Pendants and customized “x” powers


as I see some of you don’t know how much powerful is 12x power pendant.

Those who already own these pendants know that in many cases 1x or 2x is just very good. [Previous pendants gen1 and gen2 have no more than 6x - usually 3x or 4x].

Especially Amazing Pendant type with more than 6x would be a killer.

Person that never got any experience with these pendants – don’t know what is “12x” power.

More not always means better.

My recommendation for Amazing Pendants is: 2x or 3x power and for all other pendants is 3x up to 6x. Person that decide for 12x and don’t know what is 6x could very fast chi-overloaded/get stress out. However that’s my advice and final decision belongs to you.

Perfect Health Subliminal and Freqencies Mp3s


Mp3s download contains as follow:

1. Perfect Health and Regeneration (Frequencies and Subliminal)
This is subliminal with frequencies for healing and regeneration.
Generally listen in relaxed state – but if you found it comfortable
you could try to listen it during other activities that don’t require your
full attention.
Listen to it 40 minutes per day for 1-2 weeks – or more if you feel to.

2. Perfect Health Programming (Deep Relax Engine with Subliminal)
This is subliminal with Relax Engine – for programming only in relaxed state.
Listen to it 20-40 minutes per day for 1 month.

3. Perfect Health – Listen Anytime Subliminal (Subliminal with relaxing music)
As title indicate. Can be listen even while doing other things – even like driving a car or all other activities.
Listen at anytime you want to – at least 40 minutes every other day for 1 month.

After 1 month you can make pause for 14 days – if you feel that you would like to re-program your mind more than listen to it for next month.
Effects like “stronger body, feeling of being healthy” can be tangible after around 3 days up to 1-2 weeks of regular listening – it depend from individual attributes of any listener.

Remember – when you are healthy you don’t think about your health much -
as history shows; people start thinking about their health when they are sick.
Why do not taking care ealier and be constantly healthy?

The Perfect Health Subliminal is for:

  • mental health
  • physical health
  • astral body health
  • boost immune system
  • prevents seasonal flu

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following audio tracks has been updated:



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New Types of Pendants


would like to inform you – that from today I am able to create new types of pendants and they are as follow:

1). Attraction of joy, close hearted understanding (for all).
2). Hypnotic sexual attraction (available for men and women).
3). Protection (for all).
4). Women (willingly) approach me (for men).
5). Special “activation” and “trasmutation” pendant.
6). “ultimate money attraction powers”.
7). “grounding and energy accumulation / healing / master chi flow”.
8). “back to mental health/healing sleeping disordes / healing balance & harmony”.
9). “immunity to cold / healing / balance / body regeneration”.

Each type of pendants may be mixed into unique pendant type,
like for example “Protection with Hypnotic sexual attraction”,
or “Healing with Attraction of joy”.

I will update pendants 6,7,8,9 webpages soon.


BlissDeus – Something About Love Subliminal Mp3 *Updated*


BlissDeus series seems to be grow and that’s because it works. Great thing about it – is that involves energies that are mostpowerful in entire Universe. And Universe that’s hunderts of Galactics. The Highest Energy – is the main source of power – in Something About Love mp3.

Here is what wrote my very good friend:
“the energy was very smooth, and i felt a strong energy flow,
after about 15 minutes, i feel strong charisma but i feel it was a bit
overpowering, i feel people a little afriad to look at me, however,
some girl did look at me and smile very big, i also find that it make
me feel thristy and drink extra coke at lunch, i feel power presence,
but i feel that some people frightened to look at me, strong alpha
male vibes, but women under 40 afradi to look at me excpet for one
brave girl, feelings went away after about 2.5 hours, i feel strong
energy but it fade away after several hour, i like it and i feel very

I would like to add my experiences with it as well:
my results with this mp3 was suprisingly good,
but as i seen it attract beautiful big tits women,
and indeed i asked God for such power,
i seen few big boobs girls, they was stunningly hot,
and they shows me respect, huge respect,
as well seen some other women with them I got great charisma,
they look at me and can’t take their looks away,
at the same time I felt this great power, this mp3 based
on pure God’s energy, and if you have any ability to sink into your
heart area, you can feel His presence, indeed I made it quite powerful
and seriously it was intended. The amazing thing is that while recording
He told me word by word what I have to record..

You may listen to it as many as you feel too. There aren’t any limits or restrictions. Mp3 is strong and that power is not sharp but more subtle.

It is named as “Something about Love” because before recording it – while talk with Highest Energy;  H-E shows me that it will better if I do not set any rigid intentions and goals for this recording – so this “Something” is this “Unknown” what Highest Energy channeled thru me into this subliminal mp3. There are of course some of my main intentions, etc – anyway I would like you to know the meaning of this “Something about love” mp3 title and what this audio contains.


Sorry for the silly question. But, how to use this audio, using headphone or speaker? Can we combine it with other audio like MaV or InDirect, etc? Please add the very detail of how to use your audio from next time you posting, that way you do not need to answer same question again and again. Thanks. :)

How to use this audio:
- the best if with headphones or earphones
- thorugh speakers effectivness drop to 40-60% – however may affect other people and it could boost it’s effect.
- can be combaine with any other audio or mp3
- there is no limit how long you can use it – only your energetic system – therefore if you feel – you got overpower – stop listening for a while.
- for stable results – try to listen at regular basis.
- it can be listen in public palaces thru your mp3-player/ipod
- as well during sleep – but recommend reserve your sleeping time for body’s regeneration and taking rest.
- quite good effects happen if you listen to it while in relaxed state – eyes close – anyway it is nothing wrong to listen to it while doing other activities, even driving the car – because it do not include any brainwaves, binaural tones, or any other frequencies – which of course I can add for your request (for example frequencies like “balancing sex polarities or general balacing ones”).

This mp3 is for men (after remake as well for women).

Can’t wait to hear your comments about this mp3!!!

UDATED INFO (12 October 2014): Mp3 has been updated and replaced with Remake of Something about love mp3. New mp3 has balancing sex-polarities frequencies. Above description may be a bit out-of-date – and effects/results can be slightly different than from previous version of this audio.
Those who order it before 12 oct 2014 – please log to your TinyPass member area and download updated file.
Reason of update (?): Original version creates unpredicatable states of euphoria in one listener – so I decide to remake it. Remake contains only 20% of original audio mp3 script.

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