I have post an offer to all previous users of physcial products – the eXtreme Pendant v.2 with huge discount. I don’t know why I am doing it – while the rational reasoning should lead to increase all pendants pirces firstly then giving huge discount for such amazing, newly developed tools of the new metaphyscial era.

Yesterday I made one for me, with Medium power – small one – gosh, it has power and it is so strong – not sharp at all – the power and energy are pretty wide, and feeling is almost similar to bliss like state. I am so excited and I just smile while one of previous user asked for MAX power (in old terminology 14x) – and I think, the power with 14x can be overwhelming, or the “bliss like state” will be extremelly pleasurable – especially that it is pendant for attraction.

If I could compare v.1 to v.2 – it will be:

v.1 – 30/100
v.2 – 100/100

While I have sentiment to v.1 – the v.2 makes me feel so good.