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Veterans Day Promo

we’re offering a Buy One Take One sale from Nov 6 to 10

So a purchase of one XSigil gives you two XSigils. Same goes for Virtual Psionics Devices, NSigils and Spells.

The products that apply to this promo:

  • XSigils
  • NSigils
  • Spells
  • Virtual RADX
  • Virtual Psionis 3000VX
  • Virtual God Caster
  • Virtual God Caster Ultra
  • Virtual God Caster Odin
  • Aqua Treatment Device

(some of above products are not listed at main web)

To making it clear: For example if you purchase one XSigil the 2nd is added to you freely. So if you order one Xsigil you will receive 2nd one as free gift. If you purchase two Xsigils you will recevie two Xsigils extra – which gives sum of four XSigils in price of two.

XSigils and Devcies are available at this webpage:

More examples:

  • One purchase of three Xsigils gives six Xsigils at total. (3 + 3 = 6)
  • One purchase of VirtualPsionis3000VX gives two Virtual Psionises3000VX (1 + 1 = 2)
  • One purchased Two VirtualGodCasters gives four VirtualGodCasters (2 + 2 = 4)

After we’ll receive the notification of purchase of items listed above (blue colour) – we automatically double the order by two and send email back to you (your Tinypass email) with question about your additional desired items.

Anyway we have to contact with you after any purchase any item at this webpage: because your picture is strictly required for the metaphyscial creation process – so both way right there is the email contact between we and you.  Each XSigil (and Virtual Psionics) is personalized only for you.

It looks like that, you purchased one XSigil (let’s say Prosperity), the purchase notification landing in our email box, we took your email address and send back message to you and asking what is your desired 2nd choice and your picture – for example you replay that you want Wetness XSigil – and that’s all. After minutes we receive your picture and our magi team receive your picture, name and titles of your two XSigils. After 1-2 weeks, often ealier we are emailing your way two XSigils, the Prosperity XSigil and Wetness Super Spell XSigil (even that in Veterans Day Promo you purchased only one, the Prosperity XSigil).


If you have any questions about this amazing opportunity or would like to place an order – please use below Contact Form.




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