MLF Da Babe 3.0 Extra Strength

Amazing Attraction

up to M30x

Made with Silent Bliss 25000 VX
each file is for listening [better via speakers]
or use as an Audio Talisman

Empowered by the energies from Stone Circles, Pyramids, and Large Quartz Crystals,

special Chi-Energy-Booster.

Finally, we lived to see a very effective and powerful version of MLF da Babe 3.0 Extra Strength. In addition to the energies to attract women, there are also energies to get respect. Certainly, the energies responsible for creative visualization will be helpful to make the images from this Guided Visualization even more vivid and real. This version is really very powerful, and please consider using it responsibly. This is part of the holiday series of manifestations for men. I think Jobet can be proud. Combine Guided Visualization with eXtreme Energies—it’s a guaranteed success; even if you are insensitive to subtle energies.

The following ‘eXtreme’ Energies is imprinted within each audio MP3:

  • 1st Mercury – Conveys personal magnetism upon the owner.
  • 1st Sun – The ‘El Shaddai’ talisman, which is alleged to bring the possessor all things they may desire.
  • 1st Venus – Brings friendships to the possessor.
  • 2nd Mercury – this energy is said to gain the impossible. granting wishes contrary to the order of nature.
  • 2nd Venus – For obtaining grace & honor, and for accomplishing all desires in matters of the heart.
  • 3rd Sun – Serves to attract renown, glory, riches
  • 3rd Venus – This serves to attract love, respect, and admiration.
  • 4th Venus – Of great power, this forces any person the owner desires to come to him or her.
  • 5th Mercury – Serves to open doors of any kind, for nothing it encounters can resist or defeat it.
  • 5th Venus – The seal which excites great passion and desire when shown to another.
  • 191. Handsome Man Creator– Transform any user of this eXtreme Energy (and any MP3/AT made upon it) into very handsome man
    – Appears as very handsome man, any woman (excluding blood relatives)
    – change the physical appearance over the time of using it in the most handsome, desirable man on the Planet.
    – Bring out all desired characteristics, to become the perfect man.
    – Create an Aura of infinite and endless handsomeness.
    – Transform and transmute all unwanted habits, behaviors into handsomeness.
    – Boost financial abilities and wealth attraction (not so obvious, for some sad, but it is so real that money is important in today’s crazy world, and some women could reject potential candidate because of material status) – and as well radiate a bit with wealthy aura.
  • 4. Extreme Attraction – this has similar power output as 700ct, but it’s for attraction, the extreme attraction, and the main goal is: sex. It can be something insane, (of course set for attracting/manifesting women for love/sex relationships).
  • 16. True Acceptance – all about true self-confidence, self-trust, heart focused, the real true self-acceptance. Finding the true self-esteem, self-trust, self-acceptance through finding the true own-self connection to own heart. Like becoming child again. Also with open-mind and endless joy like children have. Without any hesitation. Its also the one which is related to mental health. The children have connections to their heart area, the 4th chakra, if an adult wants to become truly self-confident, truly trust himself, he has to again back to his heart, I noticed it many times, when I was so connected to my heart I was even very cocky & funny, and have pretty wonderful humor, and telling jokes spontaneously, so this one, is to create the powerful person, which follows own heart; it includes heart area clearing, etc., the most important is the connection to own heart, and believe in myself through the power of heart, where is the center of each human in physical body. The additional things of this Spell, the minor ones: “I listen only to the voice(s) of my heart” and “I don’t listen (actively/passively) to other voices” – it can be helpful with Spiritual World communication. So, the goals are back to confident, self-belief, self-trust by the connection with own heart, and therefore gaining unconditional self-trust, self-acceptance.
  • 20. Super Manifestation Powers – This one is to add super manifestation powers of all positive hidden dreams, goals, desires, to move things ahead with ad-don of great synchronizations. To overwritten evil and bad synchronizations from the past, generally for success and abundance, but it is applicable to other topics too. This spell will erase it fully (any bad synchronization, even like those related to “CM” and give real and true great synchronizations.
  • 19. Women Approach Me – The idea is making women approach the target. Mostly for relationships or sex—related things, as it is the dream of most men, anyway it includes ad-don of developing inner game. Creating “perfect situations” which is the type of great sex synchronizations, when circumstances allow target and girl to meet and do something with it. It is also loaded with sexual attraction energy.
  • 204. Attract Beautiful Women Everywhere I go. Tones of Women and Women Groups anywhere and fall in love or attract sex.

