Mantra Of Love And Marriage Mp3


This is an inDirectSubliminal that use magic chanting mantra for manifesting love and marriage into listener life it has 2x power. This mp3 contains very strong and powerful energy – so use it wisely – around one time per day for 30 days. There is an brainwave chakra balancing frequency – don’t use if you have epilepsy or have peacemaker – or if you are not able to listen to brainwave frequencies for any reason.

Mantra of Love and Marriage mp3 based on ancient hindu mantra. It is so strong and give a lots of energy to the listener. Mp3s has smooth chakra frequescies and solfeggio frequencies.

The recommend time of listen:
1 time per day up to 3 times for 30 days.

If you feel comfotable with the energies from this mp3 – you can listen more.

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Attract Money and Wealth Mp3


This is inDirectSubliminals mp3. It has some very powerful energies inside – and because of this fact you can’t listen it all day long – for manifest money and wealth with this mp3 it is enough that you listen to it 1-2 times per day. If this is still too much powerful – just listen once per day or once every other day for 30 days – so your mind accumulate full programming effect.

While listen you may feel warm in almost all your chakras – especially 2nd, 3rd, 4th and in throat chakra. It based on Kara-Yin female energy manifestation engine and whole track is contains some powerful subliminal commends – statments – about: money, wealth, success, abundance.

As side effects people can be more interested about you, some women may send looks, etc – and if you try to listen more your chakras may burning. Just listen no more than 1-2 times per day for 30 days and your mind gonna to manifest more abundant life/reality. Please don’t listen more than 1-2 per day. Because of powerful nature of this mp3 – I would like to tell that: “I don’t take any responsibility regarding this mp3 on how you use it and it’s effects” – however I can promise that it will have some strong impact on your psyche and your attracting money and wealth beliefs.

If you feel comfortable with listen to it more – go ahead – just remeber to not overpower your chakras and energetic system.

After 30 days period – I could recommend to listen to it more. Indeed for some people visible effects of money flow can happen around 3-7 days after first listen. It is variable. For full effect please use it for 30 days, once per day.

I can’t wait to hear your great results with this mp3.

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Your download of this mp3 never expire – after purchase you have access to this file at any time through Tinypass member area

Chakra Balance Charged Audio Mp3


This mp3 is an mixture of chakra balancing frequencies with some balancing and harmonizing energies.

It is made not in “Silent 4D” way. It is charged with bio-therapy and the balancing energies are from Highest Energy.

The audio can be use while doing other activities – but do not operate any heavy machinery or do not listen it during things that require your full attention.

If you feel after or during listening to this audio that you want to move your body somewhere – or feel the urge to exerciese or dance – go for it. This mp3 synchronize your chakras on energetic level for full and stable effect start moving your body in different ways like for example: any kind of “sport”, “yoga”, “tai chi”. Even simple walk for your chakras is just amazing.

The best if you listen to it in relaxed state and eye closed.

Listen till you feel good.

Balance of chakras is the key to life longer and with excellent quality of every single minute.

Break Porn Addiction Mp3 Package


Break porn addiction in less than 14 days – you will feel the change – you will find more power to live more excititng life ever!

This package of 4 mp3s is for:

  • better handling with sexual excitment
  • extend periods between ejaculations
  • saving sex energy instead of wasting it
  • re-direct sex energies into more productive acivities
  • becoming free from watching porn videos
  • becoming free from sexual dependecny to whole pornography
  • start attracting sex partners or make more money

Mp3s that are included:

Auto-Sex Eraser Full - listen 1-3 times before sleep for at least 2 weeks. However results may be seen at day 2-3.

Auto Sex Eraser Small – listen it at any time you feel that you don’t handle sexual excitment and decided to stay without ejaculation.

Break Watching Porn Videos – this one is for using while/during watching porn videos – the result will be that you lost interest in watching porn for few or more days – plus additionally you will noticed that for some reason you don’t feel any need to ejaculate – and it will break your sheme of watching these videos/movies. Side effect of this mp3 is that you may attract some sport/yoga oriented – women.

Super Motivation – this is an enhanced mp3 for boost your motivation in anything you do or in anything you are gonna to do. Use it at any time you want to super charge your motivation.

The whole 4 mp3s pack has 48 MB and can be un-archived with free software as 7Zip.

                                                  Break porn addiction in less than 14 days – you will feel the change – you will find more power to live more excititng life ever!

Good luck and be free!

If you have any questions feel free to ask in comments section.

Silent 4D Attract Money – fast way to making money!

Hey Guys,

I received two positive feedbacks about this $3 silent mp3.

One user listen to it for about 2-3 days many time per day and at day 3 he got his salary increased.

6280514227_b598f645e5_zphoto credit:

Second user listen to it for about 5 days – during sleep – maybe during the day too, but he report me that he listen to it mostly during sleep. After these 5 days he wrote me that he got money – more than he expected.

This mp3 cost $3 – and I don’t gonna to change it in future.

You may read about Silent 4D Attract Money mp3 here.

The results/effect of this mp3 can be different to each of you – for sure – if you will listen to it at regular basis – you will succeed and attract more money.