This Famous Experiment Will Help You Sleep with Supermodels


Have you ever heard of the experiment done by famous
psychologist Ivan Pavlov? Let me tell you about it

In 1902 Pavlov started to notice that every time he put
a bowl of food in front of his dogs, who were in a cage
so could not reach the food, the dogs would start to
salivate heavily. As soon as the dogs saw the bowl of
food their mouths would fill with saliva as they knew
they were about to get a meal.

Soon Pavlov put the bowl in front of them, without food in
it, to see if the dogs would still salivate. They did. This
fascinated Pavlov. Even though the food was not there the
dogs associated the bowl with food and therefore their
saliva glands went crazy.

After a while Pavlov decided to do an experiment. Every time
he fed his dogs he would ring a bell. He would put the bowl
of food down in front of the dogs and ring the bell. Then
the dogs would get given the food.

He did this for a while because he wanted to see if his theory
was true. He believed that soon he would be able to ring the
bell and the dogs would salivate even when the food or bowl
was nowhere to be seen.

One day he did a test. He rang the bell and measured how much
the dogs salivated. He was right! The dogs had connected the
ringing of the bell with getting fed and their saliva glands
released just as much saliva as when the bowl of food was in
front of them. Even though the food or bowl was nowhere to be
seen he could ring a bell and get the result he wanted.

So what has this got to do with fucking beautiful women?


The human brain can be conditioned in the same way the dogs
can. It’s the equivalent of you ringing a bell and a
beautiful woman wanting to fuck you. You can make her
associate your face with the strongest orgasms she has ever
had, even if she has only just met you.

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