King Solomon Healing Protection SAT


2nd-Pentacle-of-Mars – Serves with great success against all kinds of diseases when it is applied to afflicted parts.
2nd-Pentacle-of-the-Sun – This design serves to repress the pride and arrogance of those who oppose the owner’s wishes & plans.
3rd-Penticle-of-Jupiter – Defends & protects against any enemy & against any evil spirits which may linger near one’s person or home.
4th-Pentacle-of-Mars  – Of great power of towards bringing victory or vindication in an argument or battle of any kind.
4th-Pentacle-of-Moon –  Defends from all evil, and from any injury to body or soul.
6th-Penticle-of-Jupiter – Protects form all earthly dangers.
7th-Pentacle-of-the-Sun – This seal reputedly releases one from prison, opening all locks & breaking all fetters which bind one

Frequencies: Regeneration & Healing Rife Frequencies
Notes: There are 3 levels of power. 3x, 6x and 9x. Use freeware 7zip to get access to files.

This is audio talisman.