It’s for those who want to be great writers.

Made with Silent Bliss Nature Tree (similar energy output to old, healthy nature tree)

Audio Spells:

  • Poetry Writing Skills
  • Music Talent
  • Invention
  • 2nd Venus – For obtaining grace & honor, and for accomplishing all desires in matters of the heart.
  • 3rd Venus – This serves to attract love, respect, and admiration.
  • 3rd Mercury – Influences the written word, tending to make one eloquent in letters, papers, or any writing. Used by all who wish to impress others with there literary skills, particularly poets & authors.
  • Great Writer I – – to make a person a great writer, poet, novelist, screenwriter, dialogue writer. -and a writer who is extremely popular and successful.. -Great command over languages, -ease of writing and enormous wisdom or inspiration, even the usual descriptions, articles, -ability to channel from Akashic or other sources while writing (some great writers got channeled their books)
  • Great Writer II (the same energy, used as additional one for more power)

The “Great Writer” Energy is one of the new eXtreme Energies.

The following “X” power versions / strength are inside the ZIP archive:

  • 1000xWriterMp3AT.mp3
  • 100xWriterMp3AT.mp3
  • 10xWriterMp3AT.mp3
  • 16,000xWriterMp3AT.mp3
  • 2000xWriterMp3AT.mp3
  • 200xWriterMp3AT.mp3
  • 20xWriterMp3AT.mp3
  • 4000xWriterMp3AT.mp3
  • 400xWriterMp3AT.mp3
  • 40xWriterMp3AT.mp3
  • 5xWriterMp3AT.mp3
  • 800xWriterMp3AT.mp3
  • 80xWriterMp3AT.mp3

Please use it wisely and only on your own responsibility – do not chi overload yourself. To make it works – try to listen to it in “loop” mode or use as audio talismans.

Yes, each file is at the same time audio talisman as can to be listen via headphones, speakers.

$34 https://dashboard.tinypass.com/download?did=Dji1l60

Files are copyrighted and it’s works well for you and your blood-relatives.