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Virtual GodCaster Odin

The Power of Ancient Gods under your control made by SeductionMagicFlow,
Xtrememind and a Secret Partner

15 plates (75 Trends)
at the same time.

IMAGINE: One Target and 75 Symbols/Sigils.
So crazy and so safe.

SET UP within 1 minute.
Works INSTANTLY. Faster then making a coffee
(making a good coffee takes at least 15 minutes,
or you are like espresso ūüėČ
The VirtualGodCaster Odin can be even more addictive then highest quality of espresso machine.

coast-839993_960_720FAR better then Physical Devices.
Linked to the powerful Energy Spots in the Universe.
At least 55+ Intelligent Servitors to Grant your Wishes.
Archangels power (device must be used only in positive way / trends)
The Subtle Energy Output, the same as Spirits Energy, Invisible.
Ability to use ANYTHING as Trend Symbols.
INSTANT mood change within 1 minute after set up the Trend (Simple Ritual).

55+ Servitors are tune into your Higher Self and there is 99,999% Success Ratio.
For creation of Virtual God Caster your is only required your picture.
NEVER use this device for negative trends! Stay positive and remember that light is more powerful then darkness.

If you can’t find symbol representing your wish or traget – just simply draw it, or even write your affirmation on the piece of paper.

You can also with Virtual God Caster Odin:

  • Create your own powerful magical items from just anything, piece of paper or wooden wand.

  • Charging gems and crystals for anything you wish for: attraction, money, love, protection, healing -according to the symbols/sigils.
    (don’t charge items with your XSigils – because it will deplete the power from them – finally depleted XSigils will draw power from your own energy field.

  • Creating Homeopatic Remedies -for example take cup of water and put in on Target box and on each Target box place different herbs – do it without any chants or “rituals” – after 20 minutes your homeopatic remedy is ready. Drink it thru 30 days at morning and at evening. Please avoid making homeopatic remedies out of chemical medicaments – better choose natural herbs or spicies¬†

  • Charging Herbs and Supplements, Vitamins

  • Creating Life-Supporting Water charge with Power of Any Symbols for example for INVISIBILITY (everyone heard in old fairy tales about cap of invisibility – this is real stuff)

  • Charging ANY object from Mirror to your PC’s Screen (Imagine charging it for Attract Money, Wealth, Riches). Even the your phone can be charged – it’s already tested and phone seems to be even more stable. Tests shows that people don’t waste the owner’s time and don’t make nonsense talk like: “Hi, I am going now around two sexy girls. Now I am going upstairs.” etc etc. Most women don’t like it and some men also don’t like this kind of narration.

  • You can Revitalize your Room or your Falt – just take a pic of your room and charge it’s space with Supernatural Forces – make sure that VGC is not too strong for you – the charged area, room can last long and too much power in your room is not always good.¬†

  • You can help all members of your family

  • Heal the sick

  • You can gain Guidiance of Archangels

  • Work like a Pro Magican without ANY knowledge – The Ultimate Virtual Realms EASY to USE

  • TRUE and ONLY one Wish Manifestor

  • And The Best of all – it’s based on VERY subtle ENERGY

  • You can charge your favourite FOOD and make it HEALTHY!

  • LITERALLY heal any affliction – a little of “coffee’s faith” + Time + Recurrence

  • There is also possiblity to Charge objects with ANY Frequency or Music – put earphones on trend plates and play the sound input for 20 minutes – the charged object lay on the target plate.

  • Gain access via SeductionMagicFlow to any of these sets of Frequencies: BigRifeList

1. Place your photo on Target Box
2. Put up to 5 Symbols on each of 5 Trend Boxes
and while putting each Symbol say: “It is done!”.
THAT’S ALL! Go to your things and be prepared for POWER at your SIDE!
For more accuracy touch the Target plate and say “AMEN!”
Alternativelly: Put double terminated quartz crystal on top of the Target and Trends (5 crystals at all).
Isnt it easy? Yes, it really is! Who knows if this is even more simple then making good espresso!
There is not required any fancy “rituals” or so, just simplicity and easy!

