World Peace Project

World Peace Project

This project has been created at 2015 December 11 – and main reason is because current situation on our Planet is way more then ciritcal.

I will not write much there, you can open especially non-main-stream media and read about current situation. Main-stream media do not show most of the things – and these which are less depended from goverements provide news which shows we [people] are in not very funny situation.

Anyway, thru this project I offer around 0,2 up to 0,5 lbs stones, mostly quartzites, and different “field” stones – charged with Ehteric Device with permanent effect. They are charged with ANKH energy – which generates VERY postive and protective energetic fields.

I do not gonna to use other energies. I charged these stones in bulk.

When you order these stones, your job is to spread them somewhere on the ground, or in any other place, anywhere, garden, park, etc etc. as well you can spread them somewhere in the places which you consider as negative energy areas.

I do not always have access to stones, however I will try to have them enough for this purpose.

Price for 0,25 lbs of stones is $39

Price for 0,5 lbs of stones is $59

International Shipping is FREE.

Generally its way more expensive – however it’s main intent is to help creating peace energy all around the world.

Please do not asking for other energies. Its consume a lots of work to charge 0,25 lbs – and I do it for this low price ONLY in the context of situation on our Planet.

Charged stones has different sizes, mostly below 1 cal.


If you think other energy is beneficial let me know. The ANKH energy is optimally the best as it goes with creating peace, joy, providing protection and amplify positive energies, even creating them itself.

Also if you have any question feel free to ask via contact form (if it not load please refresh the page until you see contact form)