Fountain of Bliss Ennochian XSigil

Destroy depression and wallow in happiness

This Xsigil will give your life a renewed glow and happiness – also all dark and unpleasant thoughts and feelings will be forgotten.

Your morning coffee or tea will also give you pleasant feelings again – and you will radiate an aura of optimism, joy and enthusiasm.

There will be a feeling of peace and bliss in your life again.

You will stop worrying and fretting.    Depressing thoughts other doubts about your present and your future existence will subside – every moment of your present life will suddenly begin to bring much pleasure. Even daily chores will be enjoyable; you will see the purpose and meaning of your life.    After some time, not long – you will discover the purpose of other goals, the deep meaning of life – which for example during seasonal depression may have been hidden under the primacy of sadness or lack of mood – but now having this Xsigil all these negative feelings will go away forever.

Whatever your state of mind is – with Fountain of Bliss you can enjoy your life, take joy in every moment whether it is the work or your free time.

Get these benefits:

  • 100% Mood improvement
  • Removal of doubts and complaining
  • Optimism and faith in the present and future
  • Detachment from the past (you live in the here and now)
  • Purpose, meaning and a clear vision of your life
  • Joy, bliss, and enthusiasm
  • Absolute end to seasonal depression
  • Health, cheerfulness, and a “Never Give Up” mindset
  • Perfect combination of mood for anything you want to do at any time.

Life in the current conditions on earth is full of pessimism and negative thinking – but such an energy boost with the very positive energy that the Fountain of Bliss Xsigil gives can allow you to leave this dark and chaotic energy that is now occurring on earth and let yourself truly thinking in positive way without any obstacles in your daily life.

Feel great and forget about any seasonal depression – with each passing day you will feel better and better and in the long run your optimism, joy and positive thinking – will strengthen.    Your way of looking at yourself will change, your energy will be focused on the bright side of life.

Success is guaranteed 99% with the Fountain of Bliss XSigil. Even if you are encounter any problems with your mood – this sigil will reverse all it and day by day, week after week and your mood will be increasingly improved (for most of people at day one). All you have to do – is to keep it in your pocket (near body) or leave it on your desk or in the place where you spent most of your time [or watch it on your TV screen]. Optionally if the power is too strong you can printing more copies of it, because more copies divided the power. If in first week or months you will experience massive improvement of your mental mental state [turn negative into positive] – don’t stop using it! Many people get “exhausted” when the things going perfectly on their way – like they couldn’t believe what is happening and they quit using certain tool. It’s mistake. If you will noticed that things going your way – keep using it. After certain period of time it will become your second nature.

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