Pendants and customized “x” powers


as I see some of you don’t know how much powerful is 12x power pendant.

Those who already own these pendants know that in many cases 1x or 2x is just very good. [Previous pendants gen1 and gen2 have no more than 6x - usually 3x or 4x].

Especially Amazing Pendant type with more than 6x would be a killer.

Person that never got any experience with these pendants – don’t know what is “12x” power.

More not always means better.

My recommendation for Amazing Pendants is: 2x or 3x power and for all other pendants is 3x up to 6x. Person that decide for 12x and don’t know what is 6x could very fast chi-overloaded/get stress out. However that’s my advice and final decision belongs to you.

Perfect Health Subliminal and Freqencies Mp3s


Mp3s download contains as follow:

1. Perfect Health and Regeneration (Frequencies and Subliminal)
This is subliminal with frequencies for healing and regeneration.
Generally listen in relaxed state – but if you found it comfortable
you could try to listen it during other activities that don’t require your
full attention.
Listen to it 40 minutes per day for 1-2 weeks – or more if you feel to.

2. Perfect Health Programming (Deep Relax Engine with Subliminal)
This is subliminal with Relax Engine – for programming only in relaxed state.
Listen to it 20-40 minutes per day for 1 month.

3. Perfect Health – Listen Anytime Subliminal (Subliminal with relaxing music)
As title indicate. Can be listen even while doing other things – even like driving a car or all other activities.
Listen at anytime you want to – at least 40 minutes every other day for 1 month.

After 1 month you can make pause for 14 days – if you feel that you would like to re-program your mind more than listen to it for next month.
Effects like “stronger body, feeling of being healthy” can be tangible after around 3 days up to 1-2 weeks of regular listening – it depend from individual attributes of any listener.

Remember – when you are healthy you don’t think about your health much -
as history shows; people start thinking about their health when they are sick.
Why do not taking care ealier and be constantly healthy?

The Perfect Health Subliminal is for:

  • mental health
  • physical health
  • astral body health
  • boost immune system
  • prevents seasonal flu

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following audio tracks has been updated:



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New Types of Pendants


would like to inform you – that from today I am able to create new types of pendants and they are as follow:

1). Attraction of joy, close hearted understanding (for all).
2). Hypnotic sexual attraction (available for men and women).
3). Protection (for all).
4). Women (willingly) approach me (for men).
5). Special “activation” and “trasmutation” pendant.
6). “ultimate money attraction powers”.
7). “grounding and energy accumulation / healing / master chi flow”.
8). “back to mental health/healing sleeping disordes / healing balance & harmony”.
9). “immunity to cold / healing / balance / body regeneration”.

Each type of pendants may be mixed into unique pendant type,
like for example “Protection with Hypnotic sexual attraction”,
or “Healing with Attraction of joy”.

I will update pendants 6,7,8,9 webpages soon.


Remove Parasites General Spectrum Volume 1


This 40 minutes session without any subliminals – only pure 20 frequencies – is design to literally kill prasites that coexistence in your body.
General spectrum of frequencies will kill most common known parasites. Each human has a lots of them. There are many bad effects of their existence in human body – some are just consider as weakness, depressed mind states, low stress resistance levels, etc etc.

There are some folk ways on how to get rid of them – one of them – is to drink brewed oat straw, morning and evening – probably most effective way I have ever known. Even the treatment like that will takes one month – anyway this treatment needs to be repeated after 1-2 months. Nature of parasites and human body causes relativally fast rebirth of parasites – that’s in 1-3 months – and they are back.

Remove Parasites General Spectrum Volume 1 – will works the best if you listen to it like 1-3 times per day (eyes close – the best effects ever) – however 1 time per day is enough for around 1-2 weeks. It is good if after session with Remove Parasite Vol.1 – you can listen 40 minutes of DetoxSession – it is required/or recommended because after killing the parasites with Remove Parasite Vol.1 – your body needs to get massive detoxification for get rid of dead parasites and their waste – otherwise your body will need do it by itself and it will required extra energy – and why if there is easy solution – the DetoxSession.

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After purchase your download never expire – you have access to it all the time via TinyPass member area.

For detailed parasites diagnose seek your local natural health therapy centers.

 This mp3 do not making any health promises – at the first place listen to your doctor.

After listen to this couple of times mp3
- chemical smell of your body is natural effect of detoxification.