Automatic Psychic Seduction

up to 20,000x

this one is made upon one Audio Spell for:

  • 116. Attracting one girl (Automatic Psychic Seduction)-for target one specific female, in another words psychic seduction focused on one target, It works like that any mp3/AT made upon it offer to client two options:he can think about his target female during listening or using AT and it will affect her at distance
    or he does not need to think about her, but it will affect at distance these women which he feels attracted to, at his will.Automatically.
    So it’s psychic seduction simplified and available to anyone, even for a newbie. If he do it in active way – he can visualize her, or just think about her, or any thoughts about her will manifest bond the relationship with her. In automatic way, it will affect all women that he is attracted to, and get attempt to bond their relationships with him. -it also develop psychic seduction skills and making sexual things goon your way, Optionally if he has recording with her, using this Energy and making Audio upon it, will help achieving this goal better.

it can be helpful with regain lost love too. And it will affect all women that you know and these you don’t know upon any distance.

It works fully automatic. No need to take another action than listening / using it as audio talisman.

The power “x” strength versions inside:

  • 1000xAutoPsychicSeductionMP3AT.mp3
  • 100xAutoPsychicSeductionMP3AT.mp3
  • 10xAutoPsychicSeductionMP3AT.mp3
  • 16,000xAutoPsychicSeductionMP3AT.mp3
  • 20,000xAutoPsychicSeductionMP3AT.mp3
  • 2000xAutoPsychicSeductionMP3AT.mp3
  • 200xAutoPsychicSeductionMP3AT.mp3
  • 20xAutoPsychicSeductionMP3AT.mp3
  • 3xAutoPsychicSeductionMP3AT.mp3
  • 4000xAutoPsychicSeductionMP3AT.mp3
  • 400xAutoPsychicSeductionMP3AT.mp3
  • 40xAutoPsychicSeductionMP3AT.mp3
  • 5xAutoPsychicSeductionMP3AT.mp3
  • 8000xAutoPsychicSeductionMP3AT.mp3
  • 800xAutoPsychicSeductionMP3AT.mp3
  • 80xAutoPsychicSeductionMP3AT.mp3

To make it works – please listen in “loop” mode. Or just use as Audio Talismans – because each file is good for listen and can be also used as AT.

Please use it wisely and only on your own responsibility – AND do not stress out yourself with too much powers. Remember about grounding yourself from time to time.

Files are good for you and your blood-relatives.

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