XSigils FAQ

XSigils FAQ


Question: What size of XSigil I should print?
Answer: no, please resize it to pocket-size (for example in help of PixResizer) or print under windows resized to pocket-size.
Yes, absolutely resizing is needed for smaller copy for pocket or wallet.
Also, please don’t lose your XSigils, because if you lose it – printing next one will divide the power,
for example if you print three copies each will hold 33% of power, and four copies = each 25% of power,
by not losing it, just take care and be conscious where your XSigil is.
Question: Should I sleep with XSigil?
No, I mean during the day using it as often as possible,
better to- sleep without it, even it’s possible but next day you may feel a bit tired due to disturbed sleep at night (external source of energy),
at night, it’s optimally to sleep without any tools for maximum health as well not keeping the XSigils, other tools in the room where you sleep,
in case it’s not doable than put the XSigils/tools as far from the bed as possible.
Questions: Do the XSigils works regardless if the person is not sensitive to energy, as opposed to the at/mp3s.
I have two clients which are completely not sensitive to energy and XSigils not work for them at all.
For all others clients XSigils works very good.
I think it’s not only related to sensitivity to energy but also it’s related to ability of “seeing results”.
One of these clients after using the test version of sensitivity to tools” started seeing effects of XSigils, right now I am working over the “sensitivity to tools” and it should be ready till mid of next month.
Magi said it is something at client’s end.
Firstly if you are completely not sensitive to energy I would recommend not purchasing the XSigils.
Because as I noticed it does not works for this kind of people.
In case you are at least a bit of sensitive to energy it should works. All clients which are a bit sensitive confirmed that it works for them.
Left side of the body vs. right side of the body – while using XSigils…

Please read this:  https://medium.com/drewgerald/male-and-female-sides-of-the-body-7b4e00702eef

And relate it to the: if you keep the energy tools at your right or left side (i.e. in pocket near root chakra) you are activating/amplify male or female side of you.
By carrying XSigil there is different effect in compare using it at left side and right side of the body.
Right(male) giving more Alpha Male effects.
Left(female) giving effects that can be used in negotiations or indirect seduction.

How to use XSigils

Please print it, laminate you can resize to pocket-size.
Once it worn out, burn it (i.e. in fireplace) and print new one, laminate.
Do not lose its copy, by knowing always where it is.
Each next copy divide the power (in case it’s too strong). Two printed copies, each holds 50%.
Three printed copies, each holds 33% of power.
Using it near right side activate alpha male vibes.
Left generates more female vibes, for example good for in-direct seduction or soft negotiations.
You can optionally place it on your chakra points while meditating/contemplating/relaxing.
I recommend start using it at least 15-20 minutes before go out,, so the energy will stabilize [(XSigil + your body)].