Positive Affirmations Power Remix v2.5

Positive Affirmations Power Remix v2.5

made with Bliss Engine v.3


Version 2.6 is made with extreme powerful Bliss Engine v.3 (its contains 30 cores of Deep Programming encoding module) and the audio contains these two following Audio Spells:

  • 3rd Sun for attract renown, glory & riches

  • 3rd Venus for attract love, respect & admiration

These affirmations has been encoded with High Focus & Precision into the 2.6 version:

  • I am always safe and protected

  • I feel happy all the time

  • I deserve to feel happy

  • it’s O.K. to feel happy

  • I allow myself to be relaxed and feelin’ happy all the time

  • I am calm and full of joy

  • I deserve for happy life

  • My life is amazing

  • I love my life

  • I am healthy and strong

  • I deserve for extreme bliss and happiness

  • I attract only positive people to my life

  • I always think in positive way

  • I always choose positive thinking

  • I always have postive mind-set

  • I see my future as one big success

  • I deserve for love and admiration

  • People love and admire me

  • A lot’s of people love and admire me

  • My mind is calm, clear and free

  • My thoughts are crystal-clear

  • I attract only positvie situations to my life

  • I am stress-free

  • I deeply and completly believe in myself

  • I deeply and completly believe in my success

  • I feel peace all the time

  • I radiate with positive energy

  • I radiate with joy and true happiness

  • I am self-confident

  • I have high self-esteem

  • I love myself exactly the way I am

  • I accept myself exactly the way I am


Upgraded to more powerful version.

Positive affirmations power remix include:

– 32 x 4 minutes of positive affirmations remixed into final 2.5 version.

Affirmations are recorded by English Native Speakers (US).

These are affirmations especially for men.

Affirmations was recorded by Female Speakers – so their (affirmations) energy has “female energy” – because it is remixed in “Power Remix Style” – it has nice feeling energies for men.

This audio can create basic attraction to opposite sex – theoretically for both sex – but mostly for men. Women can act nicely or very friendly.

These positve affirmations include these topics:

  • “I love myself”

  • “I accept myself”

  • “women love me”

  • “people adore me”

  • “I am confident”

  • “I am greatful”

  • “self-esteem”

  • and much more..

It has some music backgrounds.

That’s what other says to version 2.0:

  • “it is very pleasing to listen to inintially”

  • “i like this alot, it feels good, what are the affirmations?”

  • “feel happy as hell, what did you put into it???”

  • “I listen for 10 min and I have great attraction..women look at me everywhere I go.. wow.. Great work”

Version 2.5 based on v.2.0 – use the same set of sound track affirmations, however remixed into completly new audio.
Also v.2.5 is finally made with Bliss Engine v.3. Also v.2.5 is good for both men as women.

Wish you creating super positve states of mind with this mp3!

Good Luck!

Listening Tips: Listen at least 30-60 minutes per day for 14-30 days for stable results. Period of 30-40 days is required for permanent effects – so your mind can completly change your neuro-pathways – and therefore create new reality for you. If you feel you want to listen more; go ahead – however if mp3 is somehow too much powerful for you – then please consider listen to it less.


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