How ‘Stimulation Awareness’ Can Help You To Last Longer In Bed

I’d like you to imagine you’re an athlete whose specialty is running the 1000 meter race. Your goal is to run or jog around the 1000 meter track in the shortest amount of time possible.

Simple enough, you’d think. Just run as fast as you can. But that’s not how it works. If you were to sprint at your maximum speed as soon as the starting gun sounded, you’d soon be so drained that finishing off the rest of the 1000 m would be impossible.

The real way to do the run is to pace yourself and be acutely aware of how tired you are and how strained your body is getting at each point in the race. By having this heightened awareness of what’s going on in your body, you are able to configure your speed to an extremely fine degree, optimising it as you go.

Now, the subject of this article is not how to run well. It is, as the title suggests, how to last longer in bed. The reason I just described the running of a race is because the same principle applies to when you have sex. If you aren’t absolutely aware of the sensations in your body, you will find it impossible to configure your performance and make it last longer. Here’s how to develop this awareness.

Set aside half an hour when you know you can relax, undisturbed.

Arouse yourself until you are erect using whatever method works for you.

Now start to masturbate at a medium speed. As soon as you start, pay attention to where on your penis you are feeling the sensations of pleasure.

Begin to pick up speed and increase grip strength. Focus on how the sensations of pleasure change, both in their location and their intensity.

Spend about five minutes varying the speed and technique you use. During this time, pay close attention to the feelings you’re experiencing. You should notice that, as you continue to masturbate, there will be a growing sense of pleasure in the head of your penis and down at the base, on the topside. Feel how this begins to increase and become more noticeable as you continue.

Now get the point of almost climaxing and try to detect exactly how it feels. Notice every wave of pleasure, where it starts, how long it lasts…every little detail.

Keep on the edge of coming for as long as it takes to experience all of the changes in sensation and stimulation you can. Then come and see how the feelings subside.

This kind of experiment builds your understanding and awareness of what the sensations in your penis are as you get aroused and how they change as you get closer to your climax. This is crucial knowledge when attempting to improve your sexual stamina, because when you have sex, you will know what every little feeling in your penis means at any given time in regards to how close to coming you are. You’re then free to slow down, speed up, change positions, or do whatever is right to avoid climaxing too early and continue having sex with your partner.
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