I wake up Rich Everyday Now

Two versions:

  • up to 70x

  • up to 750x

These mp3s are made with Silent Bliss Hypnotic v.2 – can be used while during other activities that do not required your full attention – however have slight hypnotic effect – listening or using while being in public places can accelerate positive mind programming.

10 Audio Spells:

  • 1st Jupiter Wealth Creation

  • 3rd Sun – Renown and Riches

  • 700ct Wealth Diamond

  • Negative Money Beliefs Demolisher

  • EA ENKI Tribute + Extreme Wealth Attraction

  • YHWH Business Success

  • Self Control

  • Accelerated Wealth Creation with Motivation

  • YHWH Dei Wealth Attraction

  • Time Line – Gain control over your Time and Space

This is up to date (2018) most powerful mp3 product to attract wealth as well for creating value just by listening to / or using it. To get benefit from it please use it at regular basis – if you have open streams of wealth after relatively 1-2 weeks of use you can see the increase of flow – if you don’t have open incoming streams of wealth – the effects may appear slowly – but it do not change the fact that by using this Mp3s you automatically tune in your energy field into the wealth vibrations. The Silent Bliss Engine Mp3s works within the simple rule: energies such as 3rd Sun by King Solomon are written down into the audio soundtrack with different “x” power output – and in most cases only the individual limitations can vary the achievement of success in time. The best if you keep in mind that using this tool you will achieve success it’s the only the matter of time. This product contains wealth vibrations and energies – and as long as you exists in their presence you are automatically attract wealth. Please also be stubborn and use it as often as possible – especially by fire up your motivation by simple knowledge that if you change your energy field with particular vibrations it at time pass by move your body in the field of Matter and bring similar energies – and it’s nothing else then “law of attraction”. Constantly thinking about failure usually attract failure – however in case if you listen to MP3 or using Audio Talisman it affect on your mind, thoughts and audio talisman affect on your energy field – than it translate into changing mind – once mind gets changed – literally everything gets changed. Those who know how mind works know also that mind is responsible for 90% of things that happen to us. If your financial background is hard and difficult than you need more time to get it infuse with wealth energies – and the Silent Bliss Engine tech guarantees pure stream of energies (they are always listed in description). So these two things: Using at regular basis and and being stubborn [in achieving financial goals and building/changing your mind body to wealth energies].

More powerful version 2). is for those who are less sensitive to energy.

Please use it wisely and don’t treat is as a toy.

Can be both: listening via headphones, earphones, speakers or as audio talisman (multiple copies of any drive act as virtual pendant => more copies = more power). Good idea is to leave it play in your room at low volume at day long – so you don’t need to listen it directly or using AT – just infuse your room with wealth attraction energies and it will indirectly also affect yourself.

Version 1). Six mp3s with following power “x” [for people sensitive to energy]:

1- 5x
2- 10x
3- 15x
4- 20x
5- 40x
6- 70x

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Version 2). Six mp3 with following power “x”: [only for people not senstive to energy]

1- 100x
2- 150x
3- 200x
4- 350x
5- 550x
6- 750x


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Please use it wisely and on your own responsibility. No FDA statements.