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eXtreme pendants are so powerful!!! AWAKE TRUE POWERS for that affordable prices!!

Technology that we used:

Pendants, Gems, and other physcial products are phased out.

  • Advanced orgone compositions
  • Magic of Hermetics
  • Bio-theraphy energy healing
  • Scalarization
  • Crystal scalarization
  • Monoatomic silver and gold (all crystal powders are infused with)
  • Advanced radionic programming
  • Etheric charging
  • Combat system, life time permanent charging
  • Powerful Energy Forms (eXtreme v.2 cores) that supports any fundamental energies like King Solomon’s, Egyptian or Goetia.
  • Different Types of Magic
  • Psionis3000VX Charging ($59 value)
  • Virtual God Caster Charging ($79 value)
  • Additional Charging with Virtual God Caster “Wealth++” version ($79)

There are different sizes of pendants:

  • Very small – Low Power – 1 cal diameter (2,5cm) x around 0,26 cal (0,6cm) [price is $79 for Extra]
  • Small – Medium Power – 1,25 cal diameter (3,2cm) x around 0,28 cal (0,8cm) [price is $99 for Extra]
  • Medim – Strong Power – 2 cal diameter (5cm) x around 0,5 cal (0,12cm) [price is $129 for Extra]
  • Large – Max Power – 2,25 cal diameter (5,5cm) x around 0,5 cal (0,12cm) [price is $149 for Extra]

It’s good to know that pendants can be now optimized with special etheric device for even more power – so Very Small Pendants with up to 2x power can hold much more energy.

At this time we use only Extra Orgone Composite, which guarantee maximum energy flow and it’s great quality.

Regardless of size, each pendant is charged with these devices:

  • Basic charging: Etheric Charger (also giving protection against other people’s energies to the item/pendant)
  • 2nd Level Charging: Psionis3000VX
  • 3rd Level Charging: VirtualGodCaster
  • 4th Level Charging: VirtualGodCaster”Wealth++”Version (additionally if the item/pendant is related to topic of wealth creation)

If you want your pendant to be even more powerful – it can be enhanced by any AT2 from this website. It must be your own copy,
otherwise it will not works. There is addtional costs of microSD cards used for this enhancment dependently from the quantity of total AT2’s file copies added to the pendant. For this enhancment with AT2s, there is recommendation to choosing Large size of pendant.


To each ordered pendant/s we add animal’s pain-free white/or red cotton string.


20% discount for previous buyers of any pendants/physical devies/gems from this website –
on each pendant!!

Pendants, Gems, and other physcial products are phased out.



if more people could know about your pendants we could do the world’s revolution