Root Chakra And Emotional Healing

made with Bliss Engine v.6 and include Mini-Trance Engines

This mp3 is for listening with headphones, large ones would be ideal – because music track is charged with chi-energy accordingly to Audio Spells and Suggestions. All few testers which checking some of mp3s before publish – admited that listening with small ear-phones creates of local ear-area slight chi-overload/tension. With large headphones the programmed music track giving the best effects. Of course you can listen to it with speakers, however the all the best effects (100%) you will got with headphones.

Mp3 has classical music background – exactly it’s Symphony no. 40 in G minor, K. 550 written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Classical music by itself have some healing qualitites which can’t be said about pop-music. There are scientific researches in this topic made by Masaru_Emoto .

Within this mp3 are about 10 mini-trance-engines which add more power to the whole track. Having these two elements: dynamic classical music and mini-trance-engines the end effect of programming it with Bliss Engine v.6 is far more effective then standard mp3 made only with Bliss Engine Device v.6.

Audio Spells used in RootChakraAndEmotionalHealing:

  • Chakra Balance I, II – balancing all charkas, energies within the body, meridians, female and male energies. Balance Chakras & Body Energies – Total Harmony & Balance. That’s all about stuff related to subtle energies, chakras, meridians, aura, etc, female, male energy fields, release energy blockages, etc, something that lays as foundation to good health and overall feeling & functioning good. 
  • Ejac – Mastern Root and 2nd Charka for Men
  • Detox – This one is healing one – Its for detox body from negative chemicals, with support of removing parasites, yeasts, bacteria. It partly works that way that target will find ways on your own of choosing right food, etc supplements, to get rid of these, even choosing these supplements that are not too expensive, there are losts of herbs for it, and are inexpensive. The detox additionally detox negative emotions, even those from early childhood, to feel relief. Plus with detox, tensions, from the enegetic point of view, of interal organs, which as I know also can be clean from the different energeticinfections.
  • Ascension – new energy for experience the ascension and transmute negative energies into positive.
  • Orgasmic Healing – for healing sexual organs from all possible infection energetic and physical, for super sex health, with orgasmic energy. Orgasmic Healing Energy (Release deep negative emotions, attachments, related to sex and illness) Ultimate Bliss – this one is for Sexual Healing thru orgasmic energy, for release many different negative things related to sexuality, sex, relationships, – and it can be also part of feeling bliss, connection to Source. Also type of healing of sexual organs, and releasing them from all negativity, attachments, other {!!!} people energies & consciousnes parts, and finally for releasing negative sex-related things from target’s mind.
  • Rabid Will-Power – the will-power of real alpha male, ability to control unwanted habits (smoking, sex, drinking, etc), dominant energy. With these elements [not limited to]:
    – strong dominant alpha male
    – strong enough to break some bad habbits, like for example these unfortunate sex cam additions, or any other addiction such as, alcohol, etc etc
    – just these things which happen when the will-power is strong,
    – [its also related to motivation].
  • Transmutation – transmute all negative beliefs, thoughts, energies into positive. Transmute/Turn Negative into Positive. Thats about different negative energies, negative beliefs, and negative thinking processes, negative energetic connections, etc etc, just turn them all into positive. By positive can be understand things like abundance, positive thinking, all things that are life supporting, parts of happines, great synchronizations, nice people, etc attractivness, things go your way, and everything going pretty well. Also negative things related to health (illness codes) turn into positive (health). Also “turn darkness into light”. So the aura will brighten as well.
  • Healing Digestive System – – healing of digestive system, putting it into perfect harmony and strenght, killing parasites, bacteria, yeasts, etc – keeping the right balance and the ability to choose, instinctivelly find the right food, supplements to have optimally healthy digestive system. This is for healing digestive system, also partly other health system related to the digestive, but main goal is to healing digestive system, and it’s all organs, like stomatch, pancreas, duodenum, gall bladder, etc etc. Also, there is important part, to keep the right pH acidity, so generally to heal you from acidosis [which is horrible thing and root cause of many affilications], the second important thing are: “microorganisms” indeed in intenstines there are good ones, and bad ones, and their different proportions, there is horrible yeast such as candida [and other ugly ones], if it re-grows to much its harmful and cause many afflication begging from insomnia, depression, mood swings, etc. There are also other harmful parasites, which we dont want to have, but there are also good ones, that without we can’t live. Anyway, along with strong and healthy functioning digestive system and its organs, it is also about creating right and healthy flora of digestive organs, to remove some yeasts, molds, mytocse, release toxins, heavy metals, etc, and keep the good ones, like some healthy bacteria which are just needed to right and proper functioning of digestive system. It also slgihthly change mind of target which just start eating good food, [intuitivelly find and choose the right food], or/and choose right supplements which keep healthy his digestive system. There is also regeneration and youngfullnes to body organs, to help them regenerate, and keep healthy, strong. Good absorbtion of food and microelements which this spell will be achieved as well. Liver is important as well. Optionally it can be helpful with releasing stones in the gallbladder, liver, stomatch. The spell is 100% safe, digestive system is very important.

The suggestion with which mp3 is charged:

  • My root charka is healthy and strong
  • I am healthy and strong
  • My root and other chakras are in perfect harmony and balance
  • My sexual organs are healthy and strong
  • My digestive system is healthy and strong
  • I have a lots of energy and my body in natural way can accumulate more and more energy effortlessly
  • I control my emotions
  • I regin over my emotions
  • I see my emotions mentally,  I see my emotions even if they seemd to be difficult to distinguish
  • I am emotional genius, I have my emotion under my hand
  • I think and act reationally, I use my common sense
  • I am over my emotion and I am full of faith in my life, goals, etc
  • My emotional states are balanced
  • I master my emotions, and my mood is stable and optimistic
  • +6 Secret Suggestions

Listen at least 1-2 hours per 30 days or if you wish – as long as you feel relief. Mostly works within 1st listen (senstive listeners) or after few listen (less senstive). I would recommend to use only legal copies, illegal ones could make a mess with your emotions (your choice).

Indeed and maybe not indeed, the mini-trance-engines making this audio pretty powerful and if you see its giving you too much pressure, decide to listen to it 1-2 hours per day and no more. The positive effect is build when you listen at least 30-60 minutes per day, everyday or at least every other day – for at least 14 days – ideally 30 days. According to some mind-changing theories, 40 days period is the best – because 30 days are required to change of the mind, and last 10 days for bond the effects.


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Be aware – there is strong Copyright Energy encoded into each Mp3  – after you order any of these Mp3s  – only you7 and your blood-relatives can use these Mp3s/or AT2 legally. To make it clear: each product is preprogrammed to be positively active for the individual = single person only who own it on a legal way, i.e. via buying;
consequently – it is completely useless for all other “second hand” users, resellers, distributors, etc;
moreover,  the preprogramming applied proceeds on a level inaccesible to manipulation/hacking”.