Super Learning and Genius Powers Subliminal Mp3

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This is audio is created for super-charge learning abilitites and comprehension of any material that you are study. It is partly focused on developing genius thoughts patterns.

In the sound matrix there is an special trance-relax engine – while you learning or study anything – it accelerate process of speed learning.

It can be listen to when:
- you learning something or study
- while doing other actvivities but only those that do not require your full attention
You may use it with audio recordings and than it is good to listen to it in relaxed (eyes closed) state.

This audio is design only for headphones/earphones. Listening it via speakers will decrease it’s effect. It can be listen on low volume.

Listening on regular basis – especially when you study or learning anything – will accumulate the effects and make you learn and comprehension any choosen material much faster.

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Detox Session


This mp3 include 20 healing frequencies that support detoxification process, and slight boost of immune system. Audio has also subliminals that help to release stress – and help to get rid of fears, negative energies.

Detox session mp3 is for remove these unwanted elements:
- dead cells
- patogens
- heavy metals
- undigested elements of drugs
- various toxins
- stress
- fears
- negative energies

These above elements cumulate in our bodies along with our “western” unhealthy lifestyles, dead food, GMO, synthetic drugs. Mp3 is design to start getting rid of all these unnecessary waste. It is scientifically researched that during one year average adult gather around 12-14 lbs of these really unnecessary by-products of metabolism – and it is not discovered yet  how much stress, fears, and negative energies accumulate month after month.

Mp3 is 12mintes long. It is recommended to listen to it 2-3 times per day. After 1 week – you should feel more free, light, and sense relief.
For fast results you may listen to it like 1 or 2 hours per day. However do not listen more than 2,5 hour per single day.
After listen please drink one large glass of water – it will boost the effect of detoxification.

For the best results listen to it via headphones, relaxed, eyes close. If you find it comfortable to listening to it while doing other activities it is okay too.

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Protection Shield – Prototype Mp3


Finally I release this mp3 – Protection Shield – it is kind of Prototype – the “root” mp3 – that is made in BlissDeus style – with the Silent4D way.

It is made with according to 6th Pentacle of Mars (The owner of this cann0t be harmed. If attacked, the foe’s weapon shall turn against him). It is my favourite type of protection – somehow justice protection – similar to some magic systems that use so called “witch arrows”. It’s protect and at the same time use the power of opponents and direct it against them.

This mp3 – or this product will be developed in future and will be upgraded by next and other versions – and modification. “Protection” issue is very interesting. The price may be increased.

While using this mp3 you may feel warm and comfy. The Mars Intelligence is attached to this mp3 – and if you have some abilities to sense or telepathically connect with – then you may try to ask him for anything you want – he should help. Also in mp3 there are used Highest Energies.

Mp3 produce as well something like “redirection of attention” – taking your thinking from negative thoughts into positive – it has been noticed by me and two other people.

Do not listen more than 4 hours – it is still pretty strong. 30 minutes per day is enough. Mp3 is silent and contains energy written into sound track. Almost 6 minutes long.

I would like to hear your findings/insights about this mp3 – your comment are greatly appreciated.

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BlissDeus Mp3: “Joy”.


Hey Guys,

BlissDeus “Joy” is just pretty awesome mp3. It has pure God’s energies. It is for joy in life and for feeling true and real love energy/vibrations. If you are guy and listen to this mp3 few times – you will be noticed by women instantly.

There is secret that every – oh – maybe 95% of women are attracted to God’s Energy.

Few feedbacks:

- wow, thank you, how did you make these? thats awesome

- The Joy mp3 made3 me feel so calm and relaxed almost like hypnotized but with not going asleep but becoming awake. I listened to it for an hour and am very at peace.

The quite possible effects of this mp3 is: healing. As you know God is the best known Healer ever.

It could as well improve your relationships with others.

You can feel this very delicious and at the same time powerful energy by listening to this mp3.

This is subliminal energy audio.

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Mp3 is 7:51 minutes long. 18MB. 320kbps.

SuperFaithSubliminal *Update*

“SuperFaithSubliminal” download has been updated. (New mp3s inside).

Details under this link:

Those who order it in past – please log into your TinyPass account and download updated file.