Your Question:  I have problem with my (negative) neighbors, what to do?


1). First of all, try to find or order simple transparent plastic ID card holder, put there your XSigil,
and try to wear it near your heart (heart chakra), this way – you will active more deep emotions that mostly make us fear something, or someone.
Also, please don’t think=send back their “energy of fear” – if you think about; in the fear way – it’s like transmitting your thoughts thru time and space
instatly by your mind (mind it’s that kind of “stuff”).

2). Of course (!) chant the names on your XSigil few days per day if you feel unsafely.

3). Make a 3-5 minutes meditation with a simple small IKEA candle.
Light the candle – try to not think about anything – just focus on lighting candle, and at the same time – try to find as safe as possible,
if you see there any negative thoughts or emotions going thru your mind, try to takes some deep breaths and while exhaling say: “Go Away!”,
with some next inhales try to keep your mind as clear as possible – only thru 3-5 minutes per day. No more.

4). Take paper page / notebook, pen and write down all your things that make you feel sick, or unhappy, or these that limiting your personality
for example:
– I fear these fck. neighbors
– I feel bad
– I don’t like something, etc etc
– I can’t handle something (negative)
– I can’t stop think about something
after count it, strikethrough whole list and write below:
Ideally would be if you can burn-out this paper page in fireplace, if you don’t have such possibility than throw it in the trash.
You will feel instant relief. This way you can make your mind clear and free from anything you want. This technique is not only related to your current issue,
and I give 100% that it is very, very effective.
Repeat is as much as it is comfortable for you.
Rather treat is like a mind-game.
Mind is in 90% responsible for what is happening in your life.

5). More advanced version is to send good vibration/thoughts/love to them, and fill your room, your flat with positive high vibrations, and this can make them pis* of*,
and finally make them move into another place.

6). The optional version is to make the YHWH Simple Prayer:
1. Take 3-4 seconds inhale.
2. Exhale passionately and while exhaling make a honest simple sigh which you are directing only to God, YHWH.
Repeat it until you feel so safe.
AD.2. It’s must be honest, sincere sigh – and it’s enough, the addressee of this Sigh is Highest Energy in Universe, called by many people as God, etc etc.
Many people have said that He don’t need your words, or straightened formulas, just honest sincere sigh is really enough, and He likes it.
After some practice of making honest sighs -you may try making sights in both directions – while inhaling and exhaling.

7). Before sleep you may start talking to your heart, and saying: “I am healthy, strong and all the time safe”, or “I feel good whenever I am”.
This will activate heart to heart telepathy to connect with your spiritual guides. Talk to yourself silently (the best if while talking silently try to focus energy near your heart chakra (habitat of the soul) – if someone asks you with whom you are talking – you can answer: “I like to talk with intelligent people” 😉

8). Optionally you could try some of audio talismans at my web called like DarkAndWhiteProtection vol.1 vol.2 – which are both underway to higher versions (2018-01-16),
and will be ready within 1-2 weeks.

9). All these you can may doing with your XSigil (Subtle Energy Manipulation / Tool of Supra Reality) near your body.

10). Take your XSigil, lay down, eyes closed, put your XSigil on your root chakra, (after some time place it once on your third eye chakra, or another chakra) and make the body meditation, watch your emotions, thoughts, etc etc
realx you body, it’s named as: Material Reality -> Subtle Energy (get access thru 4th and 3rd Chakra) -> Supra Reality (Influence Material Reality with SupraReality).

11). Ah, and please remember (the same to me 🙂 – on what you are focus you attract – so taking a passionate hobby would be cool, so it will take your attention away from these lo*ser*,
or take martial arts lessons,  this will give you an boost also in mind powers, especially because its at the same time deep philosophy behind:
that the only person with whom you are fighting is: you (it’s not joke at my side, it’s at beginning could be sad Truth that through I also going, but after some steps in “the dark” -this kind way of truth, [mind effect] pointing the light in the tunnel and first good positive things gonna to happen.
The SMF’s Team 2018