You Are The Supreme Authority

Two days ago I stewed in my Doctor’s lounge for my Annual Executive.

I finished just about 6 of his magazines. He was late again.

Fresh out of magazines (two read thrice already), I began reading all his plaques, diplomas, trophies
and certificates. He owned many- in fact, he ran out of wall real estate for all that parchment.

Then it hit me.

Folks these days heap a great deal of importance on certificates, accolades and testimonials. They seek validation
and the best way to grab it is with parchment. That piece of paper signifies recognition bestowed.

Bottomline: people crave external APPROVAL.

I mused about that for a second.

Isn’t it funny that skilled athletes feel mediocre when they haven’t won any awards from sports organizations?

Or that handsome men feel like croaking frogs when some women reject them.

And how talented writers feel unappreciated without a Pulitzer?

External Approval- it’s one powerful creature. It takes people on rollercoaster highs.

There’s a flip side. Denied of approval, many plummet to depression. That’s certainly not a good thing.

Let me ask you: if your friends thought your hairdo reeked, would that matter?

I hope not. Who are they to determine how you feel. Who are they to dictate upon your moods?

I find it irrational that countless millions depend on the validation of others for their own self-esteem. Each
of us is unique. Talented. Authorities upon ourselves.

You may not play as well as Michael Jordan, but I bet you can
box better than him. Martha Stewart cooks a meaner casserole, but I bet she doesn’t
play the piano like you do.

Feeling low because no one approves of you? Can it. Self-pity serves no one.

Here’s a great way to feel super:
***Simply bestow approval upon yourself. ***

Tell yourself: “SELF, you’re one swell guy and you do
a LOT of things better than the next guy. I hereby confer upon you a Certificate
of Supreme Approval.”

Remember to walk tall and proud. You are special, after all.

An collector of chi generators, Joseph R. Plazo, Ph.D offers leadership executive coaching and helps people find great jobs in the Philippines [].