BlissDeus Mp3: “Joy”.


Hey Guys,

BlissDeus “Joy” is just pretty awesome mp3. It has pure God’s energies. It is for joy in life and for feeling true and real love energy/vibrations. If you are guy and listen to this mp3 few times – you will be noticed by women instantly.

There is secret that every – oh – maybe 95% of women are attracted to God’s Energy.

Few feedbacks:

- wow, thank you, how did you make these? thats awesome

- The Joy mp3 made3 me feel so calm and relaxed almost like hypnotized but with not going asleep but becoming awake. I listened to it for an hour and am very at peace.

The quite possible effects of this mp3 is: healing. As you know God is the best known Healer ever.

It could as well improve your relationships with others.

You can feel this very delicious and at the same time powerful energy by listening to this mp3.

This is subliminal energy audio.

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Mp3 is 7:51 minutes long. 18MB. 320kbps.

SuperFaithSubliminal *Update*

“SuperFaithSubliminal” download has been updated. (New mp3s inside).

Details under this link:

Those who order it in past – please log into your TinyPass account and download updated file.

Love Energy – Charged Music


Recently I have add some modifications to Sound Image Generator and now I am able to create pretty awesome charged music. The source of added energies is “Highest Energy” (in the Universe) and as you know – when you think “Highest” it is not somewhere above – but it is as well – all around us – the Highest and Most powerful ever.

Here is an mp3 I created – you can download it and listen to it:
Love Energy – Charged Music – Test.mp3
(right click + save as)

I have listen to it couple days ago during trip there and somewhere in city – and it seems giving really nice results especially with opposite sex. While listening to it – I felt more light and more self-confident than ever.
Ultimatelly it is for generating subtle love energies in listener’s body or in any room.

The good thing about it – it is classical music track – it’s great music media – the energy has specific form and it’s not that unpredictable as Silent 4D Images.

Your comments are greatly appreciate!

You may also download it below – in case if you like this mp3 and my work:

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Silent 4D – Attract Money 2 and other versions


I decided to give you Silent 4D – Attract Money 2 for free.

Here is download link:
Attract Money 2.mp3
(right click + save as)

What is Silent 4D – Attract Money you can read here:

Why free someone could ask? I receive headache after more than 3-4 listenings. But – it works in some ways.

Listening tips: 2-3 times per day.

Below is available for instant download mp3 pack with other (test) verisons of this mp3 line. (All files are silent)

Can’t guarantee that all these versions works. Attract Money ver1 works for sure. They are made similary to version 1 and some are remakes of ver 1 & 2.

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Versions inside:
Attract Money 2.mp3Attract Money 2.0.1.mp3
Attract Money 2.0.2.mp3

Note: Download never expire – you may download files at any time. All these Attract Money mp3s are archived – and for “unpack” you want to use: “WinRar”, “WinZip”, “7Zip” or “TotalCommander”.

Sex Dream Come True


This is inDirectSubliminal mp3 for attract women especially for sex – there is focus on getting sex not getting into any love relationships. Mp3 is pretty strong and I do not recommend to listening it more than 1-3 times per day. My two friends that tested it out confirm that after listen only one time at day 1 – on next day friend report that he “attract women like crazy”.

Here are some things what they wrote:

  • I feel that women were more attracted to me for sure
  • Just looks no talk except for one who was very interested in me
  • yesterday from sex dream come true I had a woman stare me down smile and say hellow:)is that the ususal response? (me: she said hello to you?) Yes I walked past and she got big smile and said hello

About chakra burning:
- no burning but I get good mood
One word about it, first guy that tested it, listen to it once and got root chakra burning, while the second guy listened to it three times in row and don’t.

Do not listen more than once per day if you got anything like root chakra burning. Once per day is enough. Indeed I can’t imagine what could happen if someone listen to it like 5 times per day for 7 days… if you get laid in thank of this mp3 – please write short feedback in comments.

Mp3 is 8:04 minutes long. Use it wisely. If the energy is too much overwhelming - please listen less. Listening at regular basis is the key to success with this audio magic mp3 too.

Note: Not all people got chakra burning with mp3s like that. As I realize it depends individually. For some listening to seductionmagicflow’s mp3s marked as “very powerful” not always seems give them “chakra overload” – while some others listen to few mp3s couple of time and say “I can’t listen more – it has too much energy”. In this case – if you don’t have any “chakra burning”‘s effects you may consider to listen to this mp3 more – just pay attention how you feel.

Alternate download:
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