Hey Guys,

I have to share with you something. Many years ago I watched David Wilcock’s video about different topics. Anyway he shared with me that, or at least it is proven conclusion – that when I or you take a tape or the CD which you have to listen many, many years ago when you was teenager or even ealier and listen to it over and over again, your mind will refresh, and you become “again young”.

So what’s is the deal? I take tape that I was listen to around my 13-14 years, just the early teenage age – and remake it with Bliss Engine v.5 for perfect mental calrity, most right order of things in “my head” and for balance all chakras, energies, and focuses of energy in my body.

And you know? It works!! The thing is that this music is more dynamic then ambient, and it gives great effects while programming and infusing it with chi energy.

Yep, I have to admit that I see much more and my life seems to be more completed and I listen to it since last Sunday.

Anyway, if you want enhanced journey into your perfect youth – then please contact with me via contact form. For doing this you have to find the CD or tape in form of mp3, that I have to programm you for anything you want.

Currently Personalized mp3s costs $49 – if your album exceed 30 minutes and is up to to 90mintes – then pre-relase price is: $79 and when the service will be published it will be higher.

P.S. New Audio Spell will be available soon: Perfect Health – Anti-Aging – Immortality, there three in one.

P.S.S. The object for sale here is the programming, chi infusion and audio spells only. Not the album or music that you will send.