made with Angelic Bliss Engine v.4 (almost the same power as Bliss Engine v.6)

It’s mp3 for listening and audio talisman at the same time.

This is for -exactly as title indicate. Please use it very carefully. It’s has been programed with chi suggestions to safely awake kundalini and in natural way opening the Third Eye Chakra – where the process of opening shouldn’t induce any chakra burning effects.

The energies within are as follow:
Chakra Balancing
Energy and Vitality
Chi Kung
Psi Faith
Titanic Health
YHWH Immortality
YHWH Manifestation Powers
YHWH Psi Abilities
Total Balance and Grounding
The chi suggestions include these:
opening chakras
balance chakras
removing energy blockages in each chakra
awakening chakras thru all seven energy points
opening 3rd eye anja chakra
increased ability to see more
Within the audio soundtrack there are seven frequencies of chakras in row along with seven Solfeggio frequencies.

The specification of new Angelic Bliss Engine v.4:
angelic energies
life changing powers
aura of attractiveness regardless of topic
energy can be active some time after stop using mp3 [effects last longer]
focus module [the chi suggestion have very high precision]
all energies (audio spells) are even more focused and create entire mp3 much more effective by join all parts into one more stable system
to mention these few which are most important.

If you feel too much power please stop using it. Also do not recommend to listening it before sleep. However the focus is put on true awakening of kundalini and clearing energy blockages in all chakras to allow the chi energy flowing as naturally as possible. It can also give the effect of chakra clearing.

Please use it wisely and on your own responsibility.

$29 https://dashboard.tinypass.com/download?did=D5tr8m8