluffy talk. (so for sure release blockages in 5th Thorat chakra). Unpredictable. Additonal background idea (second layer): And yes, it also removed fear of rejection – in this way it would be good if this somehow putting on the first place the user, so giving him strong sense of identity, strong personality, and also ability to not taking himself so serious, so able to be flirtious, free-minded, like Jesus said: „be like those childern” which he means: be free, be centred with your heart, not follow by your mind limitations, or at least I think there is something in that once user overcome his mental/mind limitation and start be spontanous as his heart is, he can talk, joke, and have fun – like all those fears of rejections, other negative states goes from mind, negative mental talk, etc.

  1. Photoreading, knowledge accumulation, ability to retain informations fast and easy. Useful with: – reading any text, book, etc, internet websites, – using text to speed ebook reader (so at the same time via sound and eyes), – speed up learning process, cognition, memory, focus.

  1. Master Visualization Skills - And the idea here is like: – if this will be used itself (so 1 sigil, only this sigil in creation) it will boost visualization skills, espsecially control over visualization, ability to visualization, conscious visualization, and remove bad flashes of bad visualization, bad negative mind projections-visualizations, ability to create vivid detailed visualizations, only the positive ones, – and secondly – if this will be used with other sigils/energies – like for money or sex, or health, it will be something like guided visualization of positive images, scenes over which user has control, or can create them by his own good and highest good, will-power. So if used with for example with money sigils – it will show him in 3rd eye in from of visualization positve vivid money attraction visualizations, for his highest good, if with attraction sigils, it will shows something around women and sexuality. Important is that there is variety of sigils/energies for attraction/sex so each one will shows something different. And lasty, it react somehow to the sound-track, so if there will be guided visualization, it will boost, and literally create like real-life-experience, and visualization is very powerful, so rapid manifestation can happen for end user. Important is that user has control over his visualizations by his will power and they are always positive. For example: If there is used sigil for visualization, and some sigils of stress-dissolution, chakra balance, immortality, orgamic healing and some pictures like buddha, wild forests – the final visualization for client will creating vivid journey dictated by his own background and guided by these energies – and finally manifested in his life – as less stress, chakra balance, more health and maybe something about buddhism and nature And if above will be build upon voice track, the mix could be even more interesting.

  1. Remove/Destroy guilt and shame. feeling of guilty and fear. Archaic, religional guilt, primal guilt, feeling of guilty, guilt as our imperfection, something on which world’s religions builing power-control over people, one of the most powerful emotion in human (guilt), seems like we born with it, or it’s deeply encoded into our “modern” societies.

  1. No fear with women – release all fears, anxieties, wrong beliefs, energies, attachments, related to women – for being very confident around them, remove guilt related to women in men. Remove guilt, feeling of guilty and fear regarding women. Healing mind-set about women,seduction and sex. Being confident no matter what. It’s mostly about removing sexual guilt.

  1. Control own emotions, overcome panic, standing strongly on the ground, overcome neediness..

  1. Remove any emotional, deep trauma – removing it from mind and from consciousness (body) (these are for example internal organs, muscles, skin, etc etc).

  1. Remove limiting negative mind beliefs that making someone smoking cigarettes, remove negative mind beliefs about unhealthy behaviours, deeply remove beliefs that makes someone smoking cigarettes. This one is a bit different that previous one for quit smoking, and it to cut the roots of why person some, which I think would be helpful as well. But as I see, this could be somehow remove these negative beliefs which makes someone smoking from mind and his body (consciousness).

  1. Re-program mind for clearly see life goal. It can be helpful against time wasters, Seeing life’s goal. Pro-life. Life Affirm. Bravery and unstoppable mind-set for live. (Sense of Goal, sense of purpose, life goal, life purpose, believing in myself, strong belive in myself.).

  1. Remove naivety and creating kind of Positive calculus, positive cunning, positive assertiveness, positive selfishness – so that others can not manipulated me, user in any (any!) way. It can have also kind of mind’s clouding, some other people don’t see what I gonna to do, can’t read me, or can’t making remote viewing, and other stuff like that (oh only allowed by these which really love, therapists :)).