    – this is also about balancing Yin and Yang Energies by meeting women who lead to sexual health

    – meeting and seeing plenty of beautiful women everywhere

    – not being intimidated by women

    – Relationships’s Beginner – the synchronization in time and space that leads to meeting and establish relationships with women: effortlessly.

    – being beloved and popular with women

  • 210. Small Talk (Fluff Talk) and Flirting Talk
  • 205. Mastery of Conversation

    – Assertive talk

    – ability to speak with everyone on their level

    – always know what to say

    – knowing when not to say anything

    – keep some secret and not tell everything

    – not saying everything to people we don’t know

    – humorous replies to strangers

    – ability to laugh off

    – art of argumentation

    – no fear about speaking to strangers

    – right tonality

    – being verbal, not making promises to the wind

  • 110. Women Approach Me ULTRA-transform inner game into squared game for making women approach the user, -being more open / being approachable by women, -creating aura of mystery and energy that is desired by women, -basic mastery of communication and conversation, – but mostly make women approach me
  • 80. Make women around me horny – this one is creating low-volume MP3 that the user will play through his MP3 player or smartphones/iPhone through its speakers, and it will through this energy field make a girl becoming horny, during the date, or while talking to them, optionally it makes all women around horny. It would be difficult to affect them in another way then via my energy field, so the way is: „iPhone/smartphone/Bluetooth”’s speakers → my energy field → their energy field – also it does not affect me – but mostly them 🙂
  • 126. Extreme Killer (Spiritual) Confidence with women: Remove tongue-tied regarding women’s beauty.-this one is about removing the feeling of tongue-tied – actually, many men get tongue-tied when looking at good-looking women and get into shy states.The idea is to remove this kind of behavior and turn it into like our soul sees particular beautiful girl, and even the user will approach her, our soul looks directly at your heart, not how’s she looking. It optionally can strengthen the connection between user (consciousness) and his soul to being as pure and funny, clean as our soul – and to not being intimidated by any smoking hot women – it learning to connect with own soul and act with an open mind (like children) – but finally, it is about to remove feeling of tongue-tied and intimidation in front of absolute hot women, and being able to communicate with them as naturally as with our best friends. It is also about being myself as free and enjoy as my soul, not limited by the matter and my negative mind’s beliefs – children tend to show this, as they are so free and open-minded. Like bring forth my real me from the inside – so any woman, even most beautiful will not mess my confidence, as well no real life situation will not scary me, or so. Its superb confidence based upon getting access to my soul. Optionally, it can be a slight connection with a Guardian Angel to keep it more safe. Actually when I wake up in the morning, my soul speaks to me „don’t drink coffee” and I usually do, it’s an evident witness that my soul has different opinion on many things than my (consciousness). In Enki’s terminology, it goes like that: 1.Body, matter, consciousness = me. 2.Soul, the Being that lives in the body. 3.Guardian Angel. 4.Spiritual Guide. 5.Optionally: Spiritual Guardian. 6.Optionally: Spiritual Teacher. It would be good to connect with all these above to receive killer confidence (indeed not limited by the matter, and mind’s beliefs. Enki said something like that mind is between 1 and 2. Between me and my soul.
  • 102. Ultimate Legendary Attention – next-level game – with inner deep game. Ability to hide attention, manipulate own attention, attention/energy games (where attention goes their energy is going). Control own attention by will-power and elements of tai-chi/chi-kung. It can be useful for seduction, making women approach the user, as well in direct or internet sales, dealing with people, martial arts, and many other applications, chi kung, etc.
  • 134. Extraordinary Luck – in everything, great synchronizations, all things going my way, and extreme luck, in both Love, and Wealth, relationships, social interaction. Furthermore, with the function of making/accomplish all things with ease and without any problems. Everything goes well for me on all levels, along with amazing LUCK.
  • 46. No fear with women – release all fears, anxieties, wrong beliefs, energies, attachments, related to women – for being very confident around them, remove guilt related to women in men. Remove guilt, feeling of guilty and fear regarding women. Healing mind-set about women, seduction, and sex. Being confident no matter what. It’s mostly about removing sexual guilt.
  • 52. Manifest Your Wildest Sex Desires – with chosen sigils (up to 9) and with pics of girls (up to 5) but it can also be 5 sigils and 9 pics of women – the idea here is to experience like real sex experience with chosen targets, it doesn’t need to lead to orgasm, but with all vivid visualizations, images, feelings, sexual orgasmic feelings, – and finally giving sexual fulfillment, and more sexual confident. This one no necessary needs to manifesting it in real physical life – more for experience great things, with great babes, and yes, it has the same thing as RealSexProject777, other women may unconsciously sense that this man (user) had sex with many women, and that way it would accelerate his chances or for getting laid, or for getting new girlfriend, or just giving him more of high social status and respect both from men and women.
