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We are chargining music with chi energy along with different energies, suggestions and pictures. Audio soundtracks have high quality sound and in most cases addtionally improved by:


  • Frequencies
  • Brainwaves
  • Rife Frequencies
  • Healing Tones, Chakra Tones

The process of charging soundtracks with chi energy include:

These recording devices are created:

  • Bliss Engine v.6 – hard hitting powerful charged of any audio soundtracks
  • Health Engine v.1 – device for creating health mp3s
  • Attraction Engine v.1 – device for creating attraction, love, relationships mp3s
  • Wealth Engine v.1 – device for creating money, wealth and riches mp3s
  • Silent Bliss Engine Device (modification device – can be optionally enhanced by all 4 above devices).

The process of creation based on different forms of magic but mostly it is about strong faith and various invocations.

Read our FAQ to get more information.

Audio Talismans is very new and simple idea. These are mp3 files but not for listening via headphones – audio talismans works like virtual pendants. Most easy application is to take pen-drive – copy some audio talismans and wear the pen-drive with cotton string on your chest. Of course you may keep your virtual pendant with audio talismans in your pocket.


Instead of pen-drive you may use: any drive – that’s from microSD card, SD card, thru smartphone memory, tablet, iphone, etc etc – the only one requirement is to keep it near your body – for activate it. You may keep on your drive as many different audio talismans titles for creating unique on-the-go virtual pendant’s compositions.

The tech is similar to Bliss Engine Mp3s and we have currently build these devices for creating Audio Talismans:

  • Audio Talisman Device v.2 – this is hard hitting large device for general purpose as well for money issues as love & attraction.
  • Love Audio Talisman Device v.3 – this is about 2-3 more powerful then Audio Talisman Device v.2 and have build-in energies of Extreme Attraction, Women Approach Me and Zepar Energy (known as most exciting attraction energy).
  • Silent Audio Talisman Device (modification device – can be optionally enhanced by two above ones).

Any drive with at least 1 copy of any audio talisman radiate with energy which gets activated near human body. When it is away from human body is going like into sleep mode and emanate with similar power to gems (amethyst, citrine) – therefore can be used for room girds. However their main purpose is to compose unique Virtual Pendants from any electronic drive.

Virtual Psionics – these are advanced psionics devices – the alternative to physcial radionic devices. Usually do not requires any special manifestation skills in compare to physical ones. Setting the trend is simple.


Sigils – these are mostly automatic spells – for achieving super life’s goals. Very effective – however for maximum benefits – user has to use them dialy. It’s the same rule as you working over your muscles – as long as you exercises – your muscles becoming greater. However if you use XSigil for minimum recommended period of time – effects can’t be reversed and can be consider as life-changing/permanent.

Custom Virtual Psionics and Sigil. It can be done.

Pendants – long story about pendants at Currently each medium size pendant is 5-6 stronger then these made in previous years (for example 2015). Tech is pretty advanced: extra orgonite (about 55 compoments), monoatoic gold/silver, long list of energies to choose, and many more. Pendant’s are additionally charged with Virtual Psionics and other Archangelic Item Charging devices (with combat system – protect your pendant against unwanted energies of other people, entities, etc etc).



  • Xtreme Caster Booster v.2 – can be optimized for topics like: wealth & money, love & attraction, protection – just to mention few. (Device for boost XtremeCaster Software)
  • Listening Crystal Device – orgone music enhancer, different version, ehnaced with eXtreme cores v.2
  • Different custom made devices

All of these are made upon order.

Even it’s running – it is contantly under construction.
  • Seduction, attraction, love and relationships 80%
  • Self improvement, protection, healing, relaxation 62%
  • Weath creation, money, riches 54%

SMF’s mp3s and audio talismans are not much complicated as they would seems to be – most of mp3s here at SMF are indeed made in help of chi-energy manipulation, I would rather name it chi-energy modulation. 

Most of them are not subliminals – but just soundtracks programmed with chi-energy:

– (Bliss Engine Mp3s) with chi energy suggestions – this is the process of programming the entire track accordingly to for what suggestions are.
– (Silent Bliss Engine mp3s) silent bliss engine – it’s without chi energy suggestions, it somehow based on charging music track with different energies, like energies for fame or glory. Pure metaphysical energies into mp3. Or just energies take from an picture (in this case it not need to be metaphyscial).

Both kind of mp3s can be enhanced by:

– so called audio spells / energies [it’s just the symbol that representing something – so for example if there is symbol to overcome worrying – it can be named as well as sigil/energy but while creating mp3 during creation process it translate into audio – so from there is name as audio spell].

– so called trance engines – which are different remixes of voice tracks [made by human]

– so called Silent4D Image Mp3s [currently use as new type of trance engines] – which are similar to “audio spells” but include more chi energy.

These three above are like fuel to enhance final audio product – for achieving max results.

Optional things are backgrounds of audio tracks itself like brainwaves, rife frequencies, music [dynamic / slow tempo], etc etc.

Most of mp3s at SMF don’t include classical subliminals recorded by human. Even the chi-energy-suggestions have energetic from, but not human voice or so.

They are not dangerous in any way – 99% of mp3s here at SMF and HT4Y are for creating better world – most of the recording tools are pre-programmed for manifestating only postive output, postive life’s synchronizations.
Even it would seems like something “werid” as it goes with an ancient energies of King Solomon – it’s not.
I can make as well mp3 upon coca-cola symbol and instead of overcoming worrying the person which will listen to it – will attract coca-cola and have life’s synchronizations in time of for example there will be more coca-cola cars on his way, as well people in coca-cola shirts, or as an effect this person would start drinking coca-cola more often.

