Manifest Any Video Version Sexual 2

Manifest Any Video Version Popularity & Attraction 2

The two mp3s made with Bliss Engine v.5 and v.5.2 ChiR. 6 Audio Spells.

Get the video content right now into your reality
and gain instant social high status improvement.
Remove anxiety and manifest new realms.

These two mp3s are for the experience any sexual video as the real experice, but the effects happen just after listening to this audio and watching any video for at least 15-30 minutes. There is an effect of manifesting the contect of video into your reality – however there is no guarantee that you are gonna to manifest with it the p0rn videos exactly as the are. Even this video manifests only the women, girls and it’s only for men, not women – for sure it will infuse your reality with the content of the any video. There happens an instant effect and if you are enough senstive/or have observant mind – you can sense/feel the instant boost in your social status/or mood. Look at the below video:

By watching this video thru 1-2 days at least 30 minutes up to 1 hour per day – when you go at day 2 or day 3 somewhere where are women you will realize that you have manifested bunch of women in their 20’s all around you – and some of them seems to be interested in you. Actually the SMF’s mp3s from some time ago start going in the direction of WAM – the Women Approach Me – the easy way to get into love/sex relationships with no effort at listener end. Sometimes, as well we all different, have different personal backgrounds, different personal energies and it’s levels – and sometimes the WAM mp3s can change and overwritten anxities and making the listener more sociually open.
And this mp3 is not much the WAM type of mp3. It requires some of your action BUT it also GIVES you INSTANT improvement of Social Status. If you take any video and even p0rn video after watching it with one of these two mp3s (especially 2.2 version) – you can feel the mood improvement like you already got “sex” or met with women.

These audio spells have been added to the both mp3s:

  • 2nd Venus Audio Spell

  • 2nd Mercury Audio Spell

  • 1st Sun Audio Spell

  • Extreme Attraction Audio Spell

  • Orgasmic Healing Energy Audio Spell

  • Transmutation (Negative into Positive) Audio Spell

Mp3s based on the original ManifestAnyVideo_v.1 – however these are installed/overwritten new programming with the chi power (encoded with affirmations and suggestions and Audio Spells). Because there are some affirmations and suggestion to put the watched videos right now into your reality – there occur this effect – that you have opportunity to experience these new realms just right after watching. If you are less senstive or if you do not yet are very senstive to observe your dynamic reality – the feeling of improved High Status can happen after more days then 1-2 – maybe 3-5. Of course watching and listening at the same time – at regular basis will creates permanent and stable effects and you’ll get into more higher level of your “game” with women and it can be quite interesting and exciting.


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MaV_VS2.1.mp3 (Bliss Engine v.5) – 14:48 minutes long – 320kbps – 44Hz – 35,5MB

MaV_VS2.2.mp3 (Bliss Engine v.5.2 ChiR) – 14:48 minutes long – 320kbps – 44Hz – 35,5MB

Please do not use while driving or operating machines.

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