Virtual God Caster Charging any Item Remotelly

(15x more strong then VirtualPsionis3000VX)

Imagine you can trun any item, object, anything into powerful tool programmed for anything you want.

Have you see this list of energies: ?

Now anything can be charged with it REMOTELLY – just send the pic of it to SeductionMagicFlow and we can START.

Possible items for charging:

  • Gems, stones, jewellery
  • Any Orgone pendants, orgone disks, pyramids
  • Stones, even the field ones called as Quartzites
  • Cosmetics (imagine having anti-aging gel charged for Immortality, Anti-aging and Perfect Health), cream
  • Food, drinkables, herbs, supplements, vitamins,
  • Your favourite cup
  • Anything you want

The process of charging:

  1. Firstly decide what you want to charge.
  2. Send 1 or two pictures of it to SeductionMagicflow (you can start email conversation by using below Contact From) [if this is pendant, try to take a picture from both sides, so charging will be even more effective].
  3. Choose 3 energies from this list:
  4. Write in email which energies you want.
  5. Pleace a payment.
  6. Your item will be made within 2-7 days [usually faster]
  7. Enjoy your powerful item!

Price for all items which are NOT food or cosmetics, herbs:
[that’s pyramids, pendants, gems, jewellery, stones, cups, and so on – physical objects that you can’t eat or drink]


Price for all items which ARE food, cosmetics, herbs, etc
[that’s items, objects that you can eat or drink, or are form of cosmetics]


Prices are in pre-release mode. If you want your own charger take a look here:

All items will be charged with this device:

For security reasons we’ll allow remote charging only for users of Tinypass (at with at least 3 mp3s/AT2s purchased within last 2-3 months and their account must be active.