SMF&HT4Y Spell Casting Service

Z Spell Casting 2021

Mini Wealth Spells



LIMITED Wealth and attract Money Spell for people who are sensitive or averagely sensitive to energy:

  • You can choose up to 10 energies (full list here:
  • The main pre-set of these spells are: Extreme Wealth and Trust with mid-attraction.
  • Only positive trends
  • Duration from one month up to three months.
  • Re-trend only after one month.
  • Optionally, two targets – for example, you and your beloved one.
  • Your picture is required.
  • In the PDF, you will find an email address where to send your picture (ideally if white background) and your desired list of up to 10 energies (trends).

In case the remote spell is too strong, we can decrease its power. And in case it’s not enough power, we can maximally increase its power by 30 times.

Estimated power is about 10x – however it sends manifesting energy to the target non-stop for a period of one, two or three months.

You can ask to decrease or increase the power maximally three times.

We recommend keeping it at low power – so it will not chi-overload yourself and the spell will create solid manifestation.

Accept listening and using tools agreement before use:


Remote Wealth Mini Spell will be set up within 1-3 days after purchase.
In some very rare cases, it can be up to 7 days.


All spells are experimental; no statements on this site are evaluated by the FDA. None of the Spells are intended to “diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is your responsibility to assess the viability of alternative treatment processes by research and experimentation.
All love/sexual/attraction energies/sigils are set for 18-99 years old women attraction.
SeductionMagicFlow do not take any responsibility of your manifestations, actions and the power which you receive from these metaphysical tools, audio talismans, mp3s, XSigils and other products.