6 Easy Steps Trumping All Obstacles

Planning for success is an important way to overcome barriers to growth. It’s similar to taking a vacation. You need a guide or a road map to keep you on course and give you direction. Would you attempt to navigate a ship on the open sea without a chart or map? Of course not. Even the ancient mariners used the stars and constellations to find their way.

A plan is a powerful tool for achievement. It’s a magic key that helps you reach your goals and gives you the momentum to get through difficult passageways. Planning prevents unnecessary detouring, and helps you take responsibility for your actions. Goals are what keep you going and give you your focus. Keep focusing on your goals and continually take the needed steps to reach them. Your ability to keep moving after achieving one goal depends on how clearly you see the next step to set new goals.

Goal-setting is an ongoing, reciprocal process between you and the world. Accomplishing your goals helps you to overcome inner barriers of fear, and affirms your self-confidence. Goal-setting is not a mundane process. It generates out of your human need for self-drive and accomplishment. This drive for accomplishment is innate, it comes from within you. When you set goals, it solidifies you physically, mentally and emotionally. You begin to feel more connected to yourself and to the world.

There are six ways to focus on your goals and plan your success. It is important to include the following in your goal-setting procedure:

1. Identify your goal and make it a realistic one. You must care about it.

2. Select a goal that you can work on, rather than something someone else has selected for you.

3. Make sure it’s specific, not vague. For example, choose a skill like “Communicating more effectively with your friends by using positive vocabulary,” or “Managing your time more efficiently by stating a time and date for getting your goal accomplished.” Selecting a goal you can do something about gives you the power and influence to actively and assertively accomplish your goal.

4. Have at least one goal or objective every day. Feel a sense of joy and fulfillment whenever you take a step toward accomplishing your goal, or objective.

5. Experience how your feelings and thoughts are pulled by your stated goals.

6. Reward yourself for every goal or objective that gets accomplished. Remember to be consistent when rewarding yourself as well.

Joey Plazo is passionate about executive coaching and attracting women to the world of NLP. He aids folks find jobs in the Philippines