Manifest Any Video *Updated*

Manifest Any Video (into your real physical life) *UPDATED 2015*

Listen to this mp3 while watching any video – for example at Youtube – and manifest this video into your real physical life. Yes, really!

Easy as 1,2,3.

If you choose watching one video at regular basis while listen to this mp3 – the effect will be more stable and visible. It can be slideshow with money or expensive houses,cars, women, joga – or any other video – or any porn video. Just keep to watch it at regular basis at the same time with listening to this mp3 – at least 20-30 minutes per day. Do it for 7 days and dependently from your results keep watching for 14 days and so on. Some people manifest after day 1 – for some it takes a little more time.

You may watch any video, even lovemaking video, and only “positive things” will manifest – for example if there is any guy at lovemaking video – he will be omitted – basically that mp3 was made especially for lovemaking scenes – but not only.

This is what one client said:

with the mp3 I listened and watched por*n about 1 hour and then when I got sex the woman went crazy like in the por*n video

If you choose watching lovemaking videos with this mp3 you can:
  • materialize all your hidden sexual desires
  • discover power of rapid manifestation
  • attract similar types of women as on videos
  • exceed you sexual and mind phantasies
  • enter into new dimension of life – from simple watcher into manifestor
  • re-engine your reality and see that you can getting benefit from watching adult movies not only for temporary pleasure, but for your future success with women
  • there is no limit which video you choose – everything positive from it will be manifested
  • discover new lifestyle – imagine – you can manifesting all these sexual scenes into your life.
For people which tired Law of Attraction and don’t succeed – this Manifesting Mp3 can be as Eyes Opener for what is possible and how much our reality is flexible – and how easy to change it with this mp3!

You can choose any video from Youtube like for example this one:

(Eye Contact will be manifested thru it as well – great ice breaker!!)

or this (with modeling):


and manifest girls like this into your physical life.

Or watch some wealth  and money making videos:


That’s your decision which video or movie you choose for manifesting with this mp3. There is nothing wrong to use this mp3 for manifesting lovemaking and por*n videos – just watch it at least 30 minutes (1 hour will be enough) everyday – the best if before sleep or around 1-2 hours before sleep and voila! You will manifest anything you watch.

This mp3 is like a pricey gem – seriously – it works so fast. I have check it once again and watch some videos for 1 hour – and yeah – things gone crazy. Maybe I should watch 1 video and watch it over and over again, I decided to choose few of them – anyway the end result was in my opinion pretty amazing.

There possibilities with this mp3 are .. endless because there are limitless quantity of videos everywhere on the internet. Please only do not use any agressive videos like “killing/drugs/etc”.

I do not take any responsibility what you are gonna to manifest with this mp3. It is powerful so please take care what you watch during listen to it.


What you get?

ManifestAnyVideoV1.mp3 – this is main not edited track – the one that always give you 100% stable results. Loop it on your I-pod and watch any video on any device for manifesting it rapidly.

ManifestAnyVideoV1_DeepRealxEngine.mp3 – this mp3 is slightly edited orginal track with Double Brainwave Deep Relax Engine – that will puts you into deep relaxation state while watching and the manifestion process will naturally boosts. Your mind in deep relax state creates neuro-pathways much faster than in Beta waves (alertness). While using this mp3 please sit comfortable and try to be not distracted by outside world.

ManifestAnyVideoV1_RealityManifestor.mp3 – in RealityManifestor has been added small script for accelerate manifestion process and some healing frequencies for general balance – so end effect of your manifestation in real physcial life should be more synchronized and balanced.

ManifestAnyVideoAlternateVersionV2.mp3 – this is original track ramked with inDirectSubliminal style – it’s power is variable from 6x up to 12x – it effects may induce a bit unpredictable results – however some people that used it reported that it do it’s job pretty good.

ManifestAnyVideoV2_DeepRealxEngine_Exp.mp3 – this “experimental” 2nd version of ManifestAnyVideo mp3 – based partly on original track and it is a bit more powerful than version1, here my suggestion – to get benefit from this mp3 – the listening/watching sheme should be repeated at regular basis for at least 1 week (around 30-60 minutes per day) [even some things may be successfully manifested much faster than 1 week..] – generally this mp3 may give faster results. It is made because of your requests for shorten time of manifesting results.

ManifestAnyWomenVideo_v1.mp3 – this mp3 can be treated as “bonus” mp3 – but maybe not only because I thought about put it into new download – finally don’t. It has Advanced Deep Relax Engine. This mp3 is design for:

  1. Manifest any women/situations from video
  2. Manifest only “good” or “energetically” clean women like “yoga/meditation/sport” type.
  3. Making women more open for initate physical contact/approach/etc

Deep Relax Engine based on dual brainwave stimulation – more effective than simple brainwave stimulation by around 60-70%. Here used for increase manifestation process. When mind/body is relaxed – neuro-pathways are created much more easy.

Some tips on “how to use it”:
This video mp3,

is design especially during watching (any) video you choose.

Take 3-8 minutes long video, or longer if you want,
and loop it watching while listening to this mp3,
do it for at last 30 minutes per day.
it can be as well money related vid as those from se*x thema,
anything you want to manifest into your reality
Good if you use it with headphones.

LISTEN while watching choosen video/s at regular for at least 14-30 days – so you your mind will be able to create new neural pathways and therefore creating new reality!!!

Only $24

via Tinypass

 After purchase your download never expire – you may download it anytime.

*UPDATED at 25 December 2014* with 4 new mp3s.
All those who already purchased it earlier – get access to updated versions via TinyPass thru your members area.


When you first made this mp3 I tesed it, I remember watching porn while listening and the next time I had sex the woman went crazy with a massive orgasm just like the porn I was watching so yes this mp3 works. [by Jess]


Field Report. Three days using, get a blowjob. Yeah everything get insane. Hot babe become hot to me, then we do it!That’s all. Thanks. 😀 Waiting for more upgrade! =D Regards. [by Glaizen]


I am experimenting it with my DotA 2 skill, and I am quite impressed [by Edo]


Just WOWWW… I can’t believe, it really do work !!!! this is my ever first review in any site or blog.I am using 3 audio files at the same time while watching video of my choice.
1) ManifestAnyVideoV2_DeepRealxEngine_Exp
2) ManifestAnyWomenVideo_v1.mp3
3) ManifestAnyVideoAlternateVersionV2.mp3.
While I watch porn (Note:I never use to watch porn before) but to test the file I started watching porn video of my choice, to have sex with my girl, she never liked the idea & stayed away from me but since I started experimenting with it I can see drastic changes … now she allows me to touch her and kiss her passionately and she does that back to me also. I have been watching it since 10 days as of now. Hope to have it full fledged with her soon. But I have a big obstacle.. that’s her mother. She does not like to see us together how can I get rid of this situation I do not know.
I am also using same files on manifesting money. Just I remove ManifestAnyWomenVideo_v1.mp3 file and watch money manifestation video and it does the charm too. Hope it will do more good if I continue listening to it.
Thanks a lot for such a great files for so low price.
I am also using MLF the babe ES. And also penis enlargement mp3 but I do not know if theres any thing to do with this mp3s but still I use it every night.
And also I am listening to Making money booster every night. Any other suggestions for good & faster manifestations…..

Regards. [by Anwar]


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