Creating Rapport For Instant Seduction

Creating Rapport For Instant Seduction…

Dating, while enjoyable at times, can sometimes be one of the most stressful things in your life. Things like figuring out how to meet women, then how to ask one out on a date, and then how to make it through the awkward first while ensuring that there is a second, third, and so on, can be exhausting! To make matters even worse, if you’ve experienced some hardships in the dating game before, you may find yourself frustrated to try again. However, you must remember that a good relationship will never just fall into your lap – you have to work for it, and if you have the right tools and knowledge, the work won’t be as challenging as in the past.

When talking to women, you can try every tip and technique in the book, but if you don’t have a good rapport with someone, none of them will work. So, you need to learn how to make a solid first impression with every woman you meet, so that when the time for dating comes, you won’t be falling apart.

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First Impression

Whether you want to accept it or not, a first impression will have long-lasting effects on a women, and it’s your goal to make sure those effects are positive ones.

So now, you may be wondering how to make a good first impression. Well, the first and most important thing to know is that confidence is key. When a confident man approaches a woman, she will immediately take notice of him, and that is what makes a first impression a positive one. Even if you don’t feel confident around a woman, which is understandable, you need to fake it and make her believe that it’s there.

Paying Attention

Now that you have the first impression down, you need to know that it will only get you so far. The next step for you in the building of a rapport with a woman is to prove to her that you can be attentive and interested in her. Remember that this doesn’t just mean listening to what a woman says; it also means making her know that you are interested in what she has to say, and being engaged in the conversation. Overall, the goal is to make the woman you are connecting with feel like you a genuinely interested in establishing a meaningful connection.

Body Language

The last, but arguably most important, technique to building a solid rapport with women is the use the right body language to your advantage. It is important that you stay aware of what your body language is presenting to the person with you, so keep a few things in mind. Frist, try to keep an open position – crossing your arms creates an off-putting demeanor. Also, try to get close to the women you are interested in without making the women feel like she is trapped or being forced to talk to you – there’s nothing intimate about a forced conversation.

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