  • 11. Orgasmic Healing – for healing sexual organs from all possible infection energetic and physical, for super sex health, with orgasmic energy. Orgasmic Healing Energy (Release deep negative emotions, attachments, related to sex and illness) Ultimate Bliss – this one is for Sexual Healing through orgasmic energy, to release many negative things related to sexuality, sex, relationships, – and it can also be part of feeling bliss, connection to Source. Furthermore, type of healing of sexual organs, and releasing them from all negativity, attachments, other {!!!} people’s energies & consciousness parts, and finally for releasing negative sex-related things from the target’s mind.
  • 69. Yahweh (Orgasmic Healing, version 2). Deep states of orgasmic healing. Joining in the Unity for men with perfect femine, for deep root orgasmic and sex spheres healing. Moreover, dynamic.
  • 94. Yahweh, Sexual Satisfaction & Excitement. General excitement vs. Motivation. Seeing possibilities and fire up motivation to achieve goals. Become master of own motivations. Mix of sexual excitement and general excitement that leads to run into activities – it also attracts/affect different parts of the brain, and is related to excited motivation, willingly achieving something, with easy, effortlessly, also with kind of removing or not seeing worrying, complaining, etc.
  • 54. Deep sexual trance – release negative beliefs, emotions (Designed for deep delta or theta brainwaves, especially) sexual clearing, sexual karma clearing – and install positive attitude towards life, girls, seduction, joy. And this one will also build upon up to 9 sigils, usually less, and some pictures of women up to 5, and its main purpose is to clear the user, giving him deep profound, sexual/virtual sex experience, vivid images and motions, sounds via heart (but all these sigils only via heart these sounds, to avoid mind’s chatter, mind chatter, which are bad and can lead to depression, physical illness), feelings, etc. – and it’s all for giving deep clearing, sense of freedom, sense of control of own-self, sense of power, joy, superb positive experience.
  • 149. Angelic Charm (according to Angelic Charm, its bring: max (massive) sales, great wealth attraction, and great female attraction, general attraction of everything good).
  • 165. Remove Anxiety, social phobia, enjoy people. Remove blockages or fear related to isolation. Become more social and not fear people. And attract positive people on my way.
    – remove social phobia
    – remove social anxiety and anxiety in general
    – feel good while being outside
    – remove isolation
    – remove fear of getting outside
    – radiate positive vibes
    – attract positive people on my way
  • 42. Approach Women and Talk to them easily – Liquid Self Confidence with Women – releasing all blocks related for example to fear of rejection, etc and give motivation mind-set to freely approach women and freely talk to them. With elements of flirting. Also giving attitude that men do not seek for instant sex, and just keep positive, open-minded, flirting, joking, not serious, loose, fluffy talk. (so definitely release blockages in the 5th Throat chakra). Unpredictable. Additional background idea (second layer): And yes, it also removed fear of rejection – in this way it would be good if this somehow putting on the first place the user, so giving him strong sense of identity, strong personality, and also the ability to not taking himself so serious, so able to be flirtatious, free-minded, like Jesus said: „be like those children” which he means: be free, be centered with your heart, not follow by your mind limitations, or at least I think there is something in that once user overcome his mental/mind limitation and start be spontaneous as his heart is, he can talk, joke, and have fun – like all those fears of rejections, other negative states goes from mind, negative mental talk, etc.
  • 44. Master Visualization Skills – And the idea here is like – if this will be used itself (so 1 sigil, only this sigil in creation) it will boost visualization skills, especially control over visualization, ability to visualization, conscious visualization, and remove bad flashes of bad visualization, bad negative mind projections-visualizations, ability to create vivid detailed visualizations, only the positive ones, – and secondly – if this will be used with other sigils/energies – like for money or sex, or health, it will be something like guided visualization of positive images, scenes over which user has control, or can create them by his own good and highest good, will-power. So, if used with for example with money sigils – it will show him in 3rd eye in form of visualization positive vivid money attraction visualizations, for his highest good, if with attraction sigils, it will show something around women and sexuality. Important is that there is variety of sigils/energies for attraction/sex, so each one will show something different. And lastly, it reacts somehow to the soundtrack, so if there will be guided visualization, it will boost, and literally create like real-life-experience, and visualization is mighty, so rapid manifestation can happen for end user. Important is that the user has control over his visualizations by his will power, and they are always positive. For example: If there is used sigil for visualization, and some sigils of stress-dissolution, chakra balance, immortality, orgasmic healing and some pictures like Buddha, wild forests – the final visualization for client will be creating vivid journey dictated by his background and guided by these energies – and finally manifested in his life – as less stress, chakra balance, more health and maybe something about Buddhism and nature And if above will be built upon voice track, the mix could be even more interesting.

