Experimental WeightLoss 10,000,000x enhanced with Silent Bliss Nature Tree up to 600x

this is also experimental one made with Silent4D Image Mp3s with up to 10,000,000x – which for most of people can be too much powerful,
not saying that enhancement with up to 600x making it even more powerful.

You have to use it very carefully and only on your own responsibility. This is for people which are non-sensitive to energy.

This one based upon one Audio Spell (both as Silent4D as with Nature Tree):

  • 130. Weight Loss with Increase muscle mass building and burning body fat.

The following “x” strength /power versions are inside the package:

  • 10x_1,000,000x_WeightLoss.mp3
  • 10x_10,000,000x_WeightLoss.mp3
  • 10x_10,000x_WeightLoss.mp3
  • 10x_100,000x_WeightLoss.mp3
  • 10x_1000x_WeightLoss.mp3
  • 10x_100x_WeightLoss.mp3
  • 10x_10x_WeightLoss.mp3
  • 200x 1,000,000x_WeightLoss.mp3
  • 200x 10,000,000x_WeightLoss.mp3
  • 200x 10,000x_WeightLoss.mp3
  • 200x 100,000x_WeightLoss.mp3
  • 200x 1000x_WeightLoss.mp3
  • 200x 100x_WeightLoss.mp3
  • 200x 10x_WeightLoss.mp3
  • 600x 1,000,000x_WeightLoss.mp3
  • 600x 10,000,000x_WeightLoss.mp3 (most powerful one)
  • 600x 10,000x_WeightLoss.mp3
  • 600x 100,000x_WeightLoss.mp3
  • 600x 1000x_WeightLoss.mp3
  • 600x 100x_WeightLoss.mp3
  • 600x 10x_WeightLoss.mp3

Example: 10x[at beginning is the power level of Silent Bliss Nature Tree enhancement]_1,000,000x[here is the power level of Silent4D Image mp3s]_WeightLoss.mp3

Each file is for listening via headphones as well can be used as Audio Talisman.

This is not upgrade.
$24 https://dashboard.tinypass.com/download?did=D0leqya

Files are copyrighted and works well for you and your blood-relatives.

To make it works – listen in “loop” mode. Please remember that results/effects will appear in case of using it at regular basis for certain period of time. This requires physical change, so desired time of using it is about 30-90 days.

Once again, it’s experimental and please use it wisely and only on your own responsibility. If you experience headache it’s sing of too much energy at once, so decrease the power “x” strength. Also do not stress out yourself and perform grounding from time to time. Pretty good and fast way to ground yourself is… hugging the old trees, or optionally asking them for anything related to grounding of your body.