XtremeCaster Psionic Mind Machine

XtremeCaster Psionics: Manifestation on Steroids.

If you’ve tried UltraPsionics and were floored by the results- it’s time for a heart attack. Our final release in the exciting line of manifestation software for 2014 is here.

You’ll cast six times more wishes  in 100% less time. You’ll have access to sizzling energy libraries- including the etheric formulation of the Lust Ruby and Wealth Diamond (yes you can make your mug emanate some of the vibes of a lust ruby). You’ll funnel powerful energetic music through 4 engines.

And here’s the best part: the XtremeCaster will be fueled by 2 decomissioned GodCaster Ultras allowing up to 250 simultaneous users at any single time without loss of energy. How powerful is that? The next time you have a flu- run a viral blasting operation and see what happens.

Take a peek under the hood

XtremeCaster Specifications:

  • Runs on Android platforms with 1.2Ghz  minimum. 1.5Ghz recommended. JellyBean or KitKat OS recommended.

  • Includes psionic energy music library

  • Includes psionic symbols

    • Standard Pentacles

    • Standard Hebraic

    • Ethereally channeled Chaos Sigils for every purpose imaginable – very powerful. You will feel a rush from these.Includes the famed Pheromone Generator sigil we’ve released in special workshops. Includes also the energetic formulation for the Lust Ruby and Wealth Diamond

  • 6-Core Ether Engine: Cast six operations at once. 600% the power of the UltraPsionic Caster.

  • Casting Engine: Psi and Physical operations. Fine tuning of energy flow.

  • Reality Engine: Embedded with direct link to a decomissioned Godcaster Ultra Array. Hence even without your own chi generator, your copy will tap the powerful forces of a 2014 Godcaster Ultra

  • TurboEngine : Pump out the energy at 4X the rate- for those sticky situations.

  • Frequency Generator Engine: Highly precise frequency generator with wave modulation. Use any chakra frequency, solfeggio tone or organ resonance musc: exquisite for healing or viral eradication.

  • File format: APK- to be downloaded by you for installation. ANDROID Only

  • Fully compatible with all radionic devices: Welz, Ultramind, Metamind.

  • Fully compatible with Imprinting plates and Quantum Stars

  • You can blank the screen and the app will run- pumping massive raw power to your desires.

We received a pile of testimonials from the early release.

Here’s one:

testimonial testimonial-2 testimonial3

Your Summary of Your Benefits

  • 600% of the strength of UltraPsionic

  • Fully mobile casting software which you can run on your PC with an emulator.

  • 5 Engines of power

  • Sweeping energy symbolic egeregores used by our magi in chaos magick operations

  • Link to Godcaster Ultra Array – support up to 250 simultaneous users. It’s great for those who have no budget for a $16,000.00 machine.


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Bliss Engine Mp3s can be used with this software for maximum effectiveness!

Custom booster orgonite device can be created for amplify the power of any manifestation or trend.

If you have any question feel free to ask via Contact Form:
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