Virtual Sex Variants (all gives sexual images, motions, sound effects but only receptive via heart chakra, sexual orgasmic healing) [all of these will have strong frame and designed to manifesting things in real physcial life, not manifesting something: somewhere like on TV, or live cams, as I seen, some stuff tend to manifesting also in these media, but it will be set for manifesting in real physcial life – and it would be good I think if these all 9-12 will not disturb money attraction mind-sets, so they are somehow still harmonize with money attraction.:

  1. Manifest Your Wildest Sex Desires – with choosen sigils (up to 9) and with pics of girls (up to 5) but it can be also 5 sigils and 9 pics of women – the idea here is to experience like real sex experience with choosen targets, it not need lead to orgasm, but with all vivid visualizations, images, feelings, sexual orgasmic feelings, – and finally giving kind of sexual fulfilment, and more sexual confident. This one no necessary needs to manifesting it in real phsycial life – more for experience great things, with great babes, and yes, it has the same thing as RealSexProject777, other women may unconsciously sense that this guy (user) had sex with many women, and that way it would accelerate his chances or for getting laid, or for getting new girlfriend, or just giving him more of high social status and respect both from men and women.

  1. Virtual Sex – Think about girl you like (and have virtual sex with her) – it will works like that, that user will listen to this (or use it as SAT), and will think about woman he likes, and in that way he will somehow encounter real virtual sex with her, with all vivid images, motions, sounds via heart, feelings – optionally it can manifesting something in reality, but only if soul/guradian angel of target women want it. So there is no force on her decisions.

  1. Deep sexual trance – release negative beliefs, emotions (desigin for deep delta or theat brainwaves, especially) sexual clearning, sexual karma clearning – and install positive attutude towards life, girls, seduction, joy. And this one will also build upon up to 9 sigils, usually less, and some pictures of women up to 5, and it’s main purpose is to clear the user, giving him deep profound, sexual/virtual sex experience, vivid images and motions, sounds via heart (but all these sigils only via heart these sounds, to avoid mind’s chatter, mind chattery, which are bad and can lead to depression, physcial illness), feelings, etc – and it’s all for giving deep clearning, sense of freedom, sense of control of ownself, sense of power, joy, superb positive experience.

  1. VirtualGirlFriend (live female egregore which appear as idea girl/soulamte of user) giving him sex time (the one which guys pays at sex cams), giving him sense of not being alone, so it erase feelings of loneliness, making sex with him only in save periods of time (visuals, speaking thru heart, feelings of joy and sexual satisfation), being his best friend – and the best part of it, she also challnnenge him to: take care of him self, being a better man, improve himself – she appear as his ideal girlfreind and it would change from time to time. She also talk with him (thru heart area, so it safe, and not produce mind’s voices, or chatter minds) She constantly attracting and somehow manifesting for him an good girlfreind in real physcial life. When user want sex just lay down with SilentAudioTalisman or listen it via headphones, and just speak to her thru own heart: “I want sex now”.

  1. Zen Mind Enlightment with Enki Blessing (right combination of brain chemicals, endorphines, etc). This one is to creating perfect Zen Mind Enligtment, clarity of mind, calmness, taking all with clam, peace of mind, and kind of seening own life like from high Archangel perspective – and seeing that it all (life) has deep meaning, seeing own goals in life also from this high perspective, and also gaining ability to become enough strong; to be stronger then all possible temptations as user encounter in his life; step by step becoming more strong, and more calm, like Zen Mind Master.

  1. Total Balance: (Restoration of all large and small chakras; Transcoding and transformation of DNA; Restoration of speed and direction of rotation of merkaba; Harmonization of all energies of elements: fire, water, earth, and air ).

  1. Heal: Removal of gynecomastia by inducing apoptosis of cells to a specific breast of fat and iron tissue to destroy breast tissue. Install superb mind-set for optimium health, strong desire to life, enojy life and overcoming any difficulties. The launch of natural rejuvenation mechanisms at all levels. Activation and support of vibration protection.)

  1. The return of the lost parts of the Soul, the integration of the subpersonalities. Return of strength, energy and information from non-physical intermediaries. Support for grounding all 24 hours a day. Removal of other people’s negative energies/emotions/information stored in body, parts of subtle bodies, chakras, energy and the return of one’s own information and energy.

