How To Find Girls on Facebook (NOT UGLY ONES)

Finding girls on Facebook is an easy task.

Do you really think so? Just give it a try. Almost 90 percent of the ladies will turn down your friendship requests. This happens simply because too many men are looking for romantic opportunities in the social network.

I will lie to you if I tell you that the task of finding a girl on Facebook is impossible, as well. The right approach and the information that you share with others will help you impress a lovely lady that may even be interested in having a date with you in the future.

As a person who has tried numerous different strategies, I can let you know that specific terrible mistakes minimize your chances of success. If you are looking for information on how to find girls on Facebook, you should just keep on reading.

Use the Right Criteria

Facebook has one very useful feature … the people search. You can use it to discover girls on the basis of interests or geographic location. The right search criteria will provide you with information solely about the ladies you are interested in.

Refrain from utilizing shallow and superficial criteria. A geographic search is the best one because you will actually get a chance to meet the lady that interests you.

Go through the profiles of the girls that the people search returns. Remember that it is important to look at the entire profile rather than just the Facebook photo. Many Facebook users are actually using somebody else’s photo or an image that is highly edited. If she looks like an underwear model, she is probably not.

Refrain from Befriending Anything Female on Facebook

Going after all the hot girls on Facebook is very wrong.

The first thing that can happen to you is getting penalized and having your Facebook profile deleted. The social network’s algorithm will actually take in consideration the fact that you are sending friendship request to girls alone. This kind of behavior is in direct violation of Facebook policies.

In addition, a girl that befriends you will soon find out that you have 1000 Facebook friends, most of them female and most of them good-looking. She will easily understand that you have no serious intentions towards her.

If you want to know how to find girls on Facebook, you should understand the fact that a small number of friendship requests will actually work better than carrying out independent communication with dozens of girls.

Leave Dirty Talk for Later On

Many men are instantly heading in the direction of dirty talk on Facebook. I have never done it simply because I know how much it annoys women. Although it sounds like something commonsense to do, many people are too eager to go in a sexual direction, which will instantly lead to ladies blocking and reporting their Facebook profiles.

Even if you are interested in a casual flirt or a one night stand, you will have to put some effort in the process.

Take your time and get to know her better. This is the only way to find out whether she is interested in dirty talk and whether she feels comfortable about it. Trying to make it happen in another way is simply meaning that you are pushing your luck.

Be Honest!

Chances are that your appearance is different from Mr. Olympia’s. This is ok. If you want to find girls on Facebook, you will have to be very honest and open about yourself in your profile.

Most girls will instantly recognize manipulative information. There is no need for you to hide shortcomings. You are just a human being and nobody is expecting you to be perfect. Upload a regular photo and list your interests, even if you think that some of them are stupid. You will be surprised to find out that a big number of people, including girls, share the same interests.

Finding girls on Facebook will have you working on your profile and your communication skills. Although you will have to think about it, the process is truly enjoyable. It will provide you with the unique chance to make some new friends and who knows … maybe to even discover the love of your life? New technologies have expanded enormously our socialization opportunities. Use Facebook to your advantage but do it in a tasteful and intelligent manner.
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