Up To Your Neck in Women?

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MLF da BABE 3.0

MLF da Babe 3.0 is now out ! Charged with cutting edge NLP, DHE and now metaphysical reinforcement.

Create the “Babes want ME bad” mindset

A Five Star creation that began at MindList

| Magick Subliminal Programming | DHE | NLP | Hypnosis | NLS | Embeded Love Spells |

She wants you. She just doesn’t know it yet.

Would you like to know how to attract women?

Have you always found yourself on the short end of the stick with respect to “dating” and meeting women ?

This revolutionary MP3s is precision-engineered to install in your unconscious a magnetic attraction to you by women GUARANTEED.


It re-programs your mind at the identity level to throw away the “loser” in you and accept a new YOU. A radically different design, an infinitely superior “latest model” of you. A YOU that is infinitely more powerful and successful with women. You will learn how to attract women tonight. It uses cutting-edge Hypnosis, NLPtm, DHEtm and Creative Visualization technologies to totally transform you into a man that women adore.

Along with the changes that you experience as you use MLF da Babe come certain pleasant side-effects. The Creative Visualization portion of the program triggers Causal Engineering forces which creates opportunities for you to meet women, or more accurately, for women to meet YOU. Users of the public-domain MLF da Babe report happy coincidences such as old-time lovers suddenly calling from out of the blue, women checking them out increasingly, bumping into an old love interest, being “hit on” by women and the list is endless. Fantastic as it may seem, you will attract women now. Right now!

