Restore Sexual Health For Men Volume 1

experimental mp3 made with Health Engine v.1

  • Important information before listen to these mp3s:

    Those who should not use these mp3s include: pregnant women and those who are wear a pacemaker, those who have had or are prone to seizures, and those are epileptic, whether knowingly or not.Those who should consult a physician before the use of this mp3s include: individuals under the influence of medication or drugs.These mp3s not to be used while under the influence of alcohol or other mood altering substances, whether they be legal or illegal.Children under the age of 18 are to be examined by a physician for epilepsy or illnesses that may contribute to seizures prior to the use of these mp3s, as they are more susceptible to seizures.Finally, DO NOT LISTEN TO ANY OF THESE AUDIO MP3S WHILE DRIVING OR OPERATING MACHINERY.

    This mp3 include chi energy programmed with these audio spells:

  • Immortality and Anti-Aging
  • Mastery of Ejaculation
  • Dark Armada (protection energies)
  • Chakra Balancing

It is made in style of Get Rid Of Negative Influence Mp3 and 8 Archangels Healing Mp3 – there are chi energy suggestions to remove negative female energy from the mind, body and aura. It removes these energies from all 7 chakras and from body (feet, legs, arms, head, etc etc).

This is marked as “experimental” because there are also encoded into the soundtrack 18 pictures of beautiful women’s eyes – and it is recorded that way – where goal is to heal/remove all what has been seen by user’s eyes and what is related to love/relationships/sexuality.

After listening to it once or twice you may feel sense of relief and feeling free.

Mp3 is build upon brainwave which is:  “Focus for Complex Tasks” – it gives more focus and also reduce preformance anxiety and frustration.

If you are senstive to energy or have any other health issues – please use it carefully – especially that chi energy programming mixed with brainwave entertaiment may induce psychodelic states – because of this fact it is ok to listen like once a day and it is recommended to making at least 2 hours pauses between 1st and 2nd listen and so on.

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Copyright Protection
All Bliss Engine Mp3s have built-in radionic and audio spell copyright protection. It is an integrated part of Bliss Engine Mp3s – the special Audio Spell has been created with Hermetic, Chaos, Santeria and Wiccan magic.
Only your family members may use mp3s you have order – any type of illegal sharing may induce negative karmic consequences – and I do not take ANY responsibility for ANY of the possible negative life-events. Copyright protection Audio Spell works in both ways – the person which shared files illegally and person which uses the files illegally will encounter bad luck or unexpected negative life events.
This Copyright powerful Spell is made with the highest precision and with high magic techniques – any person who use these files legaly (that’s order them) may listen to them safely.
I don’t need to explain that creation of the Bliss Engine technique was very expensive and time consuming – so there should be high respect for it – that is self-evident. Most of SMF mp3s have afforable prices and believe me that many people who are “insiders” and know how these Bliss Engine Mp3s are created – all of them think that SMF prices should be higher.
To make it clear: each product is preprogrammed to be positively active for the individual = single person only who owns it in a legal way, i.e. via buying;
consequently – it is completely useless for all other “second hand” users, resellers, distributors, etc;
moreover, the preprogramming applied by proceeds on a level inaccesible to manipulation/hacking”.