Gabriel’s Cloak

Permanent High Ennochian Spell

Gabriel’s Cloak- 3X intuition of what people thinks of you, permanent clarity of mind, maximizes chances of pregnancy, deep grasp of what you should do, where you should be and how to find your way to true calling, lead relationships.

Gabriel’s Cloak is a Permanent High Ennochian Spells whose power is similar to standard Xisigil.

Archangel Gabriel is one of the most gentle and human – understanding Archangels. His name is one of the most famous angelic names among people, even among people who are not involved in spherical magic. It is i.a. the merit of the greatest religions, which in their holy books describe the events during which Archangel Gabriel helped people. Both the Bible and the Koran mention him, in religious traditions, he appears primarily as a messenger of God to people, but also as a herald of new ones.

Of course, it also occupies an important place in Kabbalah, or living science describing the structure of the kingdom of heaven—it governs the 9th sphere, Yesod, and is also described in the Tree of Life. The energy of this Archangel is extremely gentle and lunar. The color of his vibrations is white, crystal, sometimes silver, it can also happen to someone in copper. The house of stellar and planetary energies governed by the Moon can therefore be asked to help harmonize or complement the alchemical moon within us.

On the altar, he is recalled as collaborating with the element of air in the west. Following this path, when we want to get along with the element of air in us, and therefore tame or understand our thoughts, it is worth asking Archangel Gabriel for help. Gabriel also supports communication, so if we have any difficulties in this matter, we can ask him to show them to us and to help us overcome them. It also helps people convey messages and ideas: writers, journalists, artists, teachers. In developing the issues of thought and communication, he is an Angel who understands and can communicate with us using the language code (talk). It is natural for him. Therefore, it can explain to us directions from other Angels or help us understand our Old Knowledge.

It is enough to ask it to be shown to us in a language code (words) that we understand now. It is easy to communicate with him and receive answers and directions. If someone is not experienced in communicating with symbols, it is definitely worth reaching out to Gabriel. This angel also looks after the children. It can help us in relations with them, support us in taking care of them, regardless of whether it is our child or not. It will also help with adoption matters. And if there are any difficulties on the parent-child or other intergenerational line, his support will also be invaluable.

Gabriel is the Angel of birth, but also of new beginnings, of renewal, which is why he is also called “the great awakening”. This power is essential to those who are trying hard to get pregnant because with his help, your chances are maximized. Gabriel is very caring. If the action intrigued in the ritual is to be gentle, Gabriel will be the appropriate Archangel to graduate it. He understands human limitations, how we function, what, we think, is positive and what is negative. In addition, you can negotiate with him, he is not very categorical, but understanding and kind. He leads the White Ray Angels and cooperates with the Archaii of Hope. White color is also purity, harmony, it can also mean purification, new opportunities.

Archangel Gabriel will show you the way if you understand correctly the signs he is sending. You can discover your true calling, the place where you are now and the place you should be, will guide you to that point and surround you with the protection of a “mantle”. Thanks to this, you can look deep inside yourself, understand yourself: your hidden desires, real needs and the right path of action; what to do, how to behave to achieve your goals, inner happiness and peace of mind. All of this will strengthen your interpersonal relationships, help you spot those who wish you ill and want to take advantage of you.

After rejecting fake people, it will be easier for you to find a soul mate. It can be a friend or partner for life, your chakras will be cleared, your mind will be silenced, and your aura will take on a positive vibe. The enlightenment that will come upon you will permanently maintain the clarity of your mind. The quality of your work will improve, your creativity will return, it will be easier for you to focus and make the best possible decisions. Your work will be praised, your choices will ensure the best possible future for you and your family.

Clarity of mind will sharpen your intuition many times; it will be easier for you to predict the actions of others, their ideas, and decisions, as well as your enemies, which may help you overcome them or distance them from your life or family. Knowing what others are thinking; especially about your person, you will know what to say, what to do in their direction to avoid unnecessary arguments and know whom to avoid, who you can trust, who is good and who is bad.

Imagine how your life can be with all these elements, how calm and safe you can be. It is easy to start a family, be sure that you are with the love of your life; to know whom to trust, whom to avoid, who is your friend and who pretends to be your friend, to be internally balanced and to live with peace in your soul. You can fall asleep every day being calm about yourself and your future because the archangel Gabriel watches over you, you are surrounded by his protective “cloak” acting like a shield. He will guide you through life as if he were holding your hand; imperceptible.

What life’s benefits can you expect?

  • 3X intuition of what people think of you
  • permanent clarity of mind
  • maximizes chances of pregnancy
  • deep grasp of what you should do
  • where you should be and how to find your way to true calling
  • how lead relationships

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Permanent High Ennochian Spell is delivered as a digital image/video (formats: JPG/PNG/MP4) programmed to perform a simple ritual to finally achieve certain goals – for which this particular chosen Spell has been is pre-programmed. It is made upon order and is personalized. For creation, your picture, and name are required. We can’t establish energetic connection without picture and name. Delivery via email or via Etsy’s messages.

After receiving, you have to follow simple instructions to complete the ritual. Once it’s done; the spell is permanent. You can repeat the ritual, but it’s not necessary.

High Ennochian Permanent Spells power is closed to 3/4 Standard XSigil (estimated. comparable strength to SMF/HT4Y MP3s varies between 2000x up to 8000x).

Here is full list of all available High Ennochian Spells:

Time of creation takes between 12 up to 30 days. Usually earlier, just some titles require more empowerment and may take a bit long – due to complexity.