Women can’t resist THIS


I want to talk about why most guys struggle getting laid.

I knew a guy named David who was HORRIBLE with women.

And when I say horrible, I mean it.

David was a really smart guy, so he had an awesome
job as a computer programmer. He was taking in so
much money every year.

I mean, we’re talking a top tax bracket kind of guy.

A guy like him with so much money, women were always
around him.

And yet, he couldn’t get ANY of them to sleep with him.

It was really painful to watch. It was like he was starving
to death, and there was a full all you can eat buffet sitting
right in front of him that was just out of reach.

Even though he had more money than he knew what
to do with, he just couldn’t get the woman he really wanted.

Oh sure, he’d take women out on dates. Women would
hear about the size of his bank account and let him wine
and dine them, dropping ridiculous amounts of money on
5 star restaurants and jewelry…

But then at the end of the night it was always the kiss on the
cheek and the “See you next time…” for David.

And he had to go home alone.

So when David came to me, I knew that I could help him.

What David didn’t understand was that attracting the woman
you want and making her want to sleep with you wasn’t
about how expensive your clothes are, or what kind of car
you drive, or even what you look like or how old you are.

David didn’t understand that to make a woman desperate
to sleep with you, you need to give her a certain feeling
deep down in her body.

If you can make her feel that feeling – watch out. It’s like an
irresistible itch that she can’t scratch until she’s gotten you
into bed and ridden you all night long.

And I showed David the exact loophole that puts that itch
deep down in her body and makes her unable to rest until
she’s slept with you.

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