  1. Succubus Female Egregore Creator – upon sigils and images 🙂 – this one is for creating mp3s/or audio talismans, or other magical objects, upon sigils/images and for creating female egregores, usually these egregores are helpful to the user, teach him, for example if sigils and images will be around “protection” topic, it (she: female egregore) will somehow, protect user, and helping him in this topic. However the possibilities here are almost endless, different female egregores, but yes, sexuality and sex topics will dominate here, however meeting with other female egregores is also quite exctiting. Oh, and the female egregores also appear as beautiful ones, and have characteristics according to the sigils/pictures used for creating it.

  1. Succubus Male High Magican Teacher Egregore – upon sigils and images 🙂 This one based on the same idea as above – but it is male egregore, a kind of wise magican, and topics of creation will focus around metaphyscial, magic, psi abilities.

  1. Laser Focus on Most important ones life’s prioritaries channeled from user’s Higher Self (Guardian Angel) and Heart, soul – usually these are: self-care, self-improvement, self-development, health, work-money, other important goals. Anti-distraction. Anti-fixation. Anti-focus-on-irrational-obsessions.

  1. Music Extreme Wealth Trasmuter/Transmitter (play in background under any music, live radio broadcast, or any other live radiostation, anything), to trasmute, trasmite wealth creation energies for end user – both direction, where the user is, and partly influence the radiostation, or the source of music, to bring massive wealth creation to the user. Will be made as low volume ambient sound, which will have to be play at once with other music. For Andriod there is app called BackgroundMediaPlayer and for Windows?Linux it is easy thing to do – just two media payers must be open.

  1. Alcohol Replacement/Simulator for getting it’s positive side effects: Relaxation, Bravery, Courage, States of Bliss, Turst for Future. And other positive alcohol side effects, especially deep happy relaxation.

(About Yahweh Energies: Yahwe sigils are let’s say up to Yahwe energy itself, cool this is that Yahwe is most powerful Being (Highest Energy) in entire Universe, and these Energies are changed their energy output dynamically exactly as Yahwe wants, also main assumption of them is: “I completly put my self in your hands: Yahwe as long as I want it and as long as I like it” (so there is no break of free-will or so), so I trust God and know he want the best for me and all people. While being satisfy in life – like for many people seems to be seen as in black/white, “I will be satisy and you don’t, I will be high and you dont” and so on mentality of dualism, as Yahwe is infinite Justice the idea is to help him and US to creating better world, so the output is DYNAMIC and most unexpected, by breaking all rules of dualism, and conventional thinking (all of Yahwe sigils have build-in 10% of telepathic heart connection to Him for a better guidaince in our life).

  1. Yahwe Wealth Attraction (This energy represent Highest Energy in entire Cosmos but is optimized for creating abundance in every aspect of life. Right understanding as well, etc. Being rich not only seems to have a lots of money but also seems to be kind of attitude, affirmation of Life. Yahwe is most powerful source of power – the effect of using this Energy would be just more then scary; effective.

  1. Yahwe Ultimate Love Attraction & Happiness. The same as above but optimized for perfect love, satisfaction, self-love, and finally attract love, relationships, friends (the good ones).

  1. Yahwe Ultimate Health (this one is to tap healing power of Yahwe, the one which also can goes thru hands, as pro-healers do).

  1. Yahwe Deep Ultimate Protection

  1. Yahwe (Orgasmic Healing version 2). Deep states of orgasmic healing. Joining in the Unity for men with perfect femine, for deep root orgasmic and sex spheres healing. Also dynamic.

  1. Destroy these: Complaining, nagging, non-sense talk (related to: spleen) also destroy worrying.

  1. Learning from Videos (mostly youtube, but it can also be different DVDs) – and this is the Knowledge version, so for learning different things, like about health, any topic. Also with elements of positive porection of manifestations. If there is video with Mantak Chia where he talking about chi energy and importance of ejaculation mastery – idea it so get his knowledge, learn it. If this is video for exmaple of Yogi, buddhist, or another one, the idea is to get his knowledge, to learn something from him, also supported by akashic records and super learning. Any type of video is applicable, the idea is to become most enlighmentnt, and also kind of super human, as one of you mention once. In fast way accumulate knowledge from youtube videos. BUT there is something important to say: It is the version for guys only, because if someone took video with a girl that making kata or making the exercise, or anything else the bad idea would be to getting into kind of “femine” moves, so, let’s making it only for guys.

