500x Theta Hypnosis Video

Healthy Hips and Legs

Apply to all sexes

Empowered with Silent Bliss Engine 25000 VX
in Remove and Achieve Mode
(remove negative beliefs about something to finally achieve it).

Affirmations within:

  • You are strong and healthy.
  • Your hips are strong and healthy.
  • Your pelvis is strong and healthy.
  • Your legs are strong and healthy.
  • Your muscles recover quickly.
  • Energy circulates in your body properly.
  • You are in perfect energy balance.

Four Energies imprinted within:

243. Destroy Frustration and Transmute to Unconditional Love

– destroy frustration
– destroy procrastination
– destroy self-sabotage
– hidden anger, resentment
– Pretensions
blaming others for my fate, etc.
224. Destroy General Negative Beliefs and make mind free
95. Yahweh Immortality and Anti-aging, activate the DNA code responsible for longevity and body self-repair mechanisms. Being always Young (it would also be related to sexuality, as I guess 😉 To have fresh mind, being brilliant, etc.

199. Release all energy blockages in lower chakras and minor meridians, and remove all unwanted beliefs related to these blockages from the mind/body/consciousness.

Version hosted on YouTube is free, however, without imprinted energies


The video includes BRAINWAVES (binaural beats) and is eye active (people who are photo-sensitive should not be using it). For best results, watch it in relaxed position.

Regular one—you can listen (& watch) via (headphones, earphones), speakers (most recommended) OR using as Audio Talismans.
To make it works – listen to it in “loop” mode (repeat 1 song) for about 1–2 hours per day regularly.
Each file is at the same time:
  • Video for listening (& watching) via (headphones, earphones) speakers are most recommended
  • AT (Audio Talisman) for use on any drive like microSD cards, phone’s memory, or just pen-drive (stick).
The desired period of using is at least 14–30 days.
Please consider using it wisely and only on your responsibility. Never use it as a Toy. Do not overpower or stress out yourself. Remember about grounding. Drink a lot of water. Do not dehydrate yourself as an effect of too much energy.
Read our Listening Agreement before using these files, and optionally check our FAQ articles.
Files are copyrighted and works well for you and your blood relatives.
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