Asgard Gates AutoSpell

Asgard is based on both Santeria and Exorcism. The spell is lethal to darker forces and expels evil from an entire home for a year.

   Have you ever thought about feelings of secure in your own home? It doesn’t matter if you live in small or very large home. This XSigil will repel all negative energies from any area regardless of dark contamination. One thing is positive thinking; when you think positively – it always protects your home against any bad people such as thieves. However positive thinking is type of mindset that we must learn on our own. Speed of today’s world so crazy; and sometimes we think in negative way. With our tools you can change your thinking.
Another question that everything in universe, everywhere vibrates with own specific vibrations – and these vibrations affect any live beings. This is the foundation of Feng Shui. Sometimes we feel bad and have no idea why. This super Autospell will kick all negative, dark, evil energies and fill your home with blissful, protecting energies. After few time you will discover that you feel better, sleep better, and spend your time in home in so much joy. Even as the effect of clearing – you will start organize your home, rooms and space into new order – this is guaranteed – that if you have mass in your home, in your room – it will over the time that into new order.
It happened quite often that mess in the room puts you into chaotic vibrations – which in effect may lead even to physical illness, lack of motivation, states of depression, and other non-harmonic states.
This Autospell makes deep clearing of any negative and dark energies – and its duration is set for one year. After one year the power will decreased. It would be especially useful in homes, apartments, flats which are not new, which have long history. It has been shown on examples when people move into home they bought – where previously many generations lived. After not very much time they tend to change they are behaviors, habits, way of thinking – for example one old woman have discover her passion for collect old Medical bottles – and she had no idea why she is doing it. When at one time she visited psychic – and he make dosing and scanning of her home – he discovered that first owner of this home was the physician. She gets very curios about it – by the way there was in this home the attic – where she found documents of the first owner – and old recipes. This example shows exactly how not cleared home, place where you spent your time, can strongly affect your life and your interests. So this Asgard Gates Autospell is recommended to make your life much more their way would like it to be – not as the material things with they vibrations affect you.

– Clear any large area from negative, dark, evil, bad energies
– clear generations courses from your living area
– put more clarity in your mind by surround yourself with protecting and clearing energies
– release many of your problems by removing negative energies from your zone
– get protected against bad people and thieves
– get more confident when you away from home, and be sure your home is safe and protected

The change is possible. Supernatural powers + energy + time = guaranteed effects.

Because of the security reasons sigil after creation will be send exactly to the email from which the order was made. Also the sigil is created by very advanced magi which always checking/dowsing validity of the order. Personalized and made upon order. Time of creation – usually 5-6 days.

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