When the full magnetic rapport of Karezza has been realized, in which the two souls and bodies seem as one, supported and floating on some divine stream in Paradise, all sense of restraint and difficulty gone, and succeeded by a heavenly ease, power, exaltation, pure and perfect bliss, diffused throughout the entire being, it is then that the eyes and faces shine as though transfigured, every tone becomes music, every emotion poetry. And this normally continues for a long time, perhaps hours, gently subsiding, finally,

p. 49

into a sweet, contented lassitude and child-like slumber. But even to the last moment of consciousness there is a most clinging and tender affectionateness and desire to be close to the loved one, gratitude for the gift of such joy; nothing of that indifference or revulsion usually concluding the orgasmal embraces. And this continues after parting, even for days, so that one walks in a heavenly dream, and where the embrace is often repeated, tends to become a fixed and continuous habit, resulting in the most ideal love; if the parting is permanent, remaining in the memory for years, causing ever a gentle and tender reminiscence to pervade the thought of the loved one.

It is because of this that Karezza, though a sex act, so wonderfully increases and makes enduring the heart love. It is the embrace of the angels; sex sublimed by soul.

And because of all this it excels all other forces or influences as a beautifier. The faces of those who practice it tend to become exceedingly beautiful, on the spiritual plane especially; that is to say, it is the beauty of expression that is developed, rather than that of feature, though the features surely but more slowly follow, a serene, sweet light in the eye, a delicacy and refinement of line, a radiance and play of feature, a glad timbre in the voice, that vibrates an inexpressible magnetism and makes even the plainest personality fascinating.

Owing to the blending of the two natures, their mutual exaltation and reception of each other’s moral qualities, it is soon to be noted that lovers who practice Karezza display the fruits of such inspiration and transmutation. The woman becomes strong, proud, confident, logical – displaying the finer masculine – while the man becomes gentle, considerate, compassionate, sympathetic, intuitive – revealing the finer feminine. Thus the sexes spiritually change and interweave and become at-one.

Is it any wonder if this most vitalizing of all elixirs, thus habitually fed to them, should make the organs receiving it, or through which it passes, beautiful, magnetic, graceful, radiant with life? Look at the lips, eyes, cheeks of a happy bride and find your answer. Joy is the greatest beautifier on earth and there is no joy like sex-joy. I prophesy that when Karezza becomes the habit of the people, made easy and perfect by inheritance developing into instinct, that the

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human race will become beautiful exceedingly, beyond the beauty of all former times; a subtle, inward beauty, shining through. The sex-force, which produces such rapture when felt locally, such a divine ecstasy when diffused in Karezza, will be healing in the hands of the physician, eloquence on the lips of the orator, fire in the eyes of the leader, genius in the brain of the great.