Virtual Radionic Archangels ULTRA

The end product is so simple to use, so the description will be not too long.

The main idea is to receiving from life the best things possible with minimum effort as it was in 12,000 years ago.

7 Archangels lending power to a virtual radionic device attuned to the owner

How to use it?

Very simply. All you need is your written statement and one minute for intone the chant. 

No pictures. No trends. No filter cards. 

Written statements are all you need. You can use photos but that’s optional. Also you can simply touch the device and Intone the command.

For what goals can be used?


Any goals. Any positive goals. It’s not attack device, but you can easily ask for shielding and bulb of protection.

Yes, any goals. Wealth, attraction, your secret wishes, anything.

What is the source of power?

SEVEN channeled Archangels linked to your device.

How works our Reality?

Definitely Spiritual World is way more powerful than Physical Reality. There are plenty of Archangels, not limited to these common seven that we all know. According to my knowledge if Archangel Michael could born now – it’s would be kind of Global shake, like new Spiritual Teacher as it was in previous ages, Budda.

Spiritual World always have supremacy over the physical one. Having access to it, it’s like having power of time and the matter and therefore all wishes in your physical world can be accomplished in help with more Powerful Spiritual Beings such as Archangels (the 4-7 Heaven’s Levels).

Subtle powers (from higher Heavens) but yet powerful always have the greatest impact on our physical reality than anything else.



Device is made upon order and your picture is required.

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