  1. Learning from (ie youtube) Videos – Seduction version – with ability to learn from picking up artists, so you don’t need to go for expensive seminars, just take David DeAngelo youtube or DVD and learn in fast way on how to be a pick up artists and how to improve own life. Also with elements of positive porection of manifestations. It is also somehow be similar to the sport version, to apply alpha male posture, body language, etc etc, speed of talking. The Seduction version is also good for sellers, since selling and seduction have quite a lot in common. BUT there is something important to say: It is the version for guys only, because if someone took video with a girl that making kata or making the exercise, the bad idea would be to getting into kind of “femine” moves, so, let’s it is only for guys.

  1. Learning from Videos (mostly youtube) – Sport Version – for example there is an video with Morio Higaonna where he is doing Kata Sanchin, the idea to to learn it from him on how to making it perfectly. It is also supported by akashic learning, and super learning. And as we know every our action manifests our future, and because it’s sometimes topic of learning is: martial arts, so this energy has build-in protection of positive manifestations only – so if the user will want to learn marital arts, he will not ended up fighting on street or so, – so it have build-in protection against negative manifestations, and only bring good things to the user. Generally this one, is the sport version, so the idea here is to learn body moves, breath, moves, etc etc, from tai chi, thru yoga, thru martial arts, and thru dance, exercising. Like mirroring yourself with the someone at video and learning his moves, in fast way. BUT there is something important to say: It is version for guys only, because if someone took video with a girl that making kata or making the exercise, the bad idea would be to getting into kind of “femine” moves, so, it is only for guys.

    Youtube Learning Videos Info (Three version: General, Sport and Seduction) These Energies have pre-installed build-in protection to adapt/learn/mirroing only positive things, so users will not learn any bad habits, any bad stuff form the learning targets (people from they learn something).

    All these three three -works that way, that user get the knowledge from person/people from video, adapt/filtering it like thru own mind/exeperience and treat a bit as his own, plus also get help from akashic records, and super learning, these 3 energies are additionally with Enki blessing, so it would guarantee some spiritual guidiance so user will not harm himself with it. Also in case of sport version, its looks like a bit of mirroring, imitation of someone at video’s moves, techniques, breath, etc.

Also fun part here is, similar to the Real-Sex-Project777, that user somehow participate in „youtbue’s teachers” his/her energy, so it other people can feel unconsciously/recognize the user as person which somehow know personally all of these „youtbue/dvds teachers”, which in desired effect will translate into more respect, and creditable and high social status.

  1. Making Virtual Succubies/Girlfriends for sexual energy exchange and sexual experiences with different women, one or many at once in help of Item Charger Device for creating physcial objects – wear magical object near body: giving: sex time (the same that people pay on sex cams), vivid sexual images, visualizations, feelings, pleasure – only positive ones, that creating positive synchronizations – and all these accoring to the up to 5 pictures put on top of this sigil, which lays on Item Charger device – so its programmed with up to 5 pics of women 😀 for creating virtual girlfriends objects – and yes, other people or women tends to see this unconsciously as user has a lots of girlfirends, etc etc – and yes, 3 additional sigils/energies are allowed, so it can be optimized for something else, from intuition, thru attract money or so, so these three sigils will give kind of character to “new virtual girlfirend-object-succubie”, but this succubie that draw energy, but always learn user something, so its like PerfectSpiritualNypmh. Important is that this Energy making a virtual copy of only the positive energies of these women, woman and instead of disturb the space/energy fields of different women, enjoying the all above is safe environment of succubie created upon energy of these women/woman, I think it is better, kind of virtual copy, which will be also enhanced with energy from sigils, or pentacles, like 3rd sun or 2nd venus, images/pics. I could imagine that it sounds crazy. It also works as well with other stuff, like mp3s and audio talismans, There is also the possibility to creating „magic dolls” like the ones that can be treaten as virtual friends, sex-mates, etc – so I thought, it would be very cool option for many people, to having like this physcial represtantion of virtual girlfriend, AND YES, to NOT making the users getting into ISOLATION, it ALSO draw to him women, like for getting laid, or new girlfirends, in real physcial world.

