Erotic Charm and Attraction – up to 2500x

made with Silent Bliss Nature Tree and Angelic Booster – very subtle and powerful energy.

Four audio spells:

  • Extreme Attraction
  • Erotic Thoughts
  • Seduction Z (Women approach me)
  • Image to mp3 energy

with 4 “BJ” pics.

It is similar to BJPowers version 1. The difference is that it include some attraction energies as well on some pictures there are two young women.

Basic testing of BJPowers shows that women seems to looking at root chakra more often and they become more interested in any contact from – they seems to be quite open and friendly. [Testing of 30 minutes of listening before go out]

Following version are inside:

  • 1x
  • 5x
  • 10x
  • 20x
  • 30x
  • 40x
  • 50x
  • 100x
  • 300x
  • 500x
  • 1000x
  • 1500x
  • 2000x
  • 2500x

This is just another great mp3 package for gain attraction and improve mood in daily interaction with opposite sex for men.

Each file is mp3 for listen as audio talisman at the same time.

Listening and Audio Talisman usage tips:

1. It can be listen via headphones, earphones, or even thru speakers – it’s always better if your listening equipment have HQ Standard.

2. Generally not recommend using it while sleeping – but indeed you can do it if you want to- the same with using audio talismans while sleeping. Some sexual dreams may appear because of the Mp3’s topic and goal.

3. It’s most effective via headphones, but not limited to; earphones/earplugs and speakers are also okay.

4. Another way of listening is to keep playing it -all day and night long- in your room thru Speakers – and each time you will be in your room – you will be indirectly infused with the energies of this Mp3. It’s like energy bath – the room is filled with it and just being there your energy body (and whole you) -is affected by the energy field of your room. If it constantly playing – the energy gets stronger over the time – so please be careful to not overpower yourself. Higher “x” version will gives more power and more energy. Low volume is okay.

Use these mp3s and audio talismans on your own responsibility and use them wisely. Never treat them as toy.