(temporarily till end of March XSigils and VRADs are unavailable)

Ennochian XSigils version 5 (2021)

Specification of new Ennochian XSigils V5:

  • Delivered in MP4 format (video) – you can watch it on your TV or phone, better on TV – few times per day or as much as you want for more power.
  • For using it as classic XSigil – you have to make screen-shot of video (when it’s paused) and print it. (Theoretically you can make unlimited screen-shots from different angles, and each one will works) Video is about 10-15 seconds long)
  • The V5 can be printed and you can leave it on your desk – it will affect you without wearing it in your pocket (it has “Spherical” abilities).
  • Empowered and upgraded version is way more powerful than it’s 2019 V4 and is mostly applicable for those who are less sensitive to energy.
  • Upgraded version V5 is regarding new copies of XSigil purchased after January 2021. We can’t upgrade previous ones – because once XSigil is created it can’t be changed and we can’t re-make it. It is the product that once created can’t be revoked.


All other abilities remains the same like these:

  • Each next printed copy divide the power (for example three printed copies = each holds 33% – this is useful for those who are sensitive to energy – by printing four copies and keep one copy of four near your body, you have access to 25% of full power).
  • Print it, laminate it and keep in your pocket (at right side (Yang) of your body for more Alpha Vibes or in your left pocket for more Yin Vibes which can be useful for example while negotiations or in the situation that require from you being charismatic but not aggressive).
    [you can laminate it with adhesive tape or use lamination device]
  • XSigils works eternally.
  • After copy is worn-out – burn it in fireplace until ash remains and print next copy.
  • Process of creation (very complex) takes between six up to twenty one days and once created it’s can’t be revoked.
  • There is chant attached – chant it once per day or week – according to the instruction on your XSigil. Chant it in your native language – exactly as it sound it your mother language.
  • Delivered in PNG/PDF/JPG format via email.
  • XSigils works upon energy and apply to all nations, regardless of your native language, it can be English, German or Spanish – it will works the same.
  • You can mediate with it by placing it on different parts of your body / or your chakra points.