These following frequencies can be used for charing any object or affect your energetic body (place earphones or even two pairs – on the Trend plates:

  • Solfeggio Frequency 174 Hz

    Give your body a sense of security, safety and love. Encourage your cells to to do their best. According to some sources, this tone tends to reduce pain energetically.

  • Solfeggio Frequency 285 Hz

    Influence energy fields and send a message to your body to restructure itself. 285 Hz frequency is being said to leave your body rejuvenated and energized.

  • Solfeggio Frequency 396 Hz

    Releases from guilt and fear. Guilt often represent one of the basic obstacles to realization. 396Hz liberates the energy and enables achievement of goals in the most direct way.

  • Solfeggio Frequency 417 Hz

    Produces energy to bring about change. 417Hz clears destructive influences of past events and puts you in touch with an inexhaustible source of energy that allows you to change your life.

  • Solfeggio Frequency 528 Hz

    Brings transformation and miracles into your life. 528Hz frequency activates your imagination, intention and intuition to operate for your highest and best purpose.

  • Solfeggio Frequency 639 Hz

    Dealing with relationships problems ‚Äď those in family, between partners, friends or social problems. When talking about cellular processes, 639 Hz frequency can encourage the cell to communicate with its environment.

  • Solfeggio Frequency 741 Hz

    Leads you into the power of self-expression, which results in a pure and stable life. The intent behind the 741Hz frequency is to solve and cleanse.

  • Solfeggio Frequency 852 Hz

    Linked to ability to see through the illusions of your life, such as hidden agendas of people, places and things. 852Hz raises awareness and lets you return to spiritual order.

  • Solfeggio Frequency 963 Hz

    The frequency of 963 Hz is connected with the Light, and enables direct experience. Re-connects you with the Spirit, or the non-vibrational energies of the spiritual world.

With Virtual God Caster ODIN within few months you can get your dream car! Or even faster! Try to be consequent in chasing your dreams.

You can improve your business skills and sell magical creations/spells – like many people do. Follow your passions. There are a lots of very rare gems which have very high vibrations – you may use them for creating amazing tools for helping different people around the globe. Finding your passions and start creating positive value. That’s not all. You can go to forest or at field and find the FLINT Stones (they are good for protection and for strenghten entire body) – these are just stone but with great healing and shielding abilities. The FLINT stones or any other stones can be charged with Virtual God Caster ODIN into POWERFUL tools programmed for different goals. Protection, money & riches, tranqulity of the mind, high king solomon wisdom & knowledge, mathematical understanding, healing and regeneration, invisiblity, extreme attraction. It’s about 2nd Pentacle of Venus to fulfil your heart desires, finding new undiscovered hidden love, gain respect, attract friendship or personal magnetism, getting rid of your negative habits, thoughts. Re-build mind-sets, beliefs and therefore you life. LIST of possible ENERGIES for charging is almost LIMITLESS. One charged gem or stone can handle up to even 25 energies with Virtual God Caster! It’s the new time, new way of achieving ideal reality. Simple Rose Quartz charged with 25 Energies – this could lead you with a little of discipline and repeatability of Trends to: ULTIMATE SUCCESS! Of course living on the Edge is also possible – in this case you have to set the trends as your heart suggests.
Charging items, manifesting desires. The word “ritual” of making coffee can easily apply to manifesting tools such as Virtual God Caster. For avarage Joe “ritual” with physical rad-devices is a closed book. However at the same time “virtual ritual” for our Joe will be comparable even to make a Yerba Mate (we do not flood with boiling water). This type of activity can be as well named as “simple guaranteed prayer” or “simple guaranteed wish manifestor” or “grant my wish in 1 minute”.
Generally the Virtual God Caster ODIN¬†can be used as personal¬†Mood Changer – by creating any mental states you want. For example by take a picture of Buddha and few pictures of beautiful Nature / Cosmos – and after set it up before say “AMEN!” ask the device for enlighment and absolute tranqulity and peace of mind. BAM! You got it. So are you ready to discover another side?


