Order of Domination v.2

made with Bliss Engine v.6

Suggestions are the same as in version 1:

  • I am dominant
  • I am powerful and strong
  • I have rock-solid will-power
  • I have strong sense of my own personality
  • I have very strong personality
  • I am firm, resolute, consistent
  • I am much more powerful then my weakness
  • I have very strong psyche
  • I am dominant in any relationships with women
  • I am emotionally strong
  • My emotions are stable and under my control
  • I completlly and deeply believe in myself
  • I am always self-confident
  • My energy field is powerful
  • I am resistant to any negative, foreign energies
  • I vibrate with powerful Divine energy
  • People love me. People feel deep respect towards me at unconscious level
  • People tend to follow me.
  • People follow my energy
  • My attention and energy is highly focused on my highest good
  • My vibrations are most high and powerful
  • People see and feel like I am one of the Greek Gods
  • People respsect me and give me their initiative
  • Wherever I am, I rule and own the place
  • I lead the space and all people around
  • I take the initiative [effortlessly and automatically]
  • Other men tend to follow by me
  • My energy field makes people to follow by me in every situation
  • I create new value
  • I have great connection to my heart
  • I am dominant and powerful
  • I own each social situation
  • Only I am responsible for everything what happens in my life
  • My “fate” is only created by me


There are 19 audio spells:

  • Break Time Line and Get Conrol over Space (Time-Space Relation) – The idea of this energy is to: – remove from user mind bad time-space synchronizations, – bad time lines, – get control over the time and space, – grand snychronization (with Enki blessing, it would be safe to have be guided by him, or if Enki is busy, then by another Archangels), – make more in less time, – time (exists in mind, it’s sense of time), – also adapt to 4th Dimension understanding of time, – it have the second layer for being guided by higher-self (which is guardian angel) Generally I think when someone could get control over time and space (of course in near distance, where his body is) he would achieve some great stuff, don’t know how to describe it, for sure it would make life more easy. So for example it would get sort things out, giving better understanding of own body, mind, etc etc.
  • Zen Mind Enlightment with Enki Blessing (right combination of brain chemicals, endorphines, etc). This one is to creating perfect Zen Mind Enligtment, clarity of mind, calmness, taking all with clam, peace of mind, and kind of seening own life like from high Archangel perspective – and seeing that it all (life) has deep meaning, seeing own goals in life also from this high perspective, and also gaining ability to become enough strong; to be stronger then all possible temptations as user encounter in his life; step by step becoming more strong, and more calm, like Zen Mind Master.
  • Laser Focus on Most important ones life’s prioritaries channeled from user’s Higher Self (Guardian Angel) and Heart, soul – usually these are: self-care, self-improvement, self-development, health, work-money, other important goals. Anti-distraction. Anti-fixation. Anti-focus-on-irrational-obsessions.
  • Yahwe Deep Ultimate Protection
  • Self-control, self-discipline, self-sexual-discipline. Be a best conducted in orchestra which is the own body.
  • Remove/Destroy guilt and shame. feeling of guilty and fear. Archaic, religional guilt, primal guilt, feeling of guilty, guilt as our imperfection, something on which world’s religions builing power-control over people, one of the most powerful emotion in human (guilt), seems like we born with it, or it’s deeply encoded into our “modern” societies.

  • Remove Fear (Remove phobias, Irrational fears, fear, excessive suspiciousness etc etc).
  • Remove any emotional, deep trauma – removing it from mind and from consciousness (body) (these are for example internal organs, muscles, skin, etc etc).
  • Remove naivety and creating kind of Positive calculus, positive cunning, positive assertiveness, positive selfishness – so that others can not manipulated me, user in any (any!) way. It can have also kind of mind’s clouding, some other people don’t see what I gonna to do, can’t read me, or can’t making remote viewing, and other stuff like that (oh only allowed by these which really love, therapists :)).
  • Destroy these: Complaining, nagging, non-sense talk (related to: spleen) also destroy worrying.
  • Being ultra Dominant and Confident. Very strong-will power.
  • Marchosias: And he is a strong fighter. He was of the Order of Dominations.
  • Ipos: He knoweth all things Past, Present, and to Come. He maketh men witty and bold.
  • True Acceptance – all about true self-confidence, self-trust, heart focused, the real true self-acceptance. Finding the true self-esteem, self-trust, self-acceptance throught finding the true own-self connection to own heart. Like becoming child again. Also with open-mind and endless joy like childrens have. Without any hesitation. Its also the one which is related to mental health. The childern have connections to their heart area, the 4th chakra, if adult wants to become trully self-confident, trully trust himself, he have to again back to his heart, I noticed it many times, when I was so connected to my heart I was even very cocky & funny, and have pretty amazing humor, and telling jokes spontanically, so this one, is to create the powerful person, which follows own heart; it include heart area clearning, etc, the most important is the connection to own heart, and believe in myself thru the power of heart, where is the center of each human in physcial body. The additional things of this Spell, the minor ones: “I listen only voice/s of my heart” and “I don’t listen (activelly/passivelly) other voices” – it can be helpful with Spiritual World communication. So, the goals are back to confident, self-belief, self-trust by the connection with own heart, and therefore gaining unconditional self-trsut, self-acceptance.
  • Overcome hesitation, overcome indecision, master making decisions, like: “you have to do something but you can’t decide for it, you can’t or be unable to make an decision for making something”. The reason is unknown, it would be as well too much stress, really unknown. The goal is to making decision fast without hesitation, and overcome hesitation itself, fear of making decision, etc. (more specification: feeling of throwing up myself, jactitation between making something or making different thing, etc etc).
  • 6th Energy of Mars – The owner of this cannot be harmed. If attacked, the foe’s weapon shall turn against him.
  • 5th Energy of Mercury – Serves to open doors of any kind, for nothing it encounters can resist or defeat it.
  • 4th Energy of Mars – Of great power of towards bringing victory or vindication in an argument or battle of any kind.
  • Self-Confidence

Also as trance engines there are 6 different Silent4D Image Mp3s – each 5x (25x at total):

  • Time line – space and time v.1
  • time line – space and time v.2
  • Anti naivety
  • Ipos
  • Marchosias
  • Ultra dominance

Mp3 is made with Bliss Engine v.6.

It is 18 minutes long. Dynamic sound track. Optionally can be treat as audio talisman.








Copyright Protection
All Bliss Engine Mp3s have built-in radionic and audio spell copyright protection. It is an integrated part of Bliss Engine Mp3s – the special Audio Spell has been created with Hermetic, Chaos, Santeria and Wiccan magic.
Only your blood-relatives may use mp3s you have order – any type of illegal sharing may induce negative karmic consequences – and I do not take ANY responsibility for ANY of the possible negative life-events. Copyright protection Audio Spell works in both ways – the person which shared files illegally and person which uses the files illegally will encounter bad luck or unexpected negative life events.
This Copyright powerful Spell is made with the highest precision and with high magic techniques – any person who use these files legaly (that’s order them) may listen to them safely.
I don’t need to explain that creation of the Bliss Engine technique was very expensive and time consuming – so there should be high respect for it – that is self-evident. Most of SMF mp3s have afforable prices and believe me that many people who are “insiders” and know how these Bliss Engine Mp3s are created – all of them think that SMF prices should be higher.
To make it clear: each product is preprogrammed to be positively active for the individual = single person only who owns it in a legal way, i.e. via buying;
consequently – it is completely useless for all other “second hand” users, resellers, distributors, etc;
moreover, the preprogramming applied by 
seductionmagicflow.com proceeds on a level inaccesible to manipulation/hacking”.