King Solomon Attract Asian Women Pendant


I made, a bit more advanced next King Solomon pendant for attract asian women.

This one contains some super crystals powder and some other elements.

It has one large rose quartz and jadeite.

I test it few times – and it really attract asian women. At day 2 I meet some of them on my way. The additional effects are like women tend to seek for my attention, and some act very friendly around me, but not in the normal “friend way” – but more like they know me from many years – even I get some thoughts while have it in my pocket and be in the bus that some women treat me in very “intimate” and “informal” way.

Here are pictures:

IMG_20140416_211547   IMG_20140416_211616IMG_20140416_211529

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Instant Mood Change Metaphyscial Mp3


This is advanced mp3 made with metaphyscial tools and is an effect of transformed repeated affirmations into mp3 – affirmations are for: Self-Love, General Positive Affirmations and Self-Healing Affirmations – after 1 up to max 3 listenings (but usually while listening at 2nd time) to this mp3 your mood will change and as effect you will be smiling out of nothing. Mp3 is 17 minutes long.
The “happy out of nothing state” may happen 30 minutes after listen to this mp3 – this “mind state” can be mixed with feelings of enthusiasm, slight motivation, self confidence or euphoria – this combination is very good before approaching women – or before any encounter with people, or before date.

It can be use as well as Mood Booster in time when you feeling down, in state of seasonal depression, or any other issues as lack of self-love, lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem, etc, etc

With this mp3 – you may in less than 30 minutes (or in some cases the effect start working after 30 minutes of listening to it) – feeling very good about yourself and having general positve attitude toward you and world, other people.

The mp3 has additional chant mantra background.

Above description is for version 2 (more stable).

Version 1 is very powerful and please use it with care – because if you listen more than 2-3 times you can got the headache and we both don’t want it. The version 1 is design for fast mood change – but please don’t listen it more than 1 time – after 1 time switch to version 2 – which is indeed more stable.
In some cases headache may not happen at all, so if you feel comfortable with Version 1 – you can listen to it as much as you want.

Again, please be careful with Version 1 – I don’t take any responsiblity of any damage caused by the Version 1. It is just powerful and I want you to be aware of this fact. Version 1 works much fast then Version 2 – but better use Version 2 – it is more stable and safe. Version 1 has only music background.

Affirmations are mostly for:
- Self Love
- General Postive Affirmations
- (Self) Healing Affirmations
- Loving and Accepting (“myself”)

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King Solomon Love Pendant

I have made successfuly pretty awesome pendant… and its works!!

It is for sex attraction, passion, getting attention from women, better lovely treating, love passion, etc…..

Here is pic:


I have tested diffrent orgone providers – don’t want to count them all here – I spent almost $6000 from my private money on radionics devices. Because I am very sensitvie to energy – the one thing don’t get me sleep… why all these devices generate “cold” energy.. and it is not only my own feelings, I have friend one house away and she is also very senstive and she also distinguishes between “cold” and “warm” – and she also confirm that all my devices I order generate “cold” energy. I get into discovering diffrent types of orgonite, etc, after all, after creating more than 30-50 devices by my own I developed orgonite mixture and combination that gives “warm” energy.

This above pendant indeed generates “warm” energy.

At this time, 2 days of testing it out – I am very proud of it. And women seems to act very friendly – even some of them seems to be too much romantic, like they lost their minds. Pretty good.

The pendant is 4 times scalarized.


Image of the King Solomon Pendant after 2nd bio-energy charging.RQJ-Pendant2I charging it every other day 15-30 minutes per day for giving it additional maximum power.
I mostly don’t doing it my own power – I channel the energy from more powerful beings – I don’t want to share here with which ones I contact.
In the whole Universum there are 27 Gods and on top is 27th God:  Yahweh.
There are 7 Heaven Spheres. I mostly contant with some of these 27 Gods,
and with Yahweh. Many years ago I realize that the only way for getting power, the true powerful force – for “magical” works – is to contact with Those most powerful energies in Universe. Seriously it takes me whole 4 years – day by day on creating dialog in my heart area to contact with these Gods. It is not easy – but anyone can do it. God/s are not above the crown chakra or above the clouds, He/They can be found in heart area – and seriously as I contact with Him/Them on regular basis from some time now – they don’t mark “sex” or “sex attraction” as bad or evil thing – as I channel – they said that sex is most beautiful thing – it is the final state between woman and man. In our todays “isolated” world – people usually “get what they can to get” – that’s if they have occasion – they put them into first relationship that is available. Man, even he is not pick up artist should learn to choose – because right woman is 100 better than not right woman. What is right women? This is a woman that fits energetically to man. How to search it? The energy can be felt around solar plexus chakra. Just look at any woman and focus your attnetion on your solar plexus chakra and try to see what you feel – if you feel just pleasent, something like warm slight tickling, nice vibes, energies – this woman is for you – show interests towards her. In case when you look at woman and feel bad vibes like non cofortable, opression, etc, etc name it, just avoid that woman/women. Usually people are un-aware (energetically) which women they choose for relationships – that’s is also the reason why in many cases lovemaking with mismatched energetically woman may seem as something not very interesting – just pure lust stuid sex – try to find woman that fits to you energetically – I can guarantee 100 time that you will discover absolutatelly new world, that was hidden – what I can say – sex with energetically right woman is 1000 times better than any other sex – and in sum – many of these Gods and Yahweh many times told me about it.
This King Solomon pendant and these few ones – will be charged by these energies that come from some of these 27 Gods and Yahweh.