Check out these testimonials about Previous Version of MLF da Babe 2.0. While I refrain from fully disclosing the names of the authors upon their request, full copies of their posts appear on the mindlist egroup archives at – can you imagine that Version 3.0 is far far better – and how could looks testimonial to current versions?

On 7/28/05 I got a letter &check from my mortgage co.for overpaid escrowmoney of several hundred dollars. I knew I had this money coming to me, but it would of been such a pain in the ass to go through the process of getting it. These two soundtracks are the best thing I’ve ever used dealing with these subjects. I ‘ve tried tons of stuff. The Babe soundtrack is scary how damn good it is. The money one builds an instant wealth consciousness; something I’ve been trying to attain for years,but failed to do.Thanks.



PS5 works so fast. I don’t use it for seduction, just for enhancing my relationships.In my field of sales, it’s INVALUABLE. I can calm irate people down in a snap.

I’m not sure if the CDs can replace it all together. What if you were stuck on a desert island with no power and a lot of members of the opposite sex? Manual mental power can come in very handy!

My brother swears by MLF da Babe and Instant Charisma. MLF da Babe in particular, is so good, he feels like a God in 30 minutes. He says it’s the best thing next to Hungarian Sausage cooked extra spicy.

Coming from him, THAT’S HIGH PRAISE!



I’ve used Jobette’s MLF Da Babe and MLF Da Money recently…quite a few interesting occurences that I believe can only be as a direct result of using these patterns. I didn’t know there where multiple versions of Da Babe…don’t know which one I was using. I also didn’t know that it contained DHE tools….but who cares…its working…..




Hey Reddog!

Considering MLF, I’m a member of the “What the fuck just happened” club. I don’t know what triggers these effects in women that makes them approach me. The ladies involved are all very confident but they just don’t know anything about the art of the approach (that’s our job) so all they do is either present themselves to me asking or saying something completely irrelevant. For example: asking if I know such-and-such and then waiting for me to carry the conversation. In the extreme case I’ve had women (complete strangers) starting kissing me without a word. Now should I credit this to my looks or..

I could tell you of certain occassions but I believe they would give little insight since I really don’t do anything consciously to “magnetize” them.

Jacob W.


Well, I want to take you back to that point one more time… I (dubiously) tried out Jobet’s new MLF da Babe script, not expecting much if anything.

I have since noticed the following results

(1) Almost exactly 12 hours after using the induction, this hot young coed who I have been casually chatting with (not even TRYING to seduce her…) called me, saying how excited she was that she was coming to Seattle this weekend (back to school) and that she had all these plans for fun stuff we can do here.

[Oh, I’ve got plans for about one fun thing we can do…nyahah!] She said she was making popcorn balls and just thought of me. I, personally, count that as her unconscious mind telling me

she wants to gobble down a little sumthin’ else, but, who knows…

But, anyway, this girl had never called me before and I certainly did not have expect it. I can only attribute this to MLF.

(2) On Monday, after having listened to the induction twice, I was walking to lunch with one of my buddies and three kind of cute (OK, so, the one was cute and the other two were dogs…) women were walking out of the cafeteria going the other way. One of them looked back and made eye contact with me. She apparently

checked me out a bit more than normal because she tripped and would have fallen on her face if her two friends hadn’t caught

her. I realized that MLF was again at work…

(3) Today, I was walking out of my building and saw that there was a new receptionist. She was talking to some guy who was explaining something to her. I looked over as I walked by

and she stopped talking mid-sentence as she tracked me going past. Just as the outside door closed behind me, I heard her say, “So, then (blah) (blah)” and continue on with what she

was saying. I laughed my way out to my car. Damn, that MLF is cool.

I should have prefaced these cases by saying that I’m decent looking, but this kind of thing just doesn’t normally happen to


Jon N.


(referring to MLF da Babe) It has continued to work for me in several rather surprising ways… I decided not to worry about dating and to instead work on my own self-development… Financial and Spiritual. My life is happier. And I have a very easy time meeting… talking with… and enjoying being with women of all ages. It seems as though women from teenagers to sixty want to talk with me and to be around me. I have many more wonderful relationships with both women and men. My leadership potential is much higher, and the ladies like that…keep up the good work.

Robert Vo**


Coincidence or Causal Engineering ?

As you read through the testimonials of happy users of MLF da Babe, you might wonder “is this all coincidence ?”

It would have been, if it only happened to one or two people. But for many people to experience relatively the same effects and results and attribute it to MLF da Babe, this can only be PROOF of a certain causality at work. And not just CAUSALITY, it’s SYNCHRONICITY!!! Attracting women has never been this simple.

The Ultimate Cure for Datelessness? As the author of MLF da Babetm, I wish I could label it as the ultimate cure for datelessness or the all-powerful remedy to sexual starvation. However, having a combined education in Engineering, Business, Seduction and Psychic Manifestation and still wanting to maintain an objective and analytical frame of mind, I just have to offer the caveat that this is not necessarily the case. We live in a world with people who follow rules. Women may have been trained since birth to not get on their knees when they feel a magnetic attraction to a man. They may still have the notion that men ought to chase them, give them gifts, flowers and chocolates, just like the way their moms and dads did “in the old days”. Even in the movies, James Bond has to receive lots of flak from women before his charm totally kicks in and he would eventually “get lucky”. Like it or not, we have to move in a pre-set environment and need to recognize and operate within the paradigm of the women we seduce, at least on the outset. Thus, a solid set of seduction skills to overcome pre-fabricated inhibitions would be a great complement to MLF da Babe. This program makes you attract women automaticallyTherefore, MLF da Babetm, while it programs your mind to be ultimately charming and seductive as it attracts women in, is still best used used in conjunction with “trench warfare skills” such as Speed Seduction TM and Mystery Sex Magic TM techniques for a totally devastating effect. Think about this. Sure they feel magnetically attracted to you. But will they have sex with you? Not necessarily, specially if you do something real stupid in a woman’s eyes, no matter how charming you become, they just won’t buy it. But now, you will discover how to hardwire the traits that attract women to you instantly.Think about what it would be like to attract beautiful women at the blink of an eye. You will be much more powerfully enriched by something that gives you an intimate understanding of the female psyche. So even as you acquire an awesome tool to put at your disposal in MLF da Babe, being equipped with “trench tools” would make you an unbeatable seducer. MLF da Babe is the magical fish caller which draws swarms and schools of fish in to within trapping distance of your boat, while SS and MSM are the nets lowered into the water to actually catch these huge numbers of fish. MLF da Babe creates a powerful, irresistible temptation. You will still need to turn that temptation into consummation ! And that’s where SSTM and MSMTM come in. Thus MLF da Babe is a perfect complement to SSTM and MSMTM technologies. Together, these three technologies form a powerful system which makes you totally powerful in meeting, dating and becoming intimate with women.Power with women ! Guaranteed!Definitely. You can attract women now. We at Meta-Mind have received far too many testimonials, far too much proof that this system works that we are willing to give a 30-day risk-free guarantee ! Use MLF da Babe 2.0 as instructed in the manual, or better still, every night for a fortnight. By the end of the listening period, you will notice that you feel much more comfortable around women and will have developed a supercharged attitude with them. After experiencing the power that MLF da Babe 2.0 gives you, we are quite certain you will want to keep MLF da Babe 2.0 in your home so that you can recharge every month. In time, you will not need to listen to MLF da Babe 2.0 any more as the programming eventually becomes permanent for life…and you will keep it as a milestone memento to remind you of the turning point of your life…with regard to women. Does this sound too good to be true ? ORDER NOW. MLF da Babe comes with an instruction manual, that also includes research and development notes and some visualization diagrams to fully assist you in your transformation into a new, infinitely more charming and magnetic you. The magic of attracting women is in your hands.

Up To Your Nose in Women?

If Not, You need This.

This fine enhancement will take your MLF da Babe 2.0 change experience to the next quantum level.

This much power for a small investment!!

She wants you. She just doesn’t know it yet.

Would you like to know how to attract women?

FAQ about MLF da Babe 3.0

1). Does the MLF Da Babe audios work on all women? e.g. mother, sister, aunts, etc

Seems to me all women are all women, how would it affect a person with in- laws, or they friend girlfriends/wife’s?

2). Could you please elaborate a bit on the spells you mentioned? Are they just subliminal or do you have to chant?

The Creator of MLF da Babe 3.0 replied:

1). Unfortunately, or fortunately, there is no segregation on “women”. So yeah, in theory it can attract your sister in laws. I trust that society will have installed internal “taboos” to prevent you from making love to your mother hahahaha. Okay that was foul. Eywww. Friends wife…no distinction. No distinction whatsoever.

2). The spells included in MLF da Babe 3 are Poder, gencharm and supercharm, with a smattering of other shorter chants. They are embedded in the subliminals track both in the highband and low band subliminals.

Jobet – the creator of MLF da Babe 3.0 said:

As for whether MLF da Babe 3.0 is out, yes it’s finished and has an even more potent and potentially dangerous variant, MLF da Babe 3.0 ES (extra strength).

The ES version is for “stubborn” clients and it is prescription strength. It includes certain spells that make holes in the client’s aura. Sort of an astral “hear me” spell which is used to issue remote psychic commands. Not recommended for everyone.


MLF da Babe 3.0 – Extra Strength:

Description of ES Version:

It carries the caveat that it bores a hole in the auric shield of a person so that the spells and suggestions quickly go in.

The version for maniacs – very powerful, fast and effective !!


File included:\

Regular one:

  • MLFdaBabe3finES(SMF_Remix).mp3
Regular one—you can listen via (headphones, earphones), speakers (most recommended) OR using as Audio Talismans.

All the above “Regular” are charged up to:

  • 2x, 4x, 8x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 80x, 100x

  • 10x, 20x, 40x, 80x, 100x, 200x, 400x, 800x, 1000x, 2000x, 4000x, 8000x, 10,000x, 20,000x, 40,000x, 80,000x, 100,000x.

  • M2x, M4x, M8x, M10x.

  • M12x, M14x, M18x, M20x.

  • M22x, M24x, M28x, M30x.

    Different “x” power / strength versions was implemented to accustom the power to each of you.
    As you know each person has their own, individual level of sensitiveness about what recording is powerful or less powerful.
    For example, one person keeps listening to a file at 100x and doesn’t use 500x. While someone else prefers 20,000x.
    And yes, each file is at the same time an audio talisman.
    Most powerful in terms of the amount of energy is the M30x.
    (M1x = 100,000x x 10 = 1,000,000)
    (M2x = 1,000,000 x 10 = 10,000,000) and so on.
    M10x = 10,000,000,000,000,000x
    M30x = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000x
    These values are estimated and may vary between different products.)

To make it works – listen to it in “loop” mode (repeat 1 song) for about 1–2 hours per day regularly.

Each file is at the same time:

  • MP3 for listening via (headphones, earphones) speakers are most recommended (it contains guided visualization; therefore most optimally is using it before sleep and after wake up).

  • AT (Audio Talisman) for use on any drive like microSD cards, phone’s memory, or just pen-drive (stick).

The desired period of using is at least 14–30 days.

Please consider using it wisely and only on your responsibility. Never use it as a Toy. Do not overpower or stress out yourself. Remember about grounding. Drink a lot of water. Do not dehydrate yourself as an effect of too much energy. 

Read our Listening Agreement before using these files, and optionally check our FAQ articles.

Files are copyrighted and works well for you and your blood relatives.

After purchase, you can find download links within the PDF files.