Here is something more interesting which you should know. The Higher Intelligences, the one of the 27 Gods don’t like very much the physcial devices – because physcial devices can be used for desctrution purposes even without knowledge about it. Many dark entities may stick to the physcial device, as well different negative green contminations. In all Ancient Source Texts there is written that only LOVE can win with the DARKNESS. Here is SECRET. While the Image of the Virtual God Caster is your LINK to the Invisible world, while we are here at physcial plane of reality – this LINK¬†OPEN DOORS to the subtle and supernatural forces – the TRUTH IS SIMPLE and available to anyone who seaching.¬†Remember with Virtual Psionics you shouldn’t set any negative trends. ONLY positive. Virtual Psionics are over the physcial devices (are more subtle). The invisible part of your Virtual God Caster ODIN¬†exists in Spiritual World which have many LAWS OF COSMOS. Once you got familiar (within 1-7 days probably) with your Virtual God Caster ODIN you will able to experience positive power of creating optimistic value for even more stronger Virtual trends or wishes – which after some time will mix with the outside everyday reality. Finally Virtual-to-real life will powerfully manifested by your mind. Spiritual World has it own mathematical PERFECTION (as well everything in Universum) and you can participate in this greatest symphony of Higher Realms.

  • 1 minute simple steps and you got what you want

  • Any positive and optimistic wish is possible at your fingertips

  • Discover the Power of Light and you will truly start to love your life

  • Enjoy every moment and join to the STARS in the movie of your dreams

  • Play the role of SuperHero in other people’s dreams (many to choose:¬†Superman, Capitan Planeta, Spawn)

  • Say it clearly – I am the Winner – and I deserve it!

  • Create your own Reality like a Pro Manifestor – effortlessly – just 3 minutes and you got it! You will not want back to physical rad-devices.

  • Virtual God Caster ODIN has up to ABOUT 75-120x MORE Power then VirtualPSIONIS3000VX. It’s power is dynamic and close to the human energy bio-field.


Please read FAQ and Description here:

What you will got and what is the required process to get it?

  • After purchase of three parts hosted at Tinypass (VirtualGodCasterODIN_001a.pdf and¬†VirtualGodCasterODIN_001b.pdf and VirtualGodCasterODIN_001c.pdf) you will get access to three PDFs
    1). Please send your photo to email address mention in VirtualGodCasterODIN_001a.pdf
    2). Please send symbol that represents something that has great value to you OR your core wish to the same email address as above.
  • Once we receive your picture (your photo and symbol) – the HT4Y SeductionMagicFlow’s Team start working over this very unique -and personalized¬†VirtualGodCasterODIN for you. It usually takes 2-3 weeks -sometimes ealier.
  • At this point you will receive via email the Printable Image – print it, laminate it and and start using it for your success.
  • Also when you will receive the Digital Image of your Virtual GodCaster ODIN you can imediatelly start using it. Optionally chant a special letters and words for FULL EMPOWER.
  • Enjoy it fully – please read all information about Virtual Radionics at Seductionmagicflow’s webpages – so you will have full view of it’s all possibilities. If you will have any questions feel free to ask via contact form.
  • The new 2017 versions of VGCs can be divided to more copies. Each copy hold proportionally the power. For example 3 copies each hold 33,333%.


Unleash ancient powers!

How to use it?

Instruction on how to use this “Monster” (IS VERY EASY):

  • Place your picture on Target plate
  • Put up to 75 Symbols / Sigils on each of 15 Trend plates (75 at total)
    and while putting each Symbol / Sigil say: “It is done!”.
  • Optionally touch the Target and say “AMEN!”
  • Alternativelly: Put one double terminated quartz crystal on top of the Target’s picture and on each Trend’s plates (16 crystals at total).
    The process of manifesting is It is fully automated! Who knows if this is even more simple then making good espresso!
    There is not required any fancy rituals or so, usage is simple and effortless!

You can pick up a lot’s of different symbols across the whole Internet – like “king solomon pentacles” or “goetia symbols”, “egyptian Gods symbols” to mention most popular. If you want to discover some secrets of Ancient Egypt – search for example “Sphinx” and “Great Pyramid”, “Chufu” and “Eye of Horus” – these three pictures are symbols that represents deities. Once there is picture of person on Target plate (it can be you) and symbols that represents desired goal -follow above simple steps.¬†

If you can’t find right symbol that represts your wish – write a line or choose our NSigils creation service.

Here you have King Solomon Pentacles:

Here you have Goetic ones if you want to use them: and
here is something which is good to know about Goetic energies: and why Goetic Energies are FRIENDLY

Egyptian Symbols:

There a lot’s of different symbols at Pinterest:

Symbol is the picture which: OR represent your wish, so it can be picture, even landscape, drawing OR symbol/pentacles like these from King Solomon’s ebook. Most of ancient symbols/pentacles/sigil have the invisible force behind.

It can be used for (all possible purposes):

  • Boost attraction levels
  • Manifest your wishes; desires
  • Attract money; financial opportunities
  • Healing; strenght; protection; knowledge
  • anything you can desire and it is positive; optimistic¬†
  • Charging items for different magical; metaphysical objects you, even remotelly
  • The Virtual GodCaster ODIN works multiply times faster then with VirtualPsionis3000VX
    (more power)


 Using Virtual Machine is almost effortless Рespecially if the special awerness (a little of practice) will appear as knowledge that manifestation in help of VPsionics is nothing hard to understand. These devices can take to the another side Рand from this perspective creating virtual reality that after relativelly not so long time will start mixing with the everyday reality Рonce these two realms will bond into one Рthe most exciting new world will open Рit is also the time when you can discover the real power of LIGHT and see that LIGHT ALWAYS WIN OVER DARKNESS. 

¬†In case of Virtual Psionic machines – the power is linked and protected against any type of worrying – so even if you have feelings of lack of success – it doesn’t matter – the Powerful Servitors will grant your wishes and you will love that so direct way – like the reality is something like puzzle and you have the key to sort it out.

The most amazing and exciting thing about is that Virtual Psionic Devices are indeed simplified and you know that all these easy things like making coffee are pleasurable becuase you know for 210% what effect will be. The same here.

In our Modern World we have nano-technology or at least huge progress in Physics (for example quantum mechanics) – and at the same time there is huge progress in Magickal Systems – the top team of Magi of XXI closed to AND SeductionMagicFlow made tremendous progress and create this System of different forms of magic – put into one innovation called as “Virtual Psionic” – and here you have FULL blue print of this: “Make your life MAGIC”. Practice makes perfect.

With Virtual Psionics you may experience GREEN LIGHT at downtown when you are on the way – and great synchronizations – just use 3rd Sun Energy (King Solomon).

Power output is far stronger then physical GodCaster. Energy is very subtle.

1. Place your photo on Target Box
2. Put up to 5 Symbols/Sigils on each of 10 Trend plates
and while putting each Symbol say: “It is done!”.
THAT’S ALL! Go to your things and be prepared for POWER on your WAY to the Stars!
Alternativelly and recommended: Put one double terminated quartz crystal on top of the Target and Trends (11 crystals at all).
Isnt it easy?It is fully automated! Who knows if this is even more simple then making excellent espresso!
There is not required any fancy rituals or so, just simple steps!

Device is made upon order

Virtual God Caster

For order Virtual GodCaster thru our Tinypass payment processor there is required purchase of these following three parts (3 parts of payments at total sum of above $9799):

If you are interested in this amazing opportunity let us know via below Contact Form:

Device is made upon order and after receiving it print ONE copy for max power and effectiveness. If the device is too much powerful – you can consider printing for copies for divde the power.

After purchase you got access to two PDFs – please follow the instruction in the 1st one – which are require for creating the device for you.

If you have any questions – feel free to ask via below Contact Form.

Please do not share these charged PDFs with subtle energies and keep it until you will receive the Digital Image with Virtual Device via Google Drive.

Misc: 27 is the number of main Gods in whole universe, the top 27th God is the Ultimate God. And 9 is the number of God. According to Summerian Tablets, Egyptian Mythology, Golden Ration and Enki Teachings.


All Virtual devices are experimental and at the same time professional magical devices; however there no statements on this site are evaluated by the FDA. None of the Virtual Devices are intended to “diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is your responsibility to assess the viability of alternative treatment processes by research and experimentation.



Become the Human Demi-God
as described in ancient sacred texts.

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