This Question Can Help You Get More Sex


Want a sneaky technique that can help you sleep with
more women? I thought so. Walk up to a woman and
ask her this question:

“It’s my parent’s anniversary tomorrow. As a surprise
I want to book them a vacation somewhere nice.
I’m really struggling to come up with any ideas.
Can you recommend anywhere nice you have been on
vacation in the past?”

That question can help you get more sex. Here is why…

When the woman is asked that question her brain will
automatically scan her memory for nice vacations
she has had. Within milliseconds she will get a
smile on her face and her body will be flooded
with positive emotions as she remembers a great
time in her life.

She will also be thinking you are a kind guy for
doing such a thing for your parent’s anniversary.

What she will NOT be thinking is “this guy is trying
to seduce me”.

You need to understand that when you approach a
woman you do not know she will feel immediately
defensive if she thinks you are trying to seduce
her. This means it is much harder to seduce her
because she is already wary of you.

However if you approach a woman and ask her the
question above, flooding her body with positive
emotions, it is much easier to get her attracted
to you because her defense is down. You come in
under the radar.

Here is something important you need to know…

Certain questions can make a woman feel certain
emotions. When she remembers positive things
her body will be flooded with positive emotions.
When she remembers negative things her body
will be flooded with negative emotions. This is
the same for her, you, me and every other human
being on the planet. Our memories make us feel
good or bad depending on whether they were
good or bad memories. The important bit is that
we have no control over it.

So when you ask a woman questions which make her
look for positive memories she will
automatically feel good. And YOU will have
made her feel that way. She can be walking
down the street having a bad day, you ask
her the question above and in seconds she
has a smile on her face. She will then
connect YOU with good feelings on an
unconscious level. She will feel a bond
with you and won’t know why.

When she is telling you about the vacation ask
her more questions. So for example if she
was telling you about a time she went to
Miami Beach ask her “Is it nice soft sand
there?” and “What color is the sea? Clear
blue or one of those darker blues?. By asking
her questions which include specific memories
such as the feel of the sand or the color of
the sea you are going to get her feeling more
and more positive emotions. Any question
related to the senses (see, hear, touch) are
great questions to ask.

This technique is one of the brilliant techniques
taught in the video below. It’s by a guy called
Thomas who stole techniques used by therapists
to rewire the human brain – and he used them to
sleep with women. Lots of women.

Go and watch the video training below. There are
ways for you to ask a woman a question and get
her to connect your face with the strongest
orgasm she’s ever had (even if she has just met
you). Check it out:

P.S. I hear the video might be taken down soon
because it’s so controversial. Watch it right
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