Hey Guys,

as you know Tinypass goes offline. If you are interested in any of SMF/HT4you Mp3s – you can request these via Patreon.

For example:

AllVenusEnergies432Hz_upto20,000x.zip ($29)

DigitalOrmusMp3AT_upto120,000x.zip ($34)

The amount at Patreon is round up to $60 – and after this amount will pledged,

the links will be send to your address email.

This is especially for sexual related MP3s and ATs (AudioTalismans),

because all other tiles will be available at HealingTools4You (via FastSpring).


Weigth Loss 432Hz up to 120,000x Plus

Weigth Loss 432Hz up to 120,000x Plus These are MP3 and AT (Audio Talismans) made with Silent Bliss Hypnotic (energy to audio) without chi suggestion. Pure stream of energy written to sound tracks - for weight loss. There are different "x" power for people which are...


100-k-ifier_up_to_20,000x made by Seductionmagicflow & Secret Partner. Each file is enhanced with Silent Bliss Nature Tree and Angelic Booster, upon the special, channeled audio track for wealth and riches - recorded in Light Language by Secret Partner. Following...

Perfect Vision (Healing) up to 20,000x

Perfect Vision (Healing) up to 20,000x made with Silent Bliss Nature Tree with this one audio spell: 113. Perfect Vision -getting perfect vision and stop wearing glasses., -heal eyes and restore perfect vision, -rapid healing of eyes, and cut reasons of illness of...


Grounding_upto6000x.zip all mp3s are made with Silent Bliss Nature Tree (the imitation of energy that radiate from old, healthy, nature tree) - very good for grounding and balancing purposes - where smooth energy is very adequate. Following energies (Audio Spells) are...

Booking Success Mp3 & AT

This is Mp3 for listening and audio talisman at the same time. Made with Angelic Bliss Engine v.4 Chi suggestions are upon these goals/affirmations - only the 1st goal is treated as "in time which is most desired for me" not specific month or so - just the time which...