Psionics XSigils

100% success ratio – only the time is limit. Please keep using XSigils as often as possible for maximum benefits. Three forms of magic making them absolute the best life changing tools!

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Some of descriptions of XSigils are not frequently updated – however after purchase you will automatically receive newest version of XSigil/s (we are constantly working over improve them). If the XSigil is too much powerful for you – there is possibility to print additional copy/ies to divide the power).

Prosperity Sigil
Fully charged, personalized and eternally linked to the proper sources of power. The lifetime sigil for prosperity that will make things always go your way. There are as well elements for protection. Read more.

Wetness Clit Stimulator Super Spell Sigil
What it does is create escalating wetness in eligible, non-complicated women within 12 feet. Three servitors come with it and seek out women most likely want a long term relationship. They also seek out women who want sex on a daily basis. Read more.

Karma Spell XSigil
Perhaps the most popular of all the spells in the SMF’s XSigil Line. Clears 200 years of karma and possibly releases one from the cycle of rebirth. Side effects are amazing clarity of mind. Lifting of several karma driven maladies. And the potential to unify with a soulmate. Read more.

Thor Armour
Conceptually this intelligent energy spell is akin to putting on the armor of Thor who in legend is a God of War. Thor will give the user this extreme sheilding, and protection in all areas of your life. Read more.

Animal Spirit Sigil
Gain attributes and counsel from animal spirits for becoming a better you. Read more.

Winds of Changes Sigil
Redirect good opportunities from those around you to yourself. Read more.

Turst (Eye of God) Sigil
Incites people to speak on the truth more often than not when around the bearer. Side effect is it causes mild attraction. Read more.

Soulmate Twin Flame Sigil
Calls across the continents to the one true Twin Flame. It will take time but ultimately the bearer will meet his or her twin flame. Read more.

Micro Cosmic Orbit Enhancer Sigil
Essentially people with frayed microcosmic orbits or auras will benefit. Some people are in contact with psychic vampires , bad spirits or simply damaged kundalini. This repairs it nice and quick. Read more.

Godly Comms Sigil
Super faith in anything you do – from real physcial life to the spiritual world. “Move the mountains with your faith”. Read more.

Demeter’s Curse Sigil
Demeter’s Curse is rather nefarious and only for desperate people. This spell lets the caster send nightmares fear and anxiety to a target. Also destabilizes the aura. Ideal targets are government officials causing undue harm and you need them to stop. Read more.

The Gambler Xtreme Sigil
The Gambler Xtreme is a variant of the regular luck spell using several ascension chambers. Increases not just ambition and the ability to sense the movies of others, but gives a measure of influence to destabilize the gambling ability of opponents. Read more.

Transaction Elixir XSigil Autospell
Creating majestic negotiations. This is easy- make all business negotiations and partnerships go awesomely well. Read more.

Liberation Eternus 25 Archangels Autospell
Liberation frees the user from extreme problematic situations regardless what it can be. Can be used unlimited times with its accompanying Santeria ritual. Liberates from one major problem every sixty days. Read more.

Environmental Clearning AutoSpell
GodBox Software in 1999- this is the etheric version. When this sigil is placed across speakers, you create a 2 acre field of pure environmental bliss. Read more.

Asgard Gates AutoSpell
Asgard is based on both Santeria and Exorcism. The spell is lethal to darker forces and expels evil from an entire home for a year. Read more.

Angelic Hand of God XSigil Autospell
Assigned a unique High Angel – for physical prowess and material endeavor. This XSigil is for physical achievements. This is the closest we get to having a Genie in the Bottle. Read more.

Angelic Shield Maiden XSigil Autospell
Assigned a unique High Angel – for etheric ascension and wellbeing. This XSigil is for etheric, psionics, psychical, spiritual achievements. This is the closest we get to having a Genie in the Bottle. Read more.

Virtual Psionics Devices

Virtual Psionics
at Seductionmagicflow
co-created by SeductionMagicFlow, Xtrememind and a Secret Partner
You’ll probably never go back to physical radionics now that you have this.

Read the FAQ here.

Virtual RADX
1 Target, 5 Trends at the same time. IMAGINE: One Target and 5 Symbols. SET UP within 1 minute. Works INSTANTLY. Read more.

Virtual PSIONIS3000VX
3 Plates device. Easy setup without any rituals. Can be printed on T-Shirt to feel like a demi god. Read more.

Virtual GodCaster
5 Targets, 20 Trends at the same time. IMAGINE: One Target and 20 Symbols. SET UP within 2 minutes. Works INSTANTLY. Read more.

Virtual GodCaster ULTRA
10 Targets, 50 Trends at the same time. IMAGINE: One Target and 50 Trends. Extreme power. SET UP within up to 2 minutes. Works INSTANTLY. Read more.

Virtual GodCaster ODIN
15 Target, 75 Trends at the same time. IMAGINE: One Target and 75 Trends. SET UP within up to 3 minutes. INSANE POWER. Works INSTANTLY. Read more.

Other Metaphysical Services

Remote Charging, NSigils Creation, Mini-Spells, VGC’s Spells.

Remote Charging
We can charge remotely any physical item/object at any distance upon up to 10 Energies available at this website or just upon any symbols or picture. Read more.

Personalized NSigils
For use with Virtual Psionics, Radionics Software such as XCasterUltra2018, Karl’s Super Manifestation, or with symbolic/diagrams paper psi devices. Read more.

LIMITED Wealth and attract Money Spells for people who are sensitive to energy, up to 10 Energies. You choose which ones.

Read more.

Audio Talisman Transmuter
Use any SMF’s audio talismans as trends with your virtual devices such as VirtualPsionis3000VX or VirtualGodCaster.
Read more.