3X Power Pendants

3X Power Pendants

3x or more “tech” making the pendants the Ultimate Manifesting Tools

These pendants are first of all pretty complex and incluse at least 3 different technologies:

  • Audio Talismans
  • eXtreme v.2
  • Etheric Charing
  • and future VX Chariging (from April 2016)

There are two main parts of making of these pendants. The first part is the creation of audio talisman. Generally you can choose one of few (at this time) audio talismans from this website (or healingtools4you.com). In the first part you can choose for what you want your desired, final pendant. In this process after I got the idea about your goal, and minor goals – I gonna to create audio talisman and then publish it on SMF’s website. It will usually costs $49 or $59. The audio talisman is somehow ready-to-use-product.

The second step of this part is that you order the audio talisman for your future physical pendant and after download it and put it onto your pen-drive – you will fine the right quantity (the desired energy output) for you.

Generally audio talisman technology turn any memory like pen-drive, iphone, mp3-player into power tool that radiate energy. It power can be fully customized by your own choice. By adding more quanity of the mp3 audio talisman file – you can add more power or decrease it by deleting too much copies. Plus if you have another audio talismans (with different names, that’s made for another topics, goals) – you can put them also on your pen-drive and create unique pendant out of the pen-drive.

For finding right power out-put (= the right quanity of the audio talismans mp3s files) – you can start with more copies, like 20, 50 or 100, instead of trying to approach it from the increasing, like from 1-2 or 3-10, 15.

Anyway after you find the right power out-put like 30 or 70 – and you are sure for 100% – your job is to inform me about it. Eventually if you choose more audio talismans for making upon them desired pendant – the same sheme – choose the right quanity of them. Then we go to step 2.

In step 2 when I have the information and the audio talisman/s are made – I start making the physical pendant. Yes, in this step you have to choose what size of pendant you want. However with the X3 Tech – pendant can be small, made with some artistic twist, and it do not need to be the very large size to be powerful. Anyway if you wish more power it can be as well medium or large.

At my side I can guarantee I will include all 3 technologies and from April 2016 there will be the 4th Tech.

For the physical pendant there is second payment – the same as here: https://seductionmagicflow.com/order-pendants/

It could be against the good-reason, and you can be happy about it – the prices remains the same – don’t know for how much time – anyway this amazing technology can super-charge your reality and put you on the right track.


Audio Talisman Device v.2 is under construction. Will be ready soon.