  1. Self-control, self-discipline, self-sexual-discipline. Be a best conducted in orchestra which is the own body.

  1. Healing Mother Earth – for use with Item Archangelic Item Charge (Physical) – it HAS SOME archangelic energies, Yahwe energies, to support Her. She is living Spirit, and this energy somehow connects to her and channel the best possible kind of psycial healing for her, and this Energy is made just exactly in that way – choosing most optimistic version. Oh, I know that if She could she would gladly as soon as possible get rid of many people that devastating her hardly, so it includes some protecting energies for her, but it is all in postive way, so it will not harm anyone, it is for charged stones and sand. Optionally a gem for wearing on neck can be created upon this as well, if someone want gifting his own body/energy/thinking/focus/time for time of wearing of it for helpling her. [Physcial, healing energy].

  1. Tribute to Enki (EA). Unconditional love. Enki love and loved people when firstly arrived to Earth. Do not making and distinctions between people. In love for people do not have any borders, in race or society. At the same he shows respect to people. With this goes love that do not knows any time or space. For love there is needed sincerity, one must be honest. One can’t love for usefullness, for usefullness one can loves horse or cow. In people’s DNA there is encoded love and longing, for this what is in Heaven, for what people was left there. Love people as you would like to beloved. When you do like that, then you show this Energy of Love. People of all races, origins, old and young. must love each other. This is Law of Cosmos. When these conditions will be achieved (by poeple) can say – it will be peace on earth. There will be no war, no killing, and all these bad things as people do. People must be equal to each other, and accept other Beings (ie orion civilization, sirius, and many other) that live in Cosmos. Accept the Plan of Gods in regards to the planet Earth, believe in that everyone have this element of Gods. When these conditions will be achieved – can be said that: on Earth will happen change. This energy has Enki blessing. To making it more attractive it is charged with extreme money attracting energies.

  1. Wealth Creating Motivations and persuade of finacial goals (this one will works like a patient wife that requires from target user to work and creating financial wealth (here Higher Self / Guardian Angel will play the role of this wife ;). So it is mix of motivation and attraction of wealth, abundance. Also with elements of consistency, determination, achieving own goes no matter what. Sometimes people want wealth but don’t want to put effort into it – so this one is mix of motivation, determination, and sense of goal in business, so seeing clearly business goal and achieving it step by step with stubbornness, perseverance. It has kind of Heart to Heart telepathy with Guardian Angel (Higher Self) AND ability to creating brand new Wealth Intellect / or this famous “Millionaire Mind”, just kind of Wealth Brain/ Intellect / Nous / Intelligence.

  1. Hareem Creation regardless of social and material, physcial, psychical status of user. For a user, to creating Hareem these are needed: A lots of wealth to have many wifes and make them all comfortable. Also with kind of protection – so user will meet up and „having” new girlfriends that will lead him to start creating his Hareem, also he must own power to keep his big family in stuck, like creating big family, many wifes, that accept his sexual encounters with each of his wifes, which accept him, and love him and are faithfull to him. So it’s not only about manifesting many wifes but also about creating extreme wealth to get control over many finances to keep the big family safe and prosperous. It is pretty about creating Extreme Wealth, and Abundance of wealth and after all also abundance of women.

  1. Make women around me horny – this one is to creating low volume mp3 that user will play thru his mp3 player or smartphones/iphone thru it’s speakers and it will thru this energy field making a girl becoming horny, during the date, or while talking to them, optionally it make all women around horny. It would be difficult to affect them in another way then via my own energy field, so the way is: „iphone/smartphone/bluetooth”’s spekers → my energy field → their energy field – also it does not affect me – but mostly them :)

  1. Called seductive smile. The purpose of the energy , to smile alot and being very seductive. It would also indirectly works as digital anti-depresant, to make someone more positive, witty, seductive, happy, etc etc.

    Yahweh Energies description: About Yahweh Energies: Yahwe sigils are let’s say up to Yahwe energy itself, cool this is that Yahwe is most powerful Being (Highest Energy) in entire Universe, and these Energies are changed their energy output dynamically exactly as Yahwe wants, also main assumption of them is: “I completly put my self in your hands: Yahwe as long as I want it and as long as I like it” (so there is no break of free-will or so), so I trust God and know he want the best for me and all people. While being satisfy in life – like for many people seems to be seen as in black/white, “I will be satisy and you don’t, I will be high and you dont” and so on mentality of dualism, as Yahwe is infinite Justice the idea is to help him and US to creating better world, so the output is DYNAMIC and most unexpected, by breaking all rules of dualism, and conventional thinking (all of Yahwe sigils have build-in 10% of telepathic heart connection to Him for a better guidaince in our life).

  1. Yahweh Business Success & Motivation for Online Businessmen. Fire up motivation to do all online activities that are realated to online business thats: editing and creating webpages, improving webpages, publishing/editing products, publishing content as well free as paid. Also imroving marketing, for increase sales. Optionally with overcoming hesitation and seeing the goal – for speed up this process.

  1. Yahweh I need Get Laid Spell – manifesting opportunity to get laid as fast as possible. Or finding sexual satisfaction as Yahweh can shows another way, accross the time, accoss the entire world, or over/on top of other peoply say or think.

  1. Yahweh Mental Game2 – this one is for control own thoughts, to control own mind. Ultra control of own mind and at the same using own mind with ease. Seeing wide spectrum of own thoughts/own life and control them by own will-power ehaanced by Spirtual Guides such as Soul/Higher Self-GuardianAngel/Spirtual Guides, etc etc).

  1. Yahweh Heal High Blood Pressure and Overstress, Overtension, Stressout – and heal root causes of these affilictions.

  1. Yahwe Ultimate Wisdom and Being Wise, Smart, Brilliant (with elements of being witty). (Version 1)

  1. Yahwe Ultimate Wisdom and Being Wise, Smart, Brilliant (with elements of being witty). (Eastern Version 2)

  1. Yahweh Buddha Mind – Supreme Psyhic Strenght, Resitance & Health and Ultimate Understanding of Everything but controlled by own true will-power and Higher Self (so person will not get too much high and will not lost own mind) – also preludium to becoming kind of Super Human.

  1. Yahweh – have no fear to say „NO!”. Even when others want me to say „yes”. Strong self-assertivenss. Don’t care what others thinking or say about me. Strong self-identity.

  1. Yahweh energy for Super Manifestation Powers – manifesting my hidden postitive wishes, dreams, desires – creating the ideal world of my life.

  1. Yahweh energy for Metaphysical and Psi abilities with emelements of ture meditation.

  1. Yahwe Healing of Brain and Disgetive System (in Chinese Medicine digestive system is treat as second brain, sometimes even more important as it goes with health as brain).

  1. Ultimate Tribute to Jahweh, Jehova according to what he would like :)

  1. Yahweh Sexual Satisfaction & Excitement. General excitement vs. Motivation. Seeing possibilities and fire up motivation to achieve goals. Become master of own motivations. Mix of sexual excitement and general excitement that lead to run into activities – it also attract/affect different parts of the brain, and is related to excited motivation, willingly achieving something, with easy, effortlessly, also with kind of removing or not seeing worrying, complaining, etc etc.

  1. Yahweh Immortality and Anti-aging, activate the DNA code responsible for longevity and body self-repair mechanisms. Being always Young (it would be also related to sexuality, as I guess ;) To have fresh mind, being brilliant, etc etc.

  1. Burn-out-negative-fetishes and beliefs about sex, sexual healing – this works the same way as Deep sexual trance (below) but it main goal is to burn out negative belifes about sex, and negative fetishes – and it will be kind of catharsis – for example someone has fixated on female feet, if mp3 (Silent Audio Talisman or for listen via headphones) will contains sigils for attraction AND pics for example of these female feet, it will give to the user kind of catharsis, giving him visuals, vivid images, feelings, sounds via heart, but at the same time it remove from his mind his fixation on female feet, and somehow remove his other sexual fetishes – and finally to see a women as they really are, not focusing on their certain parts or so. Actually I have very few clients like that, which have some problems with it, and I guess there much more people like that, anyway, if as pics will be used for example female feet, it will remove this mind’s fixation/mind’s sexual excitement from these parts – optionally give the user kind of catharsis trip, sexual deep trance, and making him free from any sexual fetishes. Like re-programming him and making him free. Also after session with such product he may feel sense of relief, sexual fullfilment, happiness. In above sigil, additional sigils will be probably limited to 5, and rest will be pics – and analogical if for the pics will be used for example some girls from sex cams, it will as end result will make user free from these kind of behaviours, or sex cams fantasies.

