Seduction Magic Flow

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Attract Yoga Girls Mp3

Hey, new mp3 has been created with Bliss Engine v.5. Many audio spells and optimization for attracting a special love with beautiful yoga women. Triple Supercharged Motivation Audio Spell to accomplish two goals: love...

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New eXtreme Pendants Small Review

Hey, I have post an offer to all previous users of physcial products – the eXtreme Pendant v.2 with huge discount. I don’t know why I am doing it – while the rational reasoning...

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New Sex Dream Comes True Mp3

Hey, the extremely powerful version 4 of Sex Dream Comes Ture has been created. Few days of work. Link is here: All of you that own SDCTv.3 got the free upgrade – this...

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eXtreme Pendants v.2 finally available!

Hey, eXtreme Pendants v.2 are finally available. There are 3 versions of them as follow: General one – for all topics, wishes Money & Wealth attraction Sex, Love and Attraction These ones v.2 are...

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Attract Asian Women Updated to v.2

Hey, Attract Asian Women has been updated with Bliss Engine v.5 to next version “2”. If you order it – please login to your Tinypass account and download the update. Yep, you can also...

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Hair Regrowth Mp3

New mp3 has been created and is programmed to restore and strenghten your hair. It’s healing mp3 build upon on perfect health subliminal audio track – and enhanced with Bliss Engine v.5, focus module...

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Perfect Lovemaking Mp3

Hey, the bliss engine v.5 seems to be the best way to create and record mp3s – and there is real proof – the handsome man creator mp3 and the lovemaking mp3 – these...

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Handsome Man Creator Mp3

Hey, Handsome Man Creator mp3 has been created. It is made with Bliss Engine v.5, high focus module, include trance engine and is loaded with audio spells. The new Bliss Engine v.5 is the...

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New Mp3: Powerful Psychic Skills

Hey, the Powerful Psychic Skills mp3 is made with Bliss Engine v.3.5 – it has 6 Audio Spells and is loaded with chi energy. There is also installed Psychic Skills Trance Engine for add...

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Relaxation & Stress Release Gem v.1

Hey, stress and ability to right relaxation is one of most common issue – which can lead to many unwanted health problems. Because of some local clients which have some serious problems with stress...

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Relaxation & Stress Relief Mp3

New mp3 has been made with Bliss Engine v.1 and it contains deep programming. It’s the best if you can listen it in loop mode. It’s open new kind of mp3s that will be...

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Update: Positive Affirmations Remix v3.6.

Hey!! Finally there is update. Positive Affirmations Remix 3.0 enhanced with Bliss Engine v.3 and Archangel Audio Spells – named as v3.6. Here is full description:

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Order of Domination – New Mp3

Order of domination mp3 has been posted – for making the life more easier and friendly. Lead the space. Be DOMINANT! To read more click here:

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Positive Affirmations Power Remix Update

Positive Affirmations Power Remix v.2 has been updated to 2.5. Enhanced with 3rd Venus and 3rd Sun Audio Spells. Read more: If you purchased it in past then please login to your TinyPass...

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Attract Asian Women Mp3s

Hey, finally I post Attract Asian Women Mp3s – these are made with Bliss Engine V.1 and V.2. Both mp3s include Deep Programming and Love Audio Spells. Read more here: