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Virtual Psionics
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co-created by SeductionMagicFlow, Xtrememind and a Secret Partner

You’ll probably never go back to physical radionics now that you have this

Xtrememind, the top company that makes millions of people’s wishes true – dominated the landscape for 20 years with a formidable line of radionic and psionic machines. We started by carrying Welz brand mind machines back in 1999. The company then expanded into the UltraRAD line 2002 and from there made history.

Why does mind machines curry tremendous favor? Reality re-engineering. For the layman, it’s the creation of miracles.

Radionics as a tool to influence the physical world is not new. The soft science launched back in the 1800s and traces its roots back 2000 years to medieval magic. The voodoo ritual of pricking dolls and the Mayan practice of virgin sacrifice is early psionics.

This millenium, magic comes in a new form, that of machines  manipulating chi and tachyons. Advanced devices feature orgonite which traps energy and hurls it at structural links that ultimately reshape reality. But progress didn’t end there.

Virtual Psionics: The Next Wave

On March 30, 2016, Xtrememind ends its line of physical mind machines to develop a brave new line of virtual psionics.

First forays into virtual reality engineering started with the XtremeCaster software. Over 400 copies have been downloaded and 12 Godcasters created to support the project. Outcomes proved so stunning that proof of concept cannot be questioned.

From anecdotal and physical evidence, it’s been found that virtual psionics can reshape the structure of leaves, create harmonious cooperation, treat energetic imbalances and even influence the outcome of chance games.

How is Virtual Psionics Created

Xtrememind, in partnership with the magi who run some of the top professional manifestation services on the internet has developed a line of virtual radionic boxes which boast the following features

Created Entirely from Sacred Geometry

The virtual psionics is a high resolution, energy emitting image that unifies some of the most energetic symbols on the planet. Through shape resonance,anything placed on the image acquires massive programming signatures.

Comes with Psionic Analogues of the Physical Counterparts

At our labs we have the physical counterparts of the psionic versions. The team unleashes Santeria and Chaos Magick to create a shadow form of the real psionic tool into the sacred geometry form. That means you get virtual dials, virtual plates and virtual circuits that channel your power.

Inexhaustible Source of Energy

The virtual psionics emits energy not only by virtue of sacred geometry, but also through inherent linkages made to 7 ascension seats– particularly the Chamber of Melchizedek. For as long as the image exists, one merely touches the appropriate virtual plates and dials to create a connection. Then life force flows eternally.

The Psionics Becomes One With You

A one-off activation ritual is necessary ensure maximum operation. Once the virtual psionic machine is received, the ritual is run for a day which links the device to your hara etherically. Then, by mere intent, one can summon the full might of the machine even as it hangs from the wall.

Beautifully Unique

Every virtual psionic is 100% unique. No client will have a duplicate of that belonging to another. This goes beyond mere aesthetics but also to prevent energy leakages.

The Future of Manifesting Desired Dreams

Once you discover possibilites of Virtual Psionics you could never back to physical devices. Firstly manifesting is so easy. You don’t need to be the pro-manifestor. While working with physical rad-devices you should have at least basic-manifesting-mind-set, which means that you have to believe in what you do. In your mind must be the faith in success of your magical operation which you are setting at any physcial rad-device.

The Virtual Radionics don’t require that super faith as pro-manifestors used to have. Only the six easy steps. To each Virtual Psionics there is attached unique Servitor.

 space-shuttle-774_960_720True Power at your finger tips


  1. When I have 6-7 copies how I can charge objects/items, on one copy will be enough, or time of charging should be longer?
    If you have six copies , then the energy is divided between six images. So your charging time will be much longer. Because, regardless of how many copies you have, they’re all drawing from one etheric power source inherent in the drawing
  2. And there are two Targets, does it means that I can set trend of two different people? So far I put my photo on two of the Target boxes.
    Yes You can target up to two people at the same time at full power. If you have six images, the the person on one unit will receive 1/6th the energy it normally would
  3. When setting trends on someone else then me, I have to chant “I COMMAND my desire to infuse (name of someone else) very being “Servitor name” ? If there are two people other then me, “I COMMAND my deisre to infuse Ann and Peter very being ‘Servitor Name'”? Its that right.
    Correct. Servitor is the assigned servitor to this specific image. So you invoke him for each action.
  4. How to charge objects/items/even remotelly thru pic, place pic on both Targets boxes, or one. And item can be charged by 3 different Trends I guess.
    Correct . A mere image or symbol of the object on the unit will suffice.
  5. Can one copy can be set on one person, and one Target box empty? Or better both should be busy.
    Yes. You don’t need to fill all boxes. In this case, all energy flows to the one trend.
  6. How many sigils/symbols I can put on one of the three Trend boxes.
    One trend picture for each box for full power. If you put more, the energy is divided equally between them
  7. Have I do any commands or ritual when charging item, or just leave it on Trend Box, leave the symbols, and it’s all?
    Yes, leave the symbols or images on the “trend plates” of the unit
  8. Can I set trend on copy printed at my T-Shirt?
    If you have a T-shirt… you can tape trend or target pic them on too. Imagine… keeping that as underwear as you go on a club date. If you have a symbol of your target you can tape it on your shirt

  9. Did you recommend printing Virtual Psionis3000VX on the A3 format?, its twice the A4?
    Make it as large as possible
  10. What type of material is best for printing Virtual Rad on my T-Shirt?I really commend the nylon spandex. So you can use it as a compression shirt beneath your suitPeople will treat you like godAt my print house they can only print on cotton T-Shirts it’s good?
    Go for it God.
  11. Also, when set trends for another people, not me, have I place finger on center and touch my hara chakra in 5th step?
    Yes you still need to touch your hara. It’s that aspect that creates a bond between you and the etheric machine. Closes the gap.
  12. The devices (copies) can lays one next to another or better keep each away from second one?
    Yes. Because they all represent the same virtual machine. So distance matters not.
  13. Can I set negative, dark trends?
    Always positive. It ill affect those around you and yourself in a good way
    When you go through the dark side you destroy yourself
  14. How energy is divided between the copies of Virtual Rad printouts?The total energy flow will be divided between all the copies. So assuming 100% goes to one image. If you have 100 printouts, each printout gets 1%
  15. T-Shirts takes power too?Yes the T-shirts will take power as well. So every single existence of that image takes power… even if PC wallpaper
    So divide between
  16. Setting trends is so easy, like never before. Could compare effectiveness/results to physical rad-devices?
    The effect is seen and felt right away. All boils down to the merger of several forms of magic.


  • You can print as many copies of that, but the energy will be divided by each one.
  • While the Virtual Rad has special links to an array, it works on its own even without the array. It draws power from ascension and from sacred geometry… plus unique Servitor
  • Keep a photo of family near the center. They get power too… life enriching power
  • I do not recommend using it to attack though
  • Keep name of your Virtual Rad’s Servitor to yourself as much as possible
  • Printing five and putting it on the four corners of your room. The energy will be divided between the units you print
  • Have it printed high resolution on a shirt. What it will do for you will shock you. People will treat you like a God!


~~If you have ANY questions FEEL free to ask~~


Available Virtual Devices
(made upon order)

andromeda-galaxy-1096858_960_720Each device is linked in to the many Energy Spots in the Universe