(Below): Deep sexual trance – release negative beliefs, emotions (desigin for deep delta or theat brainwaves, especially) sexual clearning, sexual karma clearning – and install positive attutude towards life, girls, seduction, joy. And this one will also build upon up to 9 sigils, usually less, and some pictures of women up to 5, and it’s main purpose is to clear the user, giving him deep profound, sexual/virtual sex experience, vivid images and motions, sounds via heart (but all these sigils only via heart these sounds, to avoid mind’s chatter, mind chattery, which are bad and can lead to depression, physcial illness), feelings, etc – and it’s all for giving deep clearning, sense of freedom, sense of control of ownself, sense of power, joy, superb positive experience.

  1. Learn Any Language with learning from akashic records – mostly about learning main languages, but it will be helpful as well in learning new language of programming, but most focused on languages like these top: English, Spanish, Deutsch, French, optionally Chinese, or Japanese – but not limited to – it can be useful in varitety of learning materials, from youtube videos, thru text-to-speech softwares with voices sounding as real, or for listening recordings with native speakers, or traditional ways: book, note and pen. Ideally if linked to Akashic Records, thru heart, - someone said that languages based on emotions (heart) could be, there are some proven discoveiries that 6 year old girl start talking in fluent english after few weeks.
    These will be audio for listen or audio talismans that will support learning languages in fast way.

  1. Focus, mental focusing, ability to focus on work, learning, reading, writing, mental or psychic work.

  1. Health Titans Bravery and No Fear Power – sometimes people don’t want train because afraid of others people opinions, or they don’t want to escape from their comfort zone because of tiny pain (training) or don’t want to enter into cold waterfall because don’t want to experience cold water, even they know it’s good for their health – the addition to it is to undersating own body mechanisms and be aware of them and making no plead to something. No excuses.

  1. Anti-SkyNet Detox - Request for something to help with the upcoming chem shit being sprayed on a daily basis.energies included detox for heavy metals,parasites balancing with appropriate minerals.and most importontantly a pulsed negative magnetic wouldn't be something to carry around everyday just as a "wipe off from coming home" if a pulsed magnetic field could be created then you can use the usb drive to scan the body to disable would load usb with as much copies as you can to get body penetration to destroy components.being able to remove this shit would also boost all other products efficiency since they are able to transmit signals sublimnals and the like.cant cocreate with other inhabitants other than you. I already own positiveprotection and causearmytoappear at2 they work very well problem is this shit can have a lock on feature to the host and transmit from ULF AND VLF would help basically anything coming from outside source other than your operations is negated.the nano bots seems to interact with your Candida in your gi tract forming biofilms and other things not allowing true health and balance to come forth.its a very deep rabbit hole that leads to morgellons and other things I'm currently doing a ionic foot bath every other day and it's the only thing that controls the issue.i know it's a lot to work with but it's very much appreciated.

  1. Being cocky&funny, humorous, excellently witty, and wise. Resourceful. To women unpredictable therefore very intrigued. Having replay to everything in any discussion, mastery of conversation with both men as women.

  1. Ultimate Legendary Attnetion - next level game – with inner deep game. Ablity to hide attention, manipulate own attention, attention/energy games (where attention goes there energy is going). Control own attention by will-power and elements of tai-chi/chi-kung. Can be useful for: seduction, making women approach the user, as well in direct or internet sales, dealing with poeople, martial arts, and many other application, chi kung, etc etc.

  1. Real Sex Project 777 Music Trasmitter – Music and Talk voice audio files (with female voice) version also applicable to Music & Talk Online Radio & FM Radio & Internet Radio – works that way that gives all these what RealSP777 gives but giving kind of sexual interaction with women via sound. So it can be audio recording with female voice, or song with female voice. As well it can be online radio audition with female discussion. It has also protection to get only the positive energies, or share in sexual exchange only positive energies or these which are needed to user for better self-development in wide meaning according to his Higher Self (guardian angel). So it is mix of RealSP77 and Music Wealth Trasmitter idea. PLUS this version attract girls for sex, love, relationships. Creating great attraction and fulfilment of sexual desires in form of mind calmness.

  1. Lucid Dreaming. This one if mixed with other sigils (up to 10) or pics (up to 5) will induce conscious vivid lucid dreams – in which user will encounter during the dream (sleep) scenarios dictated by sigils/pics – however for better results I will less that 10 sigils, about 3 and few pictures.