Battle of Boyne Promo

How does it works:

Any purchase of below Promos from #1 to #4 will allow you to receive 1 free Virtual Godcaster Ultra

Purchase must be made during the promo period (July 9th till 12th)

The Free Godcaster Ultra Virtual has 8 plates for trend which can take 5 trends each (40 trends at once)

Powered by Wicca, Ennochian, Hoodoo and Santeria

A unique Santeria or Archangel will be emblazoned as guardian to the unit.

The Virtual Godcaster Ultra comes with a physical element that transmutes all that raw energy into bioavailable form.
What I refer to is a large control ruby. Burmese Ruby that enhances the VirtualGodCaster. The physical delivery will be required.
It’s a vital adjunct to the VGC Ultra. Think of it as a primer and modulator. Then energy is thereby well balanced in both the ethereal plane and the physical world.

Promo #1

Purchase as follow:

– Virtual Psionis 3000 VX

– 8 x XSigils

and receive 1 Free Virtual God Caster Ultra

Promo #2

Purchase as follow:

– 12 x XSigils

and receive 1 Free Virtual God Caster Ultra

Promo #3

Purchase as follow:

– Virtual God Caster

– 3 x XSigils

and receive 1 Free Virtual God Caster Ultra

Promo #4

Purchase as follow:

– 1x Virtual Psionis 3000 VX
– 1x Virtual God Caster

and receive 1 Free Virtual God Caster Ultra

XSigls and Virtual Psionics you can find here: http://seductionmagicflow.com/virtual-psionics-sigils/

Quick FAQ:

1). I don’t understand. What it is?
It means that if you want to get 1 free VGC Ultra Unique Edition,
you have to purchase enough of XSigils or other Virtual Psionics,
for example Promo #1:
after ordering these:
Virtual Psionis 3000 VX: this device: http://seductionmagicflow.com/virtual-psionis3000vx/
and 8 x XSigils: eight XSigils of your choice: http://seductionmagicflow.com/virtual-psionics-sigils/ 
(after order of the items in Promo #1) you will receive 1 Free Virtual GodCaster Ultra Unique Edition (this item is not listed at website, only the VGC Standard version), the Ultra version has 8 plates (trend boxes) – will be delivered electronically along with 8ct Ruby (delivered by mail) as required link between physcial/etheric energy fields. Ruby is kind of micro-controller.


If you have questions regarding this promo you can ask here:

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