Yes, it can be consider as white-magic, which is the one that not involving any harm to other people.

Hopefully it’s put some light on SMF and what’s happeing there.

Our Work Flow

High Quality

High quality of sound audio tracks and many years of experience at field of creating effective mp3 energy audio tools.

Download your files at any time

Each Mp3 or Audio Talisman is stored at Tinypass and can be download at any time. Downloads never expire.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us

Thru our online free forum

Frequently Asked Questions

1). Are Bliss Engine Mp3s produces a positive and permanent change? Or are the effects short term?

Bliss Engine Mp3s create permanent change – epsecially when you listen to them thru 30 days or more. Sometimes for almost permanent effect 14 days of listening it enough, however it is recommend to keep listening to them through 30 days [even 40 days].

Also Bliss Engine Mp3s create only positive changes in your mind and body. Even there is possibility to make an “attack” mp3 – but by doing it – it decrease overall positive powers of the Bliss Engine Device. One time I decide that I will be making only positive mp3s – and everytime I use Bliss Engine Device the positive powers accumulate up creating more powerful and more positive energy for mp3s.

According to neuro-pathways theory – when you listen to any Bliss Engine Mp3s – your mind changing – and there is required period of 30-40 days for creating new neuro-pathways of listening to these mp3s – after that time effects become permanent.

Another question that Bliss Engine Mp3s can be considered as “pychoactive” tools – and probably because of enhancment with Audio Spells – effects may happen much faster then with different sort of subliminals. It’s only lead to more powerful changes – if you noticed that something is going your way after listening to these mp3s, even in just 1-3 days period after listening to – please keep using them – only listening on regular basis can guatantee stable and permanent effects.


Can I listen with earphone? I have smartphone. Will playing from it’s speaker effective?
Through speakers it will be less effective. It would be good if you listen to it via earphones and the best if you listen with headphones. Bliss Engine mp3s are design especially for headphones, or eventually earphones. Try using high quality earphones which has at least 25,000hz bandwidth (frequency response). I do not say that it will not works with speakers, but it will be much less effective. For max power and effectivness, headphones, or earphones are recommended.
Can I listen with earphones?
Earphones should be good. Indeed the best results are with headphones. Earphones effectiveness is around 80-90%, and there is slight difference of personal listening quality of programmed energies from mp3. When listen with earphones, these charged mp3s may give you an effect of very high focus of energy near your ears, and while listen via headphones you can experience full spectrum of these energies, which somehow can be quite pleasureble. Anyway listening via earphones is still ok.
Can i use your products with speakers?
There are different mp3 products at this website. Most of them are Bliss Engine mp3s. The Bliss Engine mp3s – and especially these with Trance Engine generate strong energy output. Listening to them through speakers theoretically will give you similar effects to using them via headphones, or eventually earphones. Listening to them with speakers works as well, the effectiveness is lower – anyway you can listen to them via speakers, and you will receive some results. Good if there are not iphone/smartphones speakers (which has most lowest effectiveness). Sound systems like 2.1 or 5.1 are good (just remember to turn off the equalizer), and of course all mini-towers, sound towers, etc.

Something about karma since I’m making money in a way that’s abnormal. Oh, I have more feedback. Just yesterday I listened to your newest money attraction spell one time since I’ve been listening in a loop for while. I said to myself that I’m going to make 200 dollars serving food today. Never done that before. Half way into a 12 hour shift I only made 71 dollars. 3 hours til I close and still at 71. A rush comes in and at the end of the night, I made 128 dollars and change in tips……….I was surprised but not surprised, when I saw the numbers and counted the money. That was no accident.

Yesterday in four on tips I made 223 dollars. No one in the company has ever been able to do that. Also I have received a one hundred dollar bill as a tip. This is the second time this has happened since I been listening to it. But this is by far your best work if your customers take the time to listen to the mp3 in a loop.


This bbw mp3 is far above impressive. I have bought a few products from SMF , and usually I wait a few days for results. This gave me results in the same day after listening in loop 4 times!!

The relaxation and stress mp3 should have been charged for its worth. I have a busy lifestyle dealing with people everyday. With a ten minute break, listening to this in loop; I’m even more productive. It even clears my mind of personal problems. Thanks Filip. Can’t wait for what you have next month.

Mr. Anonymous

For me 3rd Venus energy seems to attract only good looking young women at first ages 18- 26 and starts working very fast and good without need to boost power
All other Solomon energies also will take effect right away.Yahweh energies also make me feel great in minutes
Even one of your old Bliss 5 mp3s like Attract Hot Women works like a AT for me with just 2 copies on my usb drive.

Still listening to all three at least one hour a day, Handsome Man creator makes me socially popular, All people want to know me and are affected by my presence, side effects – muscles are sore as if I work out 2 hours a day( getting leaner and more cut physically). Perfect Lovemaking ( have not had sex since the last review, My penis is bigger then before Its very noticeable and accepted the more I listen the bigger it is, also harder erections, The attraction track seems to work well here too (more focused). SDCT4 All women are attainable, All women in my path talk to me and its as if they act like I should pay them attention. So you have an amazing creation here with all three.


XtremeCaster Ultra SMF's Edition 2018

Special Code: Xcaster Ultra SMF Edition.

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