Silent 4D Attract Money – fast way to making money!

Hey Guys,

I received two positive feedbacks about this $3 silent mp3.

One user listen to it for about 2-3 days many time per day and at day 3 he got his salary increased.

6280514227_b598f645e5_zphoto credit:

Second user listen to it for about 5 days – during sleep – maybe during the day too, but he report me that he listen to it mostly during sleep. After these 5 days he wrote me that he got money – more than he expected.

This mp3 cost $3 – and I don’t gonna to change it in future.

You may read about Silent 4D Attract Money mp3 here.

The results/effect of this mp3 can be different to each of you – for sure – if you will listen to it at regular basis – you will succeed and attract more money.


Silent 4D – Sexual Encounter Energy Volume 001


Hey Guys!

I still working over Sound Images series – that’s especially over Silent 4D Images – and came up with something special.

This one is about manifesting sexual encounters with women – with gentle universal love powers – the source of power in this mp3 are the Highest Energies – that’s why this mp3 is so effective and has this kind of moving energies around with sublte waves.

This mp3 works perfectly with Love Pendants for men.

That’s what my trusted friend wrote about this mp3:

“i did get smiles, loooks, it feel very
smooth, and nice, i got some nice smiles nad looks,  i guess it worked pretty good”

When I listen to it – I got something similar – after less than 2 hours of listening I met on my way exactly 4 girls – each in different situation – kind of perfect sitation for meeting girl on streets – I and a girl have been put into situation where I was able to talk with her for a little while – all girls was completly in my type – all of them was smiling to me, even widely.
I also noticed the amazing subtle and gentle energies – and felt very calm. For each individual effect may be slightly different – I met 4 girls and have small talk with them – plus I met on my way around 10 women that just smiling to me and seem be very approachable by this fact.

In the package are additional two bonus mp3s. One is an energetic transmutation of photo of sexy girl into mp3 recording with the modalities of getting sexual fulfillment and satisfaction.
Second bonus mp3 is about attracting asian women – however it can attract other types of women not exaclty the asain ones – this second bonus mp3 is made a bit differently.

The first bonus mp3, the “photo to mp3″ in eyes of my trusted friend:

“it gave me more energy and affected me more than
other people, i guess i felt sexier or more confident, also more

For all mp3s the source of power are the Highest Energies – that’s why you may feel this gentle and at the same time powerful energies.

These mp3s don’t include any human energies – such as suggestion, subliminals, reiki, etc etc.

You can listen to these mp3s as much as you want – do not have any side effects and are safe.

Don’t include also any brainwaves or frequencies.


One more feedback:

I had the same results as you and noticed lots of hot girls around too. Also one girl who was working bent down to pick something up and when she stood up she tried to put her ass in my lap kind of. It was weird but cool. Also listening to that causes me to be very horny too ?

Seriously it do not making me horny, maybe very slightly. The main effect I have noticed it creates the energetical link to some women – not all of them – and these women seems smiling very open to me – therefore they are very approachable – indeed yesterday I got situation where I talked few minutes with stranger beautiful woman – that’s was not 100% my or her approach – that just happend. Another situation was with very but very smoking hot woman around 19-22 years old – which walk around me and when noticed me – she smiled to me – it was like she knows me from years – that instant raport.
In the nutshell that’s all in thank of the Highest Energies (source of power in this mp3) – also these Highest Energies inform me that in this mp3 is kind of surprise – at begining I was not sure what it is – and when I listen to it and than been around of women – I realize that pretty amazing surprise.

The photo to mp3 one – people seemed to be in awe of me like I was a rock star, I also felt alot of energy almost like I was floating on air.

I see hot women everywhereI go its amazing, I mean everywhere they seem to have just appeared? I don’t know how you did that but its nice to see all them hot women.

I belieive you will enjoy these new sexual experiences and amazing possibilities of universal love powers!

P.S. You will need WinZIP or WinRAR, or 7Zip for "unpack" the file. Inside is main mp3 and two bonus mp3s.

P.S.S. The price I have dowsed with pendulum few times.

Manifest Any Video *UPDATED*


I have updated Manifest Any Video with Alternate verison, 2nd one, v2.
If you already purchased it – please log on into your members area
via Tinypass and download both versions.

The instruction and tips will add soon in form of PDF.

If you don’t have read more here: Manifest Any Video (into your real physical life)


My “Jobet’s Protection Spell” Review and Notes about it’s remix


the remix itself boost effectivness of this spell by around 8-12 times – very strong. BUT the real already tested effects are a bit diffrent than original file. I played it on my Longhorn – from my observations – I get rid of many fears, both conscious as at subconcious level – in outside reality it manifested as “lucky guy” sitation that avoided dangerous circumstances.

In the nutshell at forster/park jogging/walking I met group of 2 or more agressive guys that as I noticed start chasing me – no problem – because I felt and still been in my “protection comfort zone” – and after fast analyze of whole situation I realize that I was guided by something that never ever puts me into real face to face confrontation.
It’s hows the original Protection Spell works. It’s always keep me away from any dangerous sitations.

The Remix – give me fast improvment at my fear realtions – I removed many internal fears – because of it’s power – today experiences in park – shows Protection Spell Remix as the fast speed movie of original track – in details I saw that I really have protection.

The spell itself – giving me very interesting results – I think it is one of the best tools for people that live in partly dangerous regions. As I use it now more than 1 year – and often use it only with SerenityGTR – it’s always puts me into some kind calm positive people – and sitations. Even notice that people on my way seems to “like smiling to me???”.

The Protection Spell Remix I guess is for those that are brave to stay in front of their fears. Why I worte fears and not enemy or people. I think it’s all about mind, our mind-set, partly subconscious mind, the people we meet everyday, the sitations that happen day by day.

I notice incredible boost of confidence and like many my fears has gone. In reality – not my internal but external it manifest as such sitation. The internal reality one is stronger than external one. That’s why fear is just an external ilussion – it’s not exists internally – the internal consciousnes is more than pure love – that loves as well bad and good people, just all humans, animals, etc.
Getting access to internal consciousnes happens only through heart – some Reggae Artists in their texts sing: “Listen to your heart voice” – that’s true – and only non-dual heart consciouses contains truth.

PS. I made also SuperCharm Remix.


Grounding and listening to magic subliminals

I would like to tell you that grounding is important while listening subliminals at regular basis. Generally grounding is for taking unnecessary energies to the Earth and clearing the energy body/field.

Why it is important even while listen to magic subliminals? Because especially magic, that’s charged subliminals move subtle energies while listening and also burn out emotional patterns, another energies, etc – as an result some energies are released – and here grounding can be helpful.

Basic techniques of grounding are:

  • taking a shower, good if cold, but not warm (in Yoga they believe that taking shower 2 times per day is very healthy)
  • standing on the ground (in garden for example)
  • barefoot walk on the ground (in forest for example)
  • visualization
  • asking your guides (your soul, angels, God, high energies, etc) for grounding

By doing grounding at regular basis – your energy becomes more clean (therefore you will attract more “clean” women and man) – you will be able to handle more energy – and your overall mood and feelings about yourself will be more positive – and results with magic mp3s may give your faster results.