About Us

Who we are and what this website is about.-
First off, what is this website? It is the attempt of creating positive value in todays modern world. The attempt at overcoming chaos and hopelessness. While there many New Age people who say that everything is ok, the reality shows that it’s not ok. Our Planet is being destroid daily. There is mass media chaos (brain washing) and a lot of violence. There is a Law of the Cosmos however, that what you think, what your mind’s believe – creates your reality. So we value all those who deliver this Laws to our World. Anyway- our website is mostly for men, it’s self-evident, because I am a man, so it would be against my will to try to create a website for helping women – oh, at least at this time – if there will be any need in future – why not, I can create a website for helping women too. But indeed in future years through the evolution of this website – there are many products for helping women too.If you are a woman, you can also find a solution. I wish to not make any extreme distinction between women and men. I believe we are equal. The extreme belief systems are a sickness of our 3rd Dimension and dualism. Only in case of men, when they tend to think by their 1st and 2nd chakra, indeed they are weaker then women. This website provide a wonderful solution of how to be a man in today’s world. And as you know being a man is very wide issue. Including treating women right, both old and young. It’s about healthy egoism and true loving and respecting our own body, mind and spirit.
I am a very philosophical being. My authorities are Enki, Enli and the Highest Energy. In the SeductionMagicFlow’s Team there are a very few people. We are friends. Indeed the idea of SeductionMagic was born in my mind anyway it now has a small team.
I give thanks here to all those who have helped me in the past. I also mention that if you have ever thought about the products at this website – and realize that you are grateful to me – I must clairfy, that I am making these products through the assistance of metaphysical energies, some of these are powerful supernatural energies, like for example Archangels. So, please keep in mind that if you feel any gratitude to me, you should feel grateful to all of these Energies that are within the products you use too.
There is also the Law: Give others what you would like to receive from them, and a second foundation: The Universe (therefore everything that is here on our Planent) is created with Mathematical Perfection. While for the simple thinker it could be difficult on how to translate these two foundations into Copyrights of the products at this website. I will write kind of an analogy. When you go into a forest you may find there, quite free fruits and they are really free and in most cases very healthy. But I am not a tree. I live in the Global Economic System and you know what it is (unfair). Some people try to pirate audio files from this website, maybe it’s not their fault. Maybe our World’s Goverments should do something to heal today’s poverty. None of these people ever wrote an email to me with asking for help before their act of piracy. I never said I am a free service for helping people. I don’t blame those people. The true reason is probably Maldec and relevant issues with this old age race. You may find more about it in books about Summerian Tablets. However I do not tolerate piracy of my products and while I try to respect other people and make them happy I am also required to respect myself, my hard work and rights for realizing my passions. One of them is helping people, and ones are: Philosophy, Sports, Teaching, Nature.