Jan 13, 2015

Burn Woman’s Heart Mp3

This mp3 is about love and finding right woman for men.

It based on heart’s knowledge and it’s inverted logic much diffrent than man’s mind.

Mp3 is recorded according to Wicca Love Spells.

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Jan 12, 2015

Why many seduction techniques fail

Does it make sense why women have breasts and men don’t?

Woman’s breasts shows that breasts are like a muscle.

What is behind woman’s breasts? It’s heart.

So why many men fail after master seduction systems?

Dec 13, 2014

Penis Enlargment Mp3s for Men


Penis Enlargment Mp3s v.1

Mp3 package contains:

  1. PenisEnlargmentMp3_v1a_LowFreq.mp3 – low volume of frequencies with increased focus on subliminal programming.
  2. PenisEnlargmentMp3_v1b_HighFreq.mp3 – high volume of frequencies with increased focus on healing sounds of 20 different frequencies and alpha brainwaves.

What is in both mp3s?

  1. Subliminal suggestion for penis enlargment and few general sexual attraction power words in form of chant – charged with solomonic magic.
  2. 20 different frequencies for healing Sexual Dysfunction for Men.
  3. Alpha brainwave relaxation engine.

How to use it?

  1. For stable results listen to it few times everyday for 30 days. For less stable and fast effects listen to it few times per day for 7 up to 14 days.
  2. Listen to it via earphones/headphones only.
  3. If listen more than 3-5 times per day – effects may accumulate and manifests faster.

Possible effects:

  1. Size of your penis may increase (listening at regular basis makes magic)
  2. Basic general attraction with opposite sex.
  3. Radiate with sexual energy.


This pretty difficult topic as it goes with creating effective and working mp3 – famous Dickster v.2 by Jobet was probably the only one product at market that worked that good.

Enjoy this mp3 and seek for physical changes within days or weeks. Post your comments.

Do not listen if you have epilepsy or peacemaker – both mp3s use brainwaves.


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File: Self-Extracted Rar 48,3 MB

Mp3 will be updated in future – many requests regarding this topic – the same as with Women Approach Me mp3.