I did 2nd MP3/AT while being in the woods – It’s for Health and empowered with God’s Energy. It catch the environmental energies from the Stone Circle (about 120 degrees in Bovis scale), therefore energy output will be very fascinating as well.

It includes nature sounds recorded near the place of recording.

It’s done with Bliss Engine v.9 in Remove and Achieve Mode (remove negative beliefs about something and finally achieve it)

SC is the place marker, translated means: Stone Circle.

Chi Suggestions are very focused:

  • I am strong, healthy
  • My body is strong and healthy
  • My body regenerates very quickly.
  • I am young and powerful.

There are few audio spells (imprinted energies):

95. Yahweh Immortality and Anti-aging, activate the DNA code responsible for longevity and body self-repair mechanisms. Being always Young (it would also be related to sexuality, as I guess 😉 To have fresh mind, being brilliant, etc.

160. Flexibility Power and Anti-Aging Mind of Teenager

– refresh mind and adapt to current life’s situation to overcome all circumstances
– flexible mind of teenager
– ability to learn fast for get the power of current situations
– being always young, flexible
– find solution to any difficult situation
– adapt to any circumstances with ease (job, life, friends, family)
– Built-in power of winning any situation on all planes (physical, mental, spiritual, psi).
– accelerated faith in own abilities

231. Destroy Bad Habits & Removal

168. Relax muscles and bring bliss state.
– relax muscles, release tension
– remove pain in muscles or tissues
– relax, relax, relax
– bring infinite bliss and pleasure state, mental and physical vacations
– release tension and bring relaxation
– remove root causes of being uptight, nervous
This one is around healing and also removing stress, tension, uptight.

227. The Ultimate mastery of myself

– I understand myself much better

– I am receiving insights on how to live a better life

– I know myself better

– I understand everything about myself

– I know my good and bad sides

– I take care of myself more

– overcome inner problems

– mental clarity, understating myself on each level, my needs, my likes, and dislikes

It is also about growing up and taking control over myself.

– take care of cleansing own mind from dark, rubbish regularly

– take care of improving these things which shine, which are good

244. Life’s saving Mudra (micro-cosmic)

More information: https://www.healthyfoodhouse.com/life-saving-mudras-this-simple-healing-touch-can-really-save-your-life/

244-2. Healthy Heart and Cardio

238. Healthy blood pressure, perfect blood pressure rate

To make it works – listen to it in “loop” mode (repeat 1 song) for about 1–2 hours per day regularly.

Each file is at the same time:

  • MP3 for listening via (headphones, earphones) speakers are most recommended
  • AT (Audio Talisman) for use on any drive like microSD cards, phone’s memory, or just pen-drive (stick).

The desired period of using is at least 14–30 days.

Please consider using it wisely and only on your responsibility. Never use it as a Toy. Do not overpower or stress out yourself. Remember about grounding. Drink a lot of water. Do not dehydrate yourself as an effect of too much energy.

Read our Listening Agreement before using these files, and optionally check our FAQ articles.

Files are copyrighted and works well for you and your blood relatives.




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