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At this page you may download FREEWARE mp3s.

Please try to download them from this page (or from the original MediaFire account), even there is not fully active the Copyright Audio Spell in the FREEWARE mp3s, it works somehow in background – especially that is the intergral part of Bliss Engine Mp3s.

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Please do not use while driving or operating machines.

Download: StressFreeMoneyAttraction.mp3
Audio Spells: Stress Relief & Relaxation, 2nd Jupiter, 3rd Sun

Download: AttractBWGirlsSample.mp3
Audio Spells: Self-confidence, Zepar, Sitri
Set of 9 pictures with BW Girls (Add one B to “BW Girls” and search in Google, you will know about what this mp3 is)
Made with Bliss Engine v.5

Download: CropCirclesMp3.mp3
Audio Spells: 2nd Venus
Set of 18 pictures with different Crop Circle Formations.
This mp3 is about feeling good and follow by your heart. There are general postive affirmations.
Made with Bliss Engine v.5

Download: SexualArousalMp3ForMen.mp3
Audio Spells: SexualArousal, Erotic Thoughts, Power Male Erotic, Sallos, Sitri, 5th Jupiter.
30 different pictures of beautiful women in sexual positions.
Made with Bliss Engine v.5

Download: FreeHappiness3.mp3
Audio Spells: Archangel Kamael (Camael), Reverse Evil, Solve Problems, Optimism and Success
Mp3 is programmed with positive affirmations for creating happy and joyful life.
Made with Bliss Engine v.5

Download: SimpleWisdomByEA.mp3
Audio Spells: 3rd Sun, 4th Jupiter, Enki Audio Spell, Ankh Audio Spell.
Mp3 is the type of lecture about happiness and true unconditional love. This is the 1st part and in future I gonna to make 2nd part.
It additionally based on pictures of Great Pyramid in Giza, Sphinx, Ancient Egyptian Rites, and Emerald Tablet.
Build upon Deep Ultra Mind 2 by Xtrememind & Jospeh Plazo (instead of DNA Activator).
Made with Bliss Engine v.5

Download: GetRidOfCosmicMasterProgramming.mp3
This mp3 is to removing Cosmic Master programming regarding “time” and “money”. There are some audio spells for inner radiance and health.
It is build upon this mp3: it’s psy-trance.
Made with Bliss Engine v.5

Barbatos Spring – Freeware Audio Talisman v.2

made with Audio Talisman Device v.2

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Build upon Free Happiness v.1

with following audio spells:

1st Set:

– ENKI EA Tribute
– Heal GAIA (Mother Earth)
– YHWH Ultimate Tribute

2nd Set:

– 1st Jupiter (business)
– 2nd Jupiter (tranquality of mind, wealth)
– 2nd Venus (fulfil your hear desires)
– 3rd Sun (wealth, glory, riches)
– 6th Jupiter
– 6th Sun (invisibility)

Mp3 is at the same time for listenining via headphones as well as audio talisman.

All the best!!!
God Bless You!


Above mp3s are build upon DNA Activator created by Xtrememind and Jospeh Plazo.

I seen there are many previews of these mp3s, but low amount of downloads, yeah don’t hesitate, its the real power. I am 100% sure you that will NOT find such mp3s for free anywhere across entire Internet.

If you have any problems with downloading contact with me or my team via contact form.


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The StressFreeMoneyAttraction, I felt stress release after 4 minutes of listening to it. I sent it ealier to some people. One of them report stress relief after 5 minutes of listening to it. You could try it yourself.
The BW Girls mp3, I felt power within 3